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HAJJ in the WORD & Message of Imam Khomeini In 1983

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful

Blessed be the auspicious occasion of the great Islamic Feast of Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha. It reminds the conscious people of Ibrhim's (A.S.) coming to the place of sacrifice, an action that teaches the progeny of Adam and the men of Allah, lessons of self-sacrifice and Jihad in the cause of the Almighty Allah. The depth of political and monotheistic aspects of this ritual cannot be well comprehended by anyone except the great Prophets, the Imams, the saints and especial servants of Allah.

Ibrhim (A.S.), the forefatherof tawhid (monotheism) and the great idol-breaker, taught all human beings that sacrificing in the cause of Allah has, first and foremost, political dimensions and social values before it has religious significance. He taught us all to offer our best fruits of life in the cause of Allah and celebrate it, and to offer what we cherished most, in order to help the divine religion and establish divine justice. He fostered in Adam's progeny the understanding that Mecca and Mina are places of sacrifice for the lovers of Allah, of the promulgation of tawhid and rejection of idolatry and association with Allah, including love of one's life and family as instances of idolatry and association with Allah.

Ibrhim(A.S.) taught man to struggle in the cause of truth, instructing him to convey to the world, from these great places, the virtue of sacrificing for the sake of truth in order to establish divine justice and curtail the hands of the infidels off their land, and to tell the world that perpetuating truth requires sacrifice of everything as dear as Ismil. The great idol-breaker and his beloved son, as well as the other idol-breaker, Prophet Mohammad (S.A.), taught mankind to break idols no matter what they are, and that the Kaaba, the mother of all cities, and whatever stemming from it should be purged and cleansed from idols for as long as the world exists, no matter what the idols are, be they statues, the sun, the moon, animals or man. No idols are worse or more dangerous than taghuts (false gods) which have been present throughout the course of history, from Adam to Ibrhim, to Mohammad (S.A.), to the end of time when the last idol-breaker shall proclaim the Unity of God from the Kaaba. Are the present superpowers not big idols, forcing the people to obey and worship them and imposing themselves upon the world with the help of force, money and deceit. The great Kaaba is the only place for breaking these idols. Ibrhim as the first caller and Mohammad (S.A.) as his successor voiced the cry of tawhid from the Kaaba, as will the offspring of Prophet Mohammad, Imam Mahdi (S.A.), will do so in the later days. The Almighty Allah addresses Ibrhim (A.S.): And proclaim the pilgrimage among men; they will come to thee on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways (22:27). The Almighty also says and purify My House for those who visit (it) and those who abide (in it) for devotion (2:125). By purification is meant purification from all impurities, above all polytheism as mentioned at the very beginning of the verse. In sura Tawbah the Almighty Allah says, And an announcement from Allah and his Apostle, to the people (assembled) on the holy day of the great pilgrimage: that Allah and his Apostle are dissociated from pagans (9:1). And the Awaited Mahdi, as mentioned in the languages of various religions and that of all Muslims, will proclaim his call to monotheism from the Kaaba. As such, since all the calls commence from the Kaaba and Mecca, we should obey these people and voice our cry of monotheism from that Sacred Place. Through our cries, calls, revelations, crushing and dynamic assemblies in the congregation of Muslims in the holy Mecca, we should break idols and reject evils headed by the Arch Satan so that we will be able to perform the Hajj rituals similar to those of Ibrhim (A.S.), Mohammad (S.A.) and Imam Mahdi (A.S.). Otherwise, our rituals will be those of "a lot of noise makers and a few true Hajj performers".

It is hoped that the respectable Hajj pilgrims, irrespective of their sects, will pray in the sacred places for the victory of Islam over global polytheism and for the vigilance of Muslims and their governments. May the Almighty Allah show mercy to Muslims in response to their prayers in the sanctified places of revelation, help them regain the splendor they once enjoyed, curtail the hands of world devourers off their countries and shower them with His forgiveness, for He is Pardoning, Forgiving.

I should like to remind the dear Hajj pilgrims and all Muslims some points, although they have been said time and again.

It is an important responsibility of Hajj pilgrims and the ulama of Hajj caravans, respectively, to learn and teach Hajj rituals. Any failure in this matter may cause problems such as Hajj rendered void. The ulama of Hajj caravans should ask the pilgrims of their caravans to attend classes held for teaching Hajj ceremonies. And Hajj pilgrims should not neglect carrying out the important responsibility of understanding and learning Hajj rituals.

All of us should know that for ages and especially during the past two centuries, the ignorance of Muslims about socio-political aspects of Islam has paved the way for the aggression of foreign governments against Muslim nations and the plundering of the resources that Allah has bestowed them. This ignorance is being imposed on the oppressed Muslims by imperialists, colonialists and their lackeys in the West and the East so much so that most of the Muslim ulama also think that Islam is alien to and separate from politics and that a Muslim should not interfere in political issues. Through the assistance from the so-called intellectual elements, deceitful plunderers attempted to push Islam into isolation as they did with Christianity. They had the ulama captive of dealing with issues pertaining to prayer and worship. They confined leaders of communal prayer to mosques and wedding ceremonies, limited people's activities to performing ritual practice and worship and had the youth engaged in pleasure and indulgence in order to keep them away from the arena of socio-political affairs and from endeavoring to solve the problems of Muslims. Exploiting this ignorance, they have been very much successful in this respect, to the effect that they have colonized Islamic countries and exploited their resources. They have also turned many Muslim sultans and rulers into their agents to oppress and exploit the nations. As a result of such policies, subservience and poverty befell the enslaved peoples. Even now Muslims are in a state of ignorance and the agents of imperialism are continuing their domination and plundering. Court clergy are lending their services for keeping the Muslim Ummah backward. To Allah we belong, and to him is our (return 2:156).

Among the factors that hinder Muslims and other oppressed peoples from struggling to free themselves from the yoke of imperialists and keeps them in a state of backwardness, is the widespread propaganda carried out by lackeys of the West and the East or as a result of their obedience to the dictates of the superpowers or due to their own shortsightedness. Such propaganda is aimed at convincing the oppressed that science and development are exclusive possessions of imperialism and communism, and that the superpowers, particularly the westerners and especially the Americans, are the superior race and others are inferior. They try to convince us that their development is due to their superiority and that the backwardness of others stems from their inferiority. In other words, the former are the developed human beings but the latter are underdeveloped and will attain relative development only after the lapse of a million years. Therefore, efforts to achieve development are futile, and free human beings should either be lackeys of Western capitalism or Eastern communism. That is to say, we can achieve nothing on our own and should seek everything, including science, civilization, laws and development, from the superpowers. The present sordid condition that we are experiencing is the effect of the imposition of this idea. There will be no demand for whatever we produce, no matter how superb in quality it may be. But when the same product bears a Western stamp, it will be received warmly. The fabrics, woven in Iran should necessarily bear foreign and Latin stamps in order to be sold, and diseases that can be easily cured in the country must receive treatment abroad. This is while many non-Muslim scientists and writers have documented the fact that civilization and science have been exported from the Islamic World to Europe and that Muslims have been pioneers in this respect. It should be noted that in administering our universities we used to be in the minority and had no authority. The majority group would lead the youth to the West and would dispatch a great number of them abroad. There, colonialism would limit the youth to the level of knowledge and consciousness that it determined and would return them to the country with Western, non-Islamic and anti-national thoughts. This has been the tragedy of the past century for Islamic states and the oppressed countries as well.

4- One of the obstacles barring Muslims from defending their countries is the wide-ranging propaganda aimed at magnifying the strength of foreign powers. In the past, westoxicated intellectuals made a giant out of Britain. They impressed the nave governments and oppressed nations by saying that if a harsh word was uttered to a janitor of the British Embassy, Iran would be destroyed and that if the embassy's flag was hoisted on the rooftop of any convict's house, he would become immune to punishment. A mere gesture from the British ambassador to the government or the chancellor was sufficient for the unquestionable fulfillment of his orders. Today, it is impressed on the people that the two superpowers, especially America, are the gigantic powers. This is the belief in the Islamic states where people think that if something should annoy these two poles, their own countries would be annihilated. By inculcating these false notions and broadcasting these rumors, Muslims have lost the courage to defend their rights. The crime these pseudo-nationalists are committing is no less than that of the real criminal.

5- What should be done today, and what is the responsibility of Muslims and the oppressed peoples for breaking these idols? There is a primary solution to the problem, one that is the mother of all other solutions for cutting the roots of these problems and eradicating corruption. It is the unity of Muslims or rather the unity of all the oppressed and enslaved peoples in the world. This unity, emphasized in the holy Quran, should be gained through widespread publicity and invitation. The center for this invitation and publicity is the holy city of Mecca during Hajj congregation. This was started by Ibrhim (A.S.), continued by Mohammad (S.A.) and will be followed by Imam Mahdi (A.S.). Ibrhim was enjoined to call people to Hajj to attend to their needs that is, political, social, economic and cultural issues of the society. On doing so, they would witness how Allah's prophet laid upon the altar of sacrifice the fruit of his life, just for the sake of Allah and to obey His command. People are called so that they follow Ibrhim, who broke all the idols and cast aside everything, whether the sun, the moon, statues of animals or human beings, and truthfully said: Surely, I have turned my face, being upright, wholly to Him, who originated the heavens and the earth, and I am not of the polytheists (6:79). Everyone should follow the patriarch of monotheism and the forefather of the Prophets and recite what was instructed in sura Tawbah to be read at the gathering in Mecca: And an announcement from Allah and his apostle, to the people (assembled) on the day of the great pilgrimage that Allah and His Apostle are dissociated from the pagans. We renounce the infidels during the Hajj rituals, and this is a politico-religious renunciation similar to the one that Prophet Mohammad (S.A.) enjoined. The lackey clergy who considers the cry of Down with America, Israel and the Soviet Union contrary to Islam, should be asked whether he considers it contrary to Hajj rituals if one obeys Allah's instructions and follows His Prophet. He should be told that it is you who are forgetting Allah's orders and His prophet's instructions for your own earthly interests and are regarding as infidelity the hatred shown towards enemies of Islam and the oppressors warring against Muslims. We hope that the Saudi government will not listen to the temptations of these atheist clergy. We hope that they will leave Muslims free, as promised, to disown the infidels, and that they will do so especially with the Iranian, Palestinian, Lebanese and Afghan pilgrims who are being wronged, so that the common enemy of the oppressed people may be introduced to the world. I emphatically call on Iranian pilgrims and other Hajj pilgrims to observe order and discipline and act according to the instructions of my representative Hojjatoleslam Khoeiniha and regard all Muslims as their brothers and to treat them as is expected from a committed Muslim. It is hoped that the Saudi government will align itself with Iranian Hajj pilgrims who are only protesting against tyrannical oppressions afflicting Islamic countries and the unreasonable interference there and by adopting a unanimous voice they condemn the aggressions of the infidels against Islamic world,so that this year's Hajj rituals will be observed in a way aimed at pleasing Allah and His Prophet (S.A.).

Another point which must be mentioned to Muslims and the uprising people of the world standing against international predators and world expansionists, is that the superpowers are implementing their vicious plots either through terror-mongering by their propaganda loudspeakers or their treacherous subservients. But, if nations stand against these powers through their vigilance and unity, the superpowers would not reach their aims. There is much evidence in this respect, and the living proofs in our own region are Iran and Afghanistan. Iran, as you know, had surrendered to America handcuffed, and the toppled Shah had tied Iran to America in every respect. Iran was one of America's military bases and the Iranian army was in the hands of American advisors. Culture was in the hands of mercenaries, while the Shah, his government and Parliament were but subservient lackeys; economy was in the worst state of dependency. The toppled Shah was the most powerful police in the region, thanks to his affluence and sophisticated military hardware, and he was being supported by America and other lackey states in the region. However, in a short period of time, the Iranian nation, miraculously and barehanded and solely by relying on the Almighty Allah, broke the idols created by those affected by the west, hence putting an end to the 2500-year-old tyranny as well as to the myth created by idolaters. And the Afghan people stood against the dastardly assault of the Soviet Union, crushing the mythical power and its mighty army that was backing a usurping government and a treacherous party. They are doing it with the power of faith and by relying on the Almighty Allah. It should be said that the Soviet Union is now worried and sorry about its aggression and is wondering how to withdraw from Afghanistan without any disgrace. It was the committed ulama who expelled France and Britain which usurped Algeria and Iraq. These examples are sufficient to remove unfounded terror created by colonialism and to awaken Muslims and the governments of Islamic states and to neutralize diabolic spells, so that Muslims and their governments, become free while they are holding the vital artery of the West and East and are possessing rich resources. They should take a lesson from Iran that, with a population of 30 million plus, broke the shackles of colonialism, cut the hands of all powers and expelled their advisors and parasites. Muslims should not heed the loudspeakers of imperialism that, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, have spread in a dingle voice rumors of Iran's bankruptcy and its imminent downfall. They should appreciate an Islamic power whose objective is to exalt Muslims and curtail the hands of tyrants off their resources. They should appreciate a power that is constantly seeking to establish Islamic peace and fraternity among Muslim brethren. They should know that powerful opportunist countries, who aim at dominating the oppressed Islamic states would leave them alone as soon as difficulties arise and that the term faithfulness has no meaning in their culture.

If unity emphasized by the Almighty Allah and His Prophet (S.A.) is established among Muslims and the governments of Islamic states, the governments can, with the backing of their people, form a joint defensive army with 100 million trained reserves and a tens-of-millions-strong army, thus gaining the greatest power in the world. But as this has not been materialized so far, Islamic governments of the region and the world can establish a reserve army of tens of millions and an army of over 10 million to defend Islamic states. This could exceed all powers. Therefore, it is hoped that the regional governments, regardless of language, race or school of thought and only under the banner of Islam, will consider this in order to become free from the disgrace of bowing before the superpowers and taste sweetness of independence and freedom. To achieve this end, every government should reach an understanding with its own people and consider such a plan for revival. In this regard, they can draw inspiration from Islamic Iran as it is defending its own territories as well as that of the Islamic states. Today Iran is determined to train its youth militarily in spite of all the present bottlenecks and hindrances. And so far, it possesses some one million trained reserves that can be equipped and armed to defend their Islamic land as soon as they are instructed to do so. Islamic and regional countries can do so if they deal with their nations as Iran does and stay beside their people so that the people can feel assured of their governments' intentions to render them services. This would be a prelude to what Islam has propounded. It should be deplored that Islam has not yet been understood in all its aspects and has remained under the domination of colonialists throughout history. We pray to Allah to remove such a black curtain and to brighten the eyes of the Muslims with genuine Islam so that people of the world may know what Islam has brought to them. Islamic teachings give priority to peaceful coexistence on the globe and it is hoped that this will be achieved by the coming of Imam Mahdi(A.S.), who will bring man eternal prosperity)

Muslims, and especially the oppressed people of the region, should know that Israel would not forsake the idea of governing over Islamic states from the Nile to the Euphrates, although it changes figureheads to deceive Palestinian and Lebanese combatants. Displaying its teeth in the region, the United States will fully support an agent such as Israel as it commits the crimes in the region through this puppet regime. Therefore, their political games should not be ignored and those backing Israel should know that they are stroking the serpent that will poison the region if an appropriate opportunity is provided. This venomous serpent should be denied the opportunity. Similarly, given the chance, Saddam's threat to the region would be no less than that of Israel. Now, for the sake of security in the region, the regional governments should stop helping this embodiment of corruption and the warlord of Qadissiyah, who has been brought to the verge of downfall and reduced to a wretched creature. From religious and material points of view, this would be in their own interest, since he will not show mercy to any of the Persian Gulf states if he is given the opportunity. You see that even while he is now facing a disgraceful defeat, he has said in a speech "Arabs should accept leadership of Iraq". No doubt, if he gains the required power, he will not be satisfied with the leadership capacity. Propaganda loudspeakers of the governments that have been slapped in the face by the Islamic Republic of Iran, try to make you scared about Iran; they do so to preserve their interests and further enslave your nations. These governments should know that, according to Islamic teachings, the Islamic Republic would take an attitude of fraternity and equality towards them provided that they obey Islamic principles. The Islamic Republic of Iran will however not allow itself to compromise with a regime that has inflicted this amount of damage and committed these crimes against it. The beloved Iraqi nation is awaiting Iran's victory so that it becomes free from the stings of this scorpion. It is hoped that with the assistance of Allah this will not take so long. As the Almighty says Is not the dawn (of (victory) approaching? 11:81)

Respectful Iranian pilgrims at the sanctified Mosques should know that they are making a pilgrimage to Allah's House and to the holy shrine of His Prophet (S.A.) from a country that stood up to expel oppressors and to achieve Islamic objectives. They are under the scrutiny of their Muslim brethren from throughout the world as well as news agencies and liars. The propaganda agents of the enemies of Islam are prowling and attentively watching their deeds and recording their sayings. They are intent upon magnifying trivial issues and thus spreading false rumors all over the world. Therefore, any minor deviation, fault or error, in addition to its being regarded as a sin before the Almighty Allah and His great Prophet, would also be unforgivable before other Hajj pilgrims. This is because, Allah forbid, the Islamic Republic which is formed to establish divine rule based on Quranic teachings, would be portrayed in an adverse manner, and slanderers who are waiting to find a pretext against the Islamic Republic of Iran would be provided the grounds to spread rumors aimed at blurring the luminous reports about those who have gone to observe the Hajj rituals. Iranian Hajj pilgrims should be cautious lest unreasonable conduct and unwarranted utterances mar their character. Everyone should watch his friends and relatives and should follow sound humanitarian Islamic programs as arranged by my representative Hojjatoleslam Khoeiniha and should not violate them. Otherwise, anarchy and disorder will prevail and plague other Hajj pilgrims. The Saudi police and officials in charge of Hajj and pilgrimage affairs should be aware of the fact that Iranian pilgrims have come to the sacred House and the holy shrine of the Prophet (S.A.) from a revolutionary country which used to be under the tyranny and exploitation of the West and the East. They represent a nation that has freed itself by the grace of Allah and through the sublime efforts of men and women, old and young. They should know that this nation achieved independence and freedom, transforming the tyrant monarchical regime into an Islamic and popular system and expelling American and Soviet advisors and spies from their own land. These are guests of Allah and the Prophet (S.A.) and therefore any insult against them would be against their great hosts, because these guests have come in response to the calls of Ibrhim (A.S.) and Mohammad (S.A.), which is considered a response to the Almighty Allah. Be kind and show affection and fraternity towards Allah and His messenger; and do not annoy their guests. They have come to observe the Hajj rites and to abjure polytheism and infidelity because Allah and His Prophet (S.A.) have abjured them. Honor these committed guests and win the support of a powerful Islamic regime for the suppression of the enemy of Islam and Islamic states. Through establishing solidarity with Muslims of the world, turn the great city of Mecca into a center of protest against oppressors. This is one of the secrets of Hajj, and Allah is needless of man's prayers.

O Allah! save us from following the devil and concupiscence. Save us from obsessive ambition for status and earthly belongings. Save Islamic states from being scared of the two right and left powers and inform them of their Islamic and humanitarian responsibilities. Lead the Muslim nations and governments towards achieving unity and fraternity and bestow your mercy upon the Iranian Hajj pilgrims who have endured much sufferings, agony, insult, imprisonment and torture in the way of achieving their great objective. Curtail the hands of predatory powers off Islamic countries, and guide us towards whatever that guarantees your satisfaction. Bestow victory on the Islamic forces in defending their homeland and the oppressed people of the region and debase the usurping Israel and American and Soviet oppressors. Empower Islam and Muslims and safeguard them against the sedition of foreign transgressors. May Allah's victory, blessings and greetings be upon His Apostle and His Ummah, especially the absent Imam (Imam Mahdi), may our lives be sacrificed for him.

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you

Ruhollah Almusavi Alkhomeini

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