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سيد احسان خاندوزى

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مقاله تبليغى حج

تنظيم: سيد احسان خاندوزى

مهر ماه 1382

بنا به اهميت محور سياسى در مواجهه با مخاطبان انگليسى زبان موضوع مقاله بر اساس پرسشهاى اين محور تنظيم شده است.

- What was the effect of islamic revalution in Iran on muslem wakefulness

 During the past century, there were some idealogical and social movements, specially in Egept, Pakistan and Iran. Some of those were failed, however the others goal was to achive national political power. So, what was at the coar of those movements was not the idea of Islam and muslem dignity but modufying political systeme and natianalism. In those days and under the most highly global pessure, Islamic revolution in Iran had intensify on the muslem wakefulness and battle against international oppression. Although the first step of our revolution was to uproot the anti-Islam and dependent regime of shah, this was not the final goal. Our slagan was a religious community, that Quran named it as "Ommat". Aglobal religious community on the base of justice and humanity. Coming it to reality, we choose the idea od Islamic wakefulness as an engine. Iranian had showed it is possible, By persisting on Islamic elements and muslem motives. The late Imam Khomeini prooved that if we commit to the real legacy of islam and "Sunnah" (the path) and with solidarity, the justice and digrity is accessable. This is clear in his "Haj" massages. Thus Islamic revolution was a call for all muslem to be wakefull and to be united. It leaded to inconceivable effects in muslem world, specially midle east. Accordingly we had witnessed a new traditional approach to Islam in Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanan, Suria, Afganestan, Egept and so on. At the tap of these effects was anti-zionism movements in Lebanan and battling groups in Phalestine and Intifada. Inviting muslem to wakefulness and unity is the most significant factor of world arrogance hostility and canspiration against Iran Islamic revolution during past years.

- Paying atteution to the Islamic revolution experience, how can the muslem world be unite

 First of all, we should correct our expectution about the idea of unity. We are not going to impose one common belife to other cults and sects and do not want them to quit their religiaus openions But it seems that we forget about our cammon roots and similar islamic belives. Additionally all muslem groups and cults are at the same front against anti-islam idealogies and should take care about the common enimy. Atiny miscalculation can deterirate the muslem world candition and reinforce zionism and liberal capitolism. Now, is it the time of cantroversial selats Do we have any excess time and force to waste The answer is clear. considering what happend after islamic revolution in Iran, we can conclude that revitlizing islamic motivation and puting finger on cammon roots and in terests will consolidate the muslem world front. Even we can clase to each other in theology through logical and friendly dialoges. The unique alarm is avouding provocative and controversial debates. Since fifty years ago we had some succesful experience in this field. The closeness meetings in university of Azhar, Mecka and Tehran and the organization of islamic conference are the most important cacos. But we should see ourselves at the begining of muslem unity way.

An other solution is strengthening mutual relations amoving Islamic cowntries. Increasing the level of political relations and ecanomic cooprations will lead to move closed stances. In addition, reinforeing islamic countriesties will also help them in keeping own identity and using cultural commodity from each other. Thus trying to stablish the common islamic market or common wealth region or developing islamic bank are tools of more political and economic cloyeness.

- What is the most effective dimension of Islamic revolution of Iran in relative to muslem life

 Accordiog to our point of view, returning to the spiritual wealth of muslem or generally vindicating religious approaches, was the most significact effect of Iran islamic revolution. This was not limited to the islam boundries, but expanded and led to revitalizing of all religious idealogies and motivations. The great number of books, articles, meetings and ultimatly social movements about spirital power of religion and its roal in social action, testify this inconceivable dimension of effects. Tremendous willingness to islamic in Africa and America and growing social christianity approach in Europe are the best witnesses. The other significant effect of Iran islamic revalution was returning self confidence to oppressed and poor nations. When Iranian over camel the most armoved reginue in.

Middle eat and release from captiuity by islamic leadership and national unity, it teach to other third world nations that our will is enough to modify the situation. What prooved this, was 8 years imposed war against Iran. Although we belive in Divine grace or trust on God, we can not put the roal of self canfidence away. Persisting and unity are brothers of success. Specially for some crutual issues. that solidanty and unity is nessecery. For example the story of phalestine and united state interventions in islam world. The recent cases are Afghanestan and Iraqi attack. We need to this coopration and unity, nowedays.

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