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XML and PHP [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Vikram Vaswani

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Who This Book Is Not For

If you're new to PHP or XML, you shouldn't be reading this book. Throughout the material that follows, I'll be assuming that you have a working knowledge of PHP (its variables, syntax, structures, and methods), and are comfortable with using it for standard web programming tasks. I'll also be assuming that you have some prior knowledge of XML and XSLT, at least to the extent of being able to construct XML files and apply XSLT transformations to them, and that you are comfortable with using SQL to retrieve and manipulate records from a database.

That said, the very first chapter of this book includes a brief discussion of basic XML and PHP concepts, and many of the subsequent chapters also include introductory primers for readers new to the technology. However, this material is intended more as a refresher course than an exhaustive reference, and you should make it a point to look up other more-specialized works if you find it insufficient.

Some of the titles you might want to consider adding to your shopping list are the following:

Inside XML, by Steven Holzner (New Riders, 2000) ISBN: 0735710201.

Inside XSLT, by Steven Holzner (New Riders, 2001) ISBN: 0735711364.

MySQL, by Paul DuBois (New Riders, 2000) ISBN: 0735709211.

Web Application Development with PHP 4.0, by Tobias Ratschiller and Till Gerken (New Riders, 2000) ISBN: 0735709971.

PHP Functions Essential Reference, by Zak Greant, Graeme Merrall, Torben Wilson, and Brett Michlitsch (New Riders, 2001) ISBN: 0-7357-0970-X.

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