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Passing Parameters to an XSLT Stylesheet

If you need to pass data from the PHP script to the XSLT stylesheet, PHP's xslt_process() function can be used to pass an associative arrays of parameters to the XSLT stylesheet.

You'll remember that the xslt_process() function can accept an array containing parameter-value pairs as an optional sixth argument. These parameters can be passed on to the stylesheet and used within template rules.

Consider Listing 4.8, which creates an associative array named $params, and stores two elements containing the page title and current date in it. This associative array is then passed on to the stylesheet via the xslt_process() function.

Listing 4.8 Passing Parameters to an XSLT Stylesheet

// set the filenames
$xml_file = "aloha.xml";
$xslt_file = "aloha.xsl";
// set up the parameters
$params = array("today" => date
("d M Y", mktime()), "page_title" => "Aloha!");
// include an empty array for arguments
(otherwise XSLT tends to break - hopefully
corrected in next release)
$arg_buffer = array();
// create the XSLT processor
$xp = xslt_create() or die
("Could not create XSLT processor");
// process the two files
to get the desired output
if($result = xslt_process
($xp, $xml_file, $xslt_file, NULL, $arg_buffer, $params))
echo $result;
echo "An error occurred: " . xslt_error($xp) .
"(error code " . xslt_errno($xp) .
// free the resources occupied by the handler

These parameters are now available to the stylesheet and can be used within a template rule via the <xsl:param /> element (see Listing 4.9).

Listing 4.9 Using Passed Parameters in an XSLT Stylesheet

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl=
<!-- define the parameter -->
<xsl:param name="page_title"/>
<xsl:param name="today"/>
<xsl:template match="/">
<!-- use the parameter -->
<title><xsl:value-of select="$page_
title" /> Today is <xsl:value-of select="$today"
/> </title>
<!-- other templates - snip! -->

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