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Better Faster Lighter Java [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Justin Gehtland; Bruce A. Tate

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Chapter 6. Allow for Extension

Nearly every extreme sports junky has one tool in common.
It's a tool that you can't always
find at an outdoor shop, although it's the first one
you pack for extended river trips or mountain biking journeys. A
close friend has used it as a first aid kit for major cuts and others
have used it to splint broken bones. I've repaired
major gashes in my boat, tightened up my cockpit, and even splinted a
broken paddle. I've heard tales of amazing mountain
bike repairs, from tires to gear systems.

Of course, the magic tool is duct tape. Like any other aspiring
engineer, I stretch duct tape far beyond its intended use. In this
chapter, you'll see some techniques that allow your
applications to stretch in the same way. Enterprising users apply
great code for a variety of purposes, including many the author never
considered. If you want to build simpler software, extensibility can
keep it from being too simplistic. If you don't
allow for extension, you don't have a prayer of
meeting the needs of today's sophisticated and
rapidly changing customers. Give your customers room to be creative
and they'll always surprise you.

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