Better Faster Lighter Java [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Better Faster Lighter Java [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Justin Gehtland; Bruce A. Tate

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Who Should Read This Book?

This book isn't for uber-programmers who already have all the answers. If you think that J2EE does everything that you need it to do and you can make it sing, this book is not for you. Believe me, there are already enough books out there for you.

If you've already cracked the code for simplicity and flexibility, I'm probably not going to teach you too much that's new. The frameworks I hold up as examples have been around for yearsalthough incredibly, people are only now starting to write about them. The techniques I show will probably seem like common sense to you. I'll take your money, but you'll probably be left wanting when you're done.

This book is for the frustrated masses. It's intended for those intermediate-to-advanced developers with some real experience with Java who are looking for answers to the spiraling complexity. I'll introduce you to some ideas with power and bite. I know that you won't read a phone book. You haven't got time, so I'll keep it short. I'll try to show you techniques with real examples that will help you do things better than you did before.

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