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ISA Server 2004 UNLEASHED [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Michael Noel

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Chapter 5. Deploying ISA Server 2004 as a Firewall


ISA as a Full-Function Security Firewall

Multi-networking with ISA Server 2004

Defining ISA Firewall Networks

Reviewing and Modifying Network Rules

Understanding Firewall Policy Rules

Examining Advanced ISA Firewall Concepts


Best Practices

ISA Server 2004 has become successful mainly because of its flexibility and capability to assume many roles within an organization. The fact that it can easily be configured as a network traffic filter, a web proxy server, a reverse-proxy device, or a VPN solution gives administrators and architects a great deal of freedom in designing ISA solutions for their organizations.

All these deployment scenarios take advantage of a particular portion of ISA functionality, each supplying an answer to a particular need. The deployment option that truly takes full advantage of all of the features in ISA Server 2004, however, is the full-blown edge firewall scenario. This ultimately is the ideal role around which ISA was designed, and it fills the role quite well.

This chapter focuses on deployment scenarios involving ISA Server 2004 being used as an Application-layer firewall for organizations. A discussion of the capabilities of ISA firewalls is presented, and step-by-step guides to deploying them are presented. Specifics on firewall-specific ISA components, such as network rules, firewall rules, the system policy, and network templates, are discussed and outlined.

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