Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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register a Blogger blog

If you've createdor intend to createa Blogger-hosted blog (a journal or forum in which you can record your thoughts and exchange ideas with others), you can use a part of Hello called Bloggerbot to post photos to your blog. While this doesn't require you to install any additional software beyond Picasa and Hello, you must still register your blog as described below.

Open your Web browser (Internet Explorer, for example). In the browser's Address box, type [] to go to the Blogger home page.

Click the Create Your Blog Now arrow. The Create Account page appears.

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Enter the requested information. Be sure to review the terms of service and click the Acceptance of Terms check box. Click the Continue arrow.

[View full size image]

In the provided text boxes on the Name Blog page, name your blog and enter the URL prefix that users will type to visit the blog.

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The full URL will be in the form [].

Click the Continue arrow. The Choose a template page appears.

The layout and formatting of a Blogger blog is based on a template. To view a larger version of any template, click the template's thumbnail. Select the template whose format best suits your blog's content. Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

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Blogger creates the new blog for you. You can now create a profile for yourself, customize the blog's appearance, and make entries in the blog.

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