Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Steve Schwartz

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The Visual QuickProject Guide that you hold in your hands offers a unique way to learn about new technologies. Instead of drowning you in theoretical possibilities and lengthy explanations, this Visual QuickProject Guide uses big, color illustrations coupled with clear, concise step-by-step instructions to show you how to easily complete tasks and projects.

Picasa 2, a free download from Google ([]), is a multi-purpose program. First, you can use it to take control of and organize all the digital images on your hard disk, CDs, and DVDs. It doesn't matter where the images originally came fromwhether they were taken with a digital camera, scanned, received in email, or downloaded from the Web. All are fair game to Picasa.

Next, you can use Picasa to edit images. By applying Picasa's tools, you can adjust contrast and color, crop and straighten photos, correct red eye, and apply filters to change an image's feel, for example.

Finally, Picasa can help you preserve and share your pictures with others. You can create backups, print on popular photo papers, email pictures to your friends, and swap images using Hello (a free chat utility from Google). And if you register and create a free blog (Web log) with Blogger, you can use the Picasa/Hello combination to upload images to your blog.

Unlike most books in this series, this one's focus isn't projects. Instead, this book is designed to give you a solid understanding of Picasa 2 and its many capabilities. This colorful, friendly guide is your first step in putting Picasa to work for you. Happy organizing, editing, and picture sharing!

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