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Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Steve Schwartz

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extra bits

print photos p. 98

Because all selected photos will use the same print settings, you'll sometimes find it easier to print fewer pictures at a time. Doing so will allow you to print them in different sizes, properly handle varying image quality, and print in landscape or portrait mode, as needed.

One way to improve a picture's print quality is to print it at a smaller size. For example, while a 2 megapixel photo might result in a marginally acceptable 8" x 10" print, a 5" x 7" or 4" x 6" print will be better.

Photo paper is expensive. If part of a page is blank, you can fill it by adding more photos or by increasing the number of copies of each photo.

If your printer doesn't print, ensure that it's on, online (ready to print), and has paper. Note that many inkjets will refuse to print if any of its ink cartridges are empty.

If you're tired of paying through the nose for ink cartridges, you may want to explore the world of compatible cartridges. Go to [] for sources of inexpensive ink cartridges.

order professional prints p. 102

Registration at provider sites is free. Thus, there's no harm in registering at several sites. That way, you can explore each one's options, prices, and free features before ordering.

Although it's convenient to log in from Picasa, you can also go directly to a provider's site by entering its address in your Web browser. If you don't need to upload photos in the current session, there's no need to enter the site through Picasa.

Before logging onto a provider site, be sure that the Picture Tray doesn't contain extraneous photos. All photos in the Picture Tray will automatically be uploaded to the site when you log in.

email photos p. 104

To send Picasa-edited photos directly from within your email program, use Save a Copy (Chapter 9) to create a new JPEG that contains the edits. Then attach the copy to your email message.

If you're sending storybooks, be sure to set your email program's default message format to


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