Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Steve Schwartz

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extra bits

save image as Desktop p. 108

After creating a Picasabackground file, you can change the way it's displayed by choosing a different Position option (such as Stretch or Center) in the Display Properties dialog box.

create a screen saver p. 109

When selecting images for a screen saver, you'll probably prefer to use larger pictures that fill the screen. Smaller or cropped photos will be surrounded by black bands.

To replace the Picasa screensaver with a new one, delete all images in the Screensaver folder and then perform the same steps using a new set of photos.

If you later want to restore your previous screen saver or select a new one, open the Display control panel, click the Screen Saver tab, select a screen saver, click Apply, and then click OK.

make a movie p. 110

Unless a movie will contain many pictures, set the Delay between pictures to a high number, such as 4 or 5 seconds. Smaller numbers will cause the images to quickly disappear offscreen.

Experiment with the listed codecs until you find one that gives you consistently good results; that is, a small movie (in KB) with clear images. Note, however, that the ability of others to view the movie depends on them having the same codec installed on their computer.

There's no Picasa option to name a movie. To change a movie's name, right-click its Windows file icon, choose Rename, and edit the name. Click a blank area of the Desktop when finished.

create a poster p. 112

Larger, high-resolution photos will result in better posters than smaller, low-resolution photos.

The greater the enlargement percentage you choose, the more images/pages will result.

make a collage p. 113

To create a new Desktop from a collage, choose Save as Desktop Picture from the Location pop-up menu and click Create. Click Yes in the Confirm dialog box that appears.

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