Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Steve Schwartz

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install Picasa 2

If you haven't downloaded and installed Picasa 2, follow these directions:

Open your Web browser (Internet Explorer, for example). In the browser's Address box, type [] to go to the Picasa 2 home page.

You can also reach this page by visiting Google ([]), clicking the More link, and then clicking the Picasa Photo Organizer icon.

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In the dialog box that appears, you'll be asked whether you want to run or save the file (the Picasa installation program) you're about to download. Click the Save button.

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In the Save As dialog box, select a disk location in which to save the file and then click Save. (Select an easy-to-find location, such as the Desktop.)

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As the file downloads to your computer, you can watch its progress in this dialog box. When the download finishes, close the dialog box (if it doesn't close by itself).

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[View full size image]

[View full size image]

The Picasa 2 Setup wizard appears, open to the License Agreement screen. Click I Agree to continue.

On the Choose Install Location screen, specify the hard disk folder in which to install Picasa. To accept the proposed (default) folder, click Install.

[View full size image]

On this final screen, click check boxes to set any desired options and then click Finish.

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Create Shortcut on Desktop.
Add a Picasa 2 icon to the Desktop.

Add Shortcut to QuickLaunch.
Add a Picasa 2 launch icon to the right of the Start button.

Show System Tray Icon at Startup.
Automatically load Picasa 2 and display its icon in the System Tray (right side of the taskbar) at every startup.

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