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Organizing and Editing Your Photos with Picasa Visual QuickProject Guide [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Steve Schwartz

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extra bits

start a session p. 130

To chat and swap photos with friends, they must be Hello users. You can encourage them to get Hello by clicking the Invite button. Enter their email addresses in the Invite Friends dialog box. Hello will either tell you they're currently registered or offer to send them an invitation by email.

To add a current Hello user to your Friends list, click the Add Friend button and then enter his or her user name.

To remove the tab of a person with whom you've finished chatting, make the tab active and then click the tiny x.

Hello saves a history of your chat sessions. To review a session, select the user's name in the left side of the Hello window. Then double-click the session entry in the Shared History list.

send pictures p. 131

After sending pictures to one person, you may decide to share them with another online friend. Click the Send Recent button. Thumbnails of all recently sent images are shown. Select the ones you want to send to your current chat friend and click the Send to Friend button.

You can share received pictures with other friends. Select a picture, click the Forward button, select recipients, and click Send.

If you have a Blogger blog (Web log), you can use Hello to upload pictures from Picasa to the blog. For instructions, choose Help > Hello Online Help. Click the link labeled "Post a Picture to a Blog."

If you have a webcam, you can snap a picture of yourself and send it through Hello by choosing Tools > Webcam/DV Capture.

You can also send a picture of the active window or your screen. Right-click the Hello icon in the System Tray and choose Send Picture of Window or Send Picture of Screen.

receive pictures p. 133

After receiving some photos, you can quickly find them on disk or in Picasa. Right-click the active image in Hello, and then choose Locate Picture on Disk or Locate Picture in Picasa from the pop-up menu (see page 127).

During a chat session, you can eliminate some of the clutter in the filmstrip area by choosing a Pictures > Remove command.

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