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Poems In General [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Ahmed Al-hashimi

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A Muslim's Life!

My life is just an exam I always keep away from satan's scams.

My Quran is a light that guides me through the dark tunnel of life.

I pray to Allah my lord and creator I always keep away from satan's dictator.

In this world I pray five times a day knowing that I'm following the straight way.

Mohammed is my prophet and messenger And Ahlul Bayt is my purificator.

I am always waiting patiently And I always dress clean and decently.

My hijab is to cover my beauty parts to keep away from the corrupt people's arts.

My tongue always speaks of good, not bad And for Hussain I'm always sad.

For islam I'm always ready for jihad And I never disrespect my mom and dad.

Hajj comes and im ready to do good deeds The Quran is for the muslim who reads.

Judgement day comes for me to go either to heaven or hell But for me the gates of heaven are open that I can always tell.

By Ahmed Al-hashimi

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