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Poems In General [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Ahmed Al-hashimi

نمايش فراداده ، افزودن یک نقد و بررسی
افزودن به کتابخانه شخصی
ارسال به دوستان
جستجو در متن کتاب
تنظیمات قلم


اندازه قلم

+ - پیش فرض

حالت نمایش

روز نیمروز شب
جستجو در لغت نامه
لیست موضوعات
افزودن یادداشت
افزودن یادداشت جدید


Mohammed is our prophet and messenger.

Mohammed is our guider and purificator

He's the one who spread the word of islam,

He's the one who teached us the holy Quran.

Mohammed is our shining light.

This is the person who gave us our might,

Who taught us akhlak and how to be right.

Mohammed is an example for all muslims to learn and see,

It is like him us muslims shall be.

He's the one who gave his wealth to the needy.

And those who think about wealth are all greedy,

In judgement day they will pay.

He's the one who showed us the straight way,

and how to worship Allah five times a day.

Those who turn their ears away are blind,

Those who listen to his holy message have the right mind.

May Allah help us spread the word of Mohammed.

So we can show them the way Mohammed lead.

By Ahmed Al-Hashimi

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