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Poems In General [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Ahmed Al-hashimi

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The Straight Path

I walk the mountains without peaks,

searching for a path,

through life the uphill struggle is still hard.

Winds from the north bombard.

I ask myself when this journey will end,

A voice whispers,

till you find the path you'll apprehend.

All paths I see before me all bend.

Yet I struggle up this mountain,

with difficult obstacles ahead.

But I will not stop till I am dead.

Wait, this is the path with no bend.

"What is the name of this path?" I said.

This is the path of Ahlul-Bayt and Mohammed,

A voice heard from a far end.

This is the path where followers have been martyred.

The name of this path is Islam.

This is the path of Justification.

This is the path of Purification.

A path that stays straight for eternity.

Yet Man still wonders how this world is created.

This path says. "It is Allah who made it".

Man says but this path can still be bended.

This path has a Quran that straightens it.

Look into this book O'Man,

to see how this world has been created.

By Ahmed Al-Hashimi

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