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Islam strives to reform both the
individual and the society, and the starting point for this healthy
transformation is the human soul. If the human soul reaches perfection and
moulds itself according to the dynamic principles of Islam, then society will be reformed accordingly.

How wonderfully the Glorious Qur'an
confirms this fact:

"Surely Allah does
not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition;..."

Holy Qur'an (13 :11)

the month of Allah affords us
this chance for meditation and social reform. It is for us to seize this
wonderful opportunity to repent, reflect over our past deeds, seek the
Almighty's forgiveness and strive towards perfection, in morals and behaviour.

Fasting has remarkable benefits. It not
only refines an individual's conduct by instilling virtue, but also has similar
impacts on the interest of the Islamic society as a whole. Because once a group
of individuals acquires honesty, integrity, intellect and other lofty morals,
their desire for reform and to refrain from all things perverse positively
affects the march of the society.

Islam looks at the human being from two
angles; as an independent individual, and as a part of a society affecting
society and being influenced by it in turn. Consequently, all the rules, laws,
regulations, morals and ethics conveyed through the message of Islam deal with
the human being both as an independent entity and as part of an integrated

Such being the case, these moral, social,
economic and devotional aspects will certainly have political consequences as
well because an individual's daily activities are interrelated and effect each

Thus, fasting could without doubt be
considered as a great educational experience, because faith in Allah and the
Day of Judgement has a profound influence not only on devotional and moral
aspects but also in the economic and political spheres. So great is the
reciprocal dynamism of these factors that if sincerely observed they hold the
key to the perfection, bliss and harmony of both the individual and the

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