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نمايش فراداده ، افزودن یک نقد و بررسی
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جستجو در متن کتاب
تنظیمات قلم


اندازه قلم

+ - پیش فرض

حالت نمایش

روز نیمروز شب
جستجو در لغت نامه
افزودن یادداشت
افزودن یادداشت جدید

in which all Muslims feel they are living a new life and following a new
direction. This stimulates a psychological state which helps them to repent,
seek forgiveness and gain the blessings of the Almighty. In the process they
witness a popular advancing towards Allah, while disdaining those who turn away
from His straight path and His pleasure.

The opposite of these are those whose
hearts are closed against the light of mercy, and their souls are irresponsive
to the call of repentance. They do not even realize their own mistake when they
see that collective procession moving towards Allah, the Exalted. They
disregard all those reminders during the month of Ramadhan such as the
obligation of fasting, the recommended reciting of the Qur'an, the gathering
for invocation and preaching, and other rituals observing the sanctity of this
montb. The Prophet described people who are unaffected by all this and have
hearts full of cruelty, obstinacy and misery as:

"... indeed, miserable is the one who is
deprived of Allah s forgiveness during this great month..." *


The month of Ramadhan is aptly
termed the springtime of Qur'an. The Holy Book, the Almighty's final and most
comprehensive revelation to mankind, was sent down to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)
in this blessed month.

In this month the souls are more refined,
more inclined towards the Creator, and more receptive towards the bounties in
Allah's Book of wisdom, guidance and righteousness. Hence reciting the Qur'an
and contemplating on its eternal verses is emphasized more in this blessed
month than at any other time of the year.

The Prophet, says:


Prophet's Sermon - Uyun
Akhbar ar-Rid/ia.

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