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What a wonderful trail they blazed, whose radiance enables us to tread the right path. We should seize upon this opportunity and endeavour to make the Holy Qur'an bloom its brightest in blessed Ramadhan. We should try to comprehend its eternal verses, and make others understand in turn. Although, reward is there for sincere efforts, reciting by rote without trying to understand the meaning of the glorious verses avails no benefit, and likewise mere understanding without practical application is also a futile exercise.

Hence, dear readers, let us promise this Ramadhan to educate and enlighten ourselves with the eterenal light of the Qur'an, our one and only constitution. The gems in the Holy Book's fathomless treasuries are waiting to be discovered, but have we pondered to explore them? The rich heritage bequeathed by the Prophet and his Ahl-ul-Bait is an ocean of knowledge dealing with every topic under the sun,but unfortunately we have turned our backs, lured by the deceptive glamour of the Western Culture.

The Qur'an opens to us new vistas of thought and heights never attained before. But look what the Western culture has done, degrading human honour, exploiting carnal desires and wasting away both our body and soul. Remember the Prophet's words:

"after death there will be no blaming, and after this world there is nothing except Paradise and Hell." *

If today some apostate pours poison on human values in the enticing guise of literature, are we not to blame? True we have the Qur'an, and we sincerely defend it, even by sacrificing our lives. But, have we really done any concrete thing to enlighten others around of Islam's truth.

So dear readers, let us start, better late than never. The recent satanic slander against values we hold dear, should be enough to awaken our conscience, but the condition is sincerity of intention stemming from a pure and godfeanng heart as the next chapter stresses.


* Tarikh al- Yaqubi. vol. 2. p. 89. Dar Sadir. Beirut.

/ 41