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Finally on the 21St of Ramadhan the
Imam attained martyrdom, an event which plunged the Ummah into chaos and
enabled the Omayyud tyrants to seize power and distort Islam.

Let us now review the days of joy in this
blessed month. On 15th Ramadhan, in the second year of the Hijra, the
Prophet became a grandfather, when son Hassan (a.s.) was born to his daughter
Fatima and Imam Ali (a.s.). It was a very happy occasion for the AhI-ul-Bait
and none was more happy than Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.).

The Qur'an and hadith bear witness
to his pristine purity, enjoining Muslims to love and tread the radiant path of
the Prophet's illustrious progeny. Being forced to abdicate the Khaliphate a
few months after his father Imam Au's martrydom, Imam Hassan (a.s.) spent the
rest of his life in Medina propagating and expounding Islam and the Holy

The same year on 2nd Ramadhan, the
history of faith and righteousness took a new turn, when a few hundred Muslims
defeated a vastly superior force of Meccan pagans, at a place called Badr. It
was the first armed encounter the new found Islamic State had to face, and by
the Grace of the Almighty, it came out with flying colours.

Six years later, in the year 8 A.H. Allah
bestowed another great victory for the Prophet in blessed Ramadhan, when
Mecca the hitherto bastion of infidelity fell without a fight. Abu Sufyan and
his pagan hordes laid down their arms, and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) entered
his birthplace granting amnesty to his deadly adversaries on condition they
accept Islam. He then purged that pinnacle of monotheism, the Holy Ka'ba ,
Of the filth of idols, with Imam All personally dismantling the deities atop
the holy house. Bilal, the Abyssinian then called the faithful to prayer.

"There is no god but Allah, and
Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah."

Hence, dear Muslims we must strive to keep
fresh the memory of these great events which shaped our history and laid firm
the foundations of the Almighty's last revelation to mankind, Islam. By
organising speeches and lectures, as is normally seen in Ramadhan, we
not only enlighten our young ones of the significance of this blessed month and
its immortal events, but also acquaint others of Islam's lofty teachings.
Likewise it is

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