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Islamic Concepts [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی


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2. The intention should be to fast from fair (a little before dawn breaks) till Maghrib (a little after sunset).

Thus, fasting will cover the entire period of the day, beginning at dawn till the redness of the dusk disappears in the east. During this time one should abstain from eating, drinking and all other acts which break fasting.

3. The end of the day comes a little after sunset. Sunset is not determined by the mere disappearance of the sun's orb, but the disappearance of the redness of the dusk in the east.


1. Eating or drinking anything in any quantity.

2. Sexual intercourse.

3. Any sexual activity that leads to ejaculation.

4. Attributing a lie to Allah, the Holy Prophet or the Imams (peace be upon them).

5. Allowing heavy dust or thick smoke (including tobacco) reach one's throat.

6. Submerging one's entire head in water.

7. Remaining in need of obligatory bathing for janabah,* haydh (menstruation) or nifas* up to the time of the morning adhan.

8. Taking a liquid enema.

9. Intentional vomiting.


* The state resulting from sexual intercourse with or without ejaculation. or seminal discharge while awake or asleep.

* Bleeding that occurs after childbirth or abortion.

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