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Fasting is not confined to one's inner self
alone but also has its social effects in influencing the community as an
integrated whole. A fasting community enjoys all the comforts and pleasures
resulting from obedience to the Almighty. The society consequently consolidates
itself directing its energies towards constructive public welfare. The members
of such a society feel a sense of responsibility towards each other,
characterized by mutual cooperation and kindness. It is a society almost free
of crime, jealousy and hatred. A society which asserts its supremacy over the
mundane world of matter, and feels proud of its adherence to spiritual values.

Fasting, therefore, is a duty of many-fold benefits. One of its
significant effects is that it strengthens in the individual and society the
will to resist temptation and defy the forces of evil, injustice and deviation.
A believer's soul, having tasted the pleasures of fasting, will never submit to
other than Allah, and will never entertain the idea of worshipping other than

Al-Balagh Foundation in presenting this booklet on fasting seeks to
perform its duty of inviting people to Allah and proclaiming His eternal
message. It hopes the booklet will be of benefit to our dear readers whose
enthusiasm has been a source of inspiration for us.

We humbly implore Allah, the Most Exalted to guide the Ummah along the blessed path of Islam, and to accept the selfless
deeds of fasting Muslims. He is the Most Excellent Patron, the Most Excellent



As we said before, holy Ramadhan is
Allah's Banquet, spread out for all His creatures without the difference of
class, caste, rank, race, language or geographical barriers. It is not just a
month of mere rituals, as some may misbelieve, but on the contrary signifies
the very peak of spiritual purification, which Islam has perfected;

The word Ramadhan is derived from the
root ramadh which indicates heat' and restlessness', and is said to
signify the hardships of a fast, like

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