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Islamic Concepts [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی


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1) If a person commits intentionally and willingly an act which breaks the fast, that day's fast will be considered invalid, but the fast is valid if the action committed was unintentional or involuntary.

2) If one breaKs fast after merely being threatened, that fast is considered invalid and must be compensated later.

3) A fasting person can swallow the saliva gathered in the mouth, but nasal discharge and frothy sputum must be spitted out.

4) To rinse mouth during ablutions is allowed and while doing if the water slips unintentionally down into the throat it will not break the fast.

5) Taking of injection in the muscles or veins is permitted as also using of medicinal drops in ears or eyes is allowed.

6) Brushing of teeth is permitted, provided the froth or saliva does not enter the throat.


Islam is called a natural religion. In other words, its laws unlike other creeds have logic and reason behind them and divine providence has fashioned them according to the nature of man and woman. It has no hard and fast rules for all age groups ignoring the state, or circumstances of the individual concerned. In such a case, its very claim to be natural and universal would have been open to doubt.

How merciful and benign is the Creator, Who as a sign of His unbounded bounty exempted from fasting,persons passing through particular circumstances, and in a certain state of health or age group.

Following are those whom Islam has quite logically exempted from fasting and furthermore has released them from expiation for defaults:

1. Minors- for pre-puberty years.

2. Insane- for the period insanity lasts.

3. Unconscious- for the period of unconsciousness.

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