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As an Islamic term, it means to refrain intentionally from what breaks fasting. *

To a Muslim, fasting is not just refraining
from eating and drinking but carries the added significance of worship,
psychological comfort, morality and legislation. It is neither the irrational
motionless Imsak of pre-Islamic Arabs nor the mere
abstaining from eating and drinking, but is in fact the building of one's
character, control over desires, and an inspiration towards social and
scientific creativity.

Allah has commanded this sanctified duty
and enjoined it on the Muslims, as He had enjoined it on the believing nations
before. He assigned the blessed month, the month of Ramadhan, for every adult and healthy Muslim as a period of fasting.

This sacred ordinance was prescribed by
Allah, the Exalted for all believers and revealed in the preceding month of Sha'ban, nearly a year and a half after the Hijrah.*

Gradually, the Almighty revealed numerous
other verses about the month of Ramadhan
and the rules of fasting. In the
light of these divine injunctions,the Prophet expounded the merits of fasting,
its significance, regulations, effects, benefits and great reward.

Hence, Fasting is one of the pillars of
Islam, and a religious duty for all those who believe in Monotheism, and consequently
whoever denies it is a disbeliever.

It is an apparent sign of obedience,
submission and servitude to Allah, the Exalted. By fasting, a Muslim expresses
his submission to Allah's command, his response to His will, and the control
over his own desires and wishes, at the Almighty's behest. In Ramadhan a Muslim's
abstaining from food, drink, sexual intercourse, etc. during the prescribed
hours, is the very manifestation of the creatures' obedience to the Creator's


* Mohaqqiq al-Hilli, Shara'e

* The Prophet's auspicious
migration to Medina, (622 AC.) ivhich marks the start of the Islamic calendar.

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