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Weekly Supplications [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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Praise be to God who ordained night (to be) a cover and sleep (to be a mode of) rest; and made the day (to be the time of) dispersion.

All praise be to Thee for raising me from my sleep, for had Thou wished so, Thou wouldst have made it everlasting; a praise perpetual, unceasing and which the whole of creation would be unable to count.

Praise be to Thee, O Lord, for, Thou didst create, and didst so with symmetry, and Thou didst measure and dispose, and causest to die and to live, and makest sick and restorest to health, and givest safety and dost afflict, and Thou are exalted above the Arsh (Throne) and art in full possession of sovereignty.

I pray unto Thee like him whose cause is weak and whose resource is cut off, and whose death has approached and whose worldly hope has shrunk, and whose need for Thy mercy has become pressing, and whose regret for his default has grown intense, and whose guilt and error has been too frequent and who repentance unto Thee is sincere.

Therefore bless Muhammad the Last of the Prophets and the members of his house, the pure, the holy, and let me have the intercession of Muhammad -- may Thy favor be on him and his Aal (family) and do not deprive me of his company; verily, Thou art the most Merciful.

O Lord, in the fourth day of the week grant me four things: employ my strength in Thy service; let my delight consist in Thy worship; make me love Thy reward; and cause me to abstain from that which would make me deserving of painful chastisement from Thee. Verily, Thou art kind to whomsoever Thou willest.

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