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Weekly Supplications [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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THURSDAY DU'A (prayer)

All praise be to God who removed the dark night with His power and brought the bright day with His mercy; and clothed me with His light and gave me His blessing.

Therefore, O Lord, since Thou hast kept me alive for this day, be pleased to spare me for other days similar to it; and bless Muhammad and his Aal (family) and do not afflict me in it and in other nights and days for my having committed guilt; and confer on me its benefit, and the benefit of what be in it and the benefit of what follows; and turn away from me its mischief, and the mischief of what be in it and the mischief of what comes after it.

O Lord, verily I seek adherence unto Thee through the guarantee of Islam; and rely on Thee through the honor of the Qur'an; and seek intercession with Thee through Muhammad, the chosen, may God bless him and his Aal; therefore, O Lord, recognize my guarantee, whereby I hope for the satisfaction of my need, O most Merciful!

O Lord, in the fifth day of the week, grant me five things, which none has power to vouchsafe except Thy generosity, and which none can afford save Thy bounty: a soundness, whereby I may gain strength to serve Thee; and a devotion whereby I may deserve Thy magnificent reward; and an immediate prosperity by means of fair earnings; and guard me on occasions of danger with Thy protection and place me under Thy defense, against future sorrows and anxieties.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and his Aal, and let my adherence to him be an effectual intercession on the day of Judgment, verily Thou art the most Merciful.

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