LIGHTS ON THE MUHAMMADAN SUNNAH [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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LIGHTS ON THE MUHAMMADAN SUNNAH [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Mahmud Abu Riyyah, Cairo Jizah

| نمايش فراداده ، افزودن یک نقد و بررسی
افزودن به کتابخانه شخصی
ارسال به دوستان
جستجو در متن کتاب
تنظیمات قلم


اندازه قلم

+ - پیش فرض

حالت نمایش

روز نیمروز شب
جستجو در لغت نامه
افزودن یادداشت جدید

sun of truth shall rise, God-willing.

In this connection, Ansarian Foundation finds it necessary to present its gratitude and veneration to brother Hasan M. Najafi, in recognition of his good efforts and toilsome endeavour in translating, editing and supervising the printing of this book. We implore the Beneficent Allah to reward him for this work, in which he sought nothing but God's pleasure and favour.

We implore the Omnipotent the Almighty to help him to achieve more and more munificent contributions to the Islamic cause. He is Hearer and He is Responsive.

Ansariyan Foundation

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