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It is reported from Imam Ja'fer Sadiq (a) that whoever recites this
du'a for forty days, after morning prayers will be amongst the helpers of
the 12th Imam (a). Should he/she die before the reappearance of the Imam
(a), Allah will raise him/her from the grave in order for the reciter of
this du'a to present him/herself to the Imam (a). A translation of this
du'a follows, from The Twelfth Imam, Murtaza Lakha, R & K
Tyrrell Tel: (0787) 375068, pages 51-53.

O Allah the Sustainer of the Great Light, the Exalted Throne
and the tempestuous sea, the revealer of the Taurat, Injil and
Zabur the Sustainer of the shade and the heat, the Revealer of
the great Qur'an, the Sustainer of the honoured angels, the Prophets and
the Messengers.

O Allah I beseech You by Your benevolent countenance and its
brilliance and eternal kingdom; O the Ever-Living, O the Self
subsisting, by Your name which illuminates the heavens and the earths
and by Your name by which the predecessors and the posterities are
reformed, O the Ever-present before any living thing existed and the
Everlasting even after all life will cease. O Ever-living even when
there was no life at all, O One who resurrects the dead and brings death
to the living, O Ever-living, there is no God except You.

O Allah, convey to our Master, the Imam (A.S.) the guide, the guided,
the one established in authority by Your command, may Your blessings be
on him and on his pure ancestors, from all the faithful male and female,
in the East and the West of the world, in the plains or on the
mountains, on the lands and in the sea, and from me and my parents,
blessings that equal in weight the "Throne" of Allah, the ink of His
words and such as only encompassed by His knowledge and covered by His

O Allah I renew on the dawn of this day and all the days of the
remainder of my life my pledge, covenant and allegiance to him, as my
obligation, which I shall neither ever contravene nor neglect.

O Allah include me amongst his helpers, defenders, those fulfilling
his wishes and commands, his defenders, the fore-runners to carry out
his intentions and those to be martyred in his presence.

O Allah should death intervene between me and his reappearance -- the
death which You have made inevitable on Your servants -- let me out from
my grave covered in my shroud, my sword unsheathed, my spear poised
responding to the call of the caller in the cities and deserts.

O Allah grace me with a sight of the appearance of one rightly guided
and the finest of the praise worthy and cool my eyes with a light of one
to whom I am attentive and hasten his return, render his re-appearance
smooth and widen his path and lead me onto his path and cause his orders
to be executed and strengthen his back. O Allah populate Your cities
through him and revive Your servants for indeed You have said and Your
words are true; "Mischief has shown its face on the lands and in the
seas on account of what the hands of men have wrought." (Qur'an

O Allah present this from us to Your friend and the son of the
daughter of Your Prophet who bears the name of Your Messenger until he
destroys all untruth and manifests the truth fully.

O Allah make him the refuge for Your oppressed servants and a helper
for him who has no other helper besides You and the reviver of the
commandments in Your book which has been neglected and the strengthener
of the sciences in Your religion and the traditions of Your Prophet. May
Allah's blessing be upon him and his progeny.

O Allah place him among those whom You have protected from the
oppression of the oppressors.

O Allah please Your Prophet Muhammad, may the blessings of Allah be
upon him and his progeny, and those who will obey the invitation of the
Imam and have mercy on our state of abasement after his appearance.

O Allah spare us this grief from this Ummah by his reappearance and
hasten his re-appearance for "verily they (hypocrites) regard it to be
far distant and we see it very near" (70:6,7) by Your mercy, O the most

On completion of this du'a, pat your right
thigh with the right hand three times and recite the following: "Al
Ajal, Al Ajal, Ya Maulaya Ya Sahebaz Zamaan -- hasten, hasten, O my
Master O Master of the current time."

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