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Linux Cookbook [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Carla Schroder

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Thank you to ace O'Reilly editor Michael Loukides,
whose good taste, eagle editorial eye, patient endurance, and
implacable insistence made this a much better book.

Thank you to ace technical reviewer Jenn Vesperman, and her attention
to detail. Silly computers are completely literal, and must be fed
precise inputthanks Jenn!

Many thanks to Akkana Peck, Jenn Vesperman, Paul Heinlein, and Peter
Samuelson, whose contributions appear in this book. Heartfelt thanks
to the gang at Linuxchix, including Jenn Vesperman (benevolent
dictator of Linuxchix), Dancer Vesperman, Danamania (the camera does
not lie), Colby, Evilpig, Almut Behrens, Andrew (Mandrake Guru),
Hamster, Piglet, Val Henson (uppity rabble rouser), H. Peter Anvin
(kernel guru and rabbit rouser), Rik Rose, Devdas Bhagat, David North
(for comic relief), Telsa Gwynne, Maria Blackmore, Meredydd Luff, Kai
MacTane, and Erinn Clark (for more uppity rabble-rousing). Linuxchix

I'm sure I missed some folks who patiently endured
my endless pestering. Tell me who you are, and I'll
fix it in the second edition.

/ 435