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Recipe 1.4. Finding Lost man Pages

1.4.1 Problem

You can't
find a man page for an installed program, and
you're certain it should be on the system.

1.4.2 Solution

Sometimes the

man database gets corrupted, users
make strange modifications, or programs install man pages
incorrectly. First try searching with whereis

$ whereis -m cat

cat:/usr/man/man1/cat.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/cat.1.gz

Now you've found the page. Read it with

$ man /usr/man/man1/cat.1.gz

If that doesn't
work, try rebuilding the man database with

# mandb

If that doesn't work, try a system-wide search with
locate and

$ locate / cat. | egrep -w 'cat\.[1-9][a-zA-Z]*[.gz]? '

This works for any man pagesimply replace
cat with whatever you're
looking for.

If none of these approaches turn up the man page you are looking for,
try the finddoc script in Recipe 1.11. If this doesn't find it,
it's not on your system.

1.4.3 Discussion

There are all kinds of man page repositories on the Web, so you can
always try a Google search. However, some programs simply
don't have man pages, so don't ruin
your health searching for one that may not exist.

1.4.4 See Also

  • whereis(1), mandb(8)

  • grep comes in several flavors; see

    grep(1) for details

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