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Recipe 1.7. Using info Pages

1.7.1 Problem

decide to give info pages a try, so you call up info
(or any other info page of your choice). But you find
that navigating info tar is confusing and
difficult. What is the best way to learn your way around?

1.7.2 Solution


info 's built-in tutorial.
Type info at any command line, hit the letter
h, then do what it says. It should take 15-30
minutes, and it is time well-spent.

1.7.3 Discussion

Even though some folks think that info pages are unnecessarily
complicated to navigate, it is worth getting acquainted with them.
Even though they are more difficult to navigate than man pages, they
are (usually) easier to understand. Once you get the hang of moving
around in them, you can go very fast and find information quickly.
Info pages often contain more information than man pages, and they
sometimes include tutorials and extensive examples.

There are also a number of nice info viewers, such as pinfo,
Konqueror, and Yelp. Pinfo runs in the console, and Konqueror and
Yelp need X. Konqueror is especially easy to navigate and to use for
printing selected pages.

1.7.4 See Also

  • info info

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