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Recipe 1.9. Printing info Pages

1.9.1 Problem

You want to print some

pages, but there doesn't seem to be a
built-in print command for

info .

1.9.2 Solution

You can use lpr:

$ info finger | lpr

However, this may result in too-small margins and odd line breaks,
depending on your printer defaults. Use lpr
options to format it:

$ info finger | lpr -o cpi=12 -o page-left=54 -o page-right=54 -o page-top=54 \

-o page-bottom=54

The numbered values are points, or 1/72". This example creates 3/4"
margins all the way around. cpi=12 sets the
number of characters to 12 per inch. All of these options are
documented in the CUPS Software Users Manual, at

http://localhost:631/documentationl .

1.9.3 Discussion

All of the major Linux distributions ship with CUPS, the Common Unix
Printing System. CUPS supports both the System V
(lp) and Berkeley (lpr)
commands. This recipe uses the Berkeley commands. Here are the System
V equivalents.

To print an info page use:

$ info finger | lp

To print the info page using

formatting options use:

$ info finger | lp -o cpi=12 -o page-left=54 -o page-right=54 -o page-top=54 \

-o page-bottom=54

1.9.4 See Also

  • info info ,

    lpr(1) ,


  • Chapter 14

  • CUPS Software Users Manual (


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