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Recipe 2.3. Upgrading RPMs

2.3.1 Problem

You need to upgrade an installed RPM
package: there's a new version of some program you
like, with new features and important bug fixes.

2.3.2 Solution

Use the -U

# rpm -Uvh tuxpaint-9.13-1.i386.rpm

To test the command first, use:

# rpm -Uvh test tuxpaint-9.13-1.i386.rpm

2.3.3 Discussion

-U can be used in place of
-i, install. It doesn't matter
if you're upgrading a package or installing a new
one, it works in both cases. -U replaces the old
package. If you want to have multiple versions of the same package,
such as gcc, or install several different
kernels, don't use -U, use

2.3.4 See Also

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