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Recipe 2.4. Removing RPMs

2.4.1 Problem

You've gotten tired
of some program and want to get rid of it. Or you've
just installed something you don't want. So, you
want to remove an RPM package.

2.4.2 Solution

rpm -e does the job:

# rpm -ev tuxpaint

You don't need the entire package name (e.g.,

tuxpaint-9.13-1.i386.rpm ), just the label.

To uninstall several programs at once, use a space-delimited list:

# rpm -ev tuxpaint SDL_ttf SDL_ttf-devel SDL_images

If you don't want to check dependencies:

# rpm -ev nodeps tuxpaint

To test your command first, before executing it, use:

# rpm -ev test tuxpaint SDL_ttf SDL_ttf-devel SDL_images

2.4.3 Discussion

If RPM reports that it cannot remove
a package because other packages depend on it, you either need to
remove the other packages, or leave it alone. There are times when
you need to break dependencies; for example, when replacing Sendmail.
Your new MTAPostfix, Exim, or qmailwill resolve
Sendmail's dependencies, but you have to remove
Sendmail first, which you can't do without breaking
all kinds of dependencies.

2.4.4 See Also

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