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Recipe 2.8. Rebuilding the RPM Database

2.8.1 Problem

You think your RPM database may be
corrupted, or out-of-date, because it does not answer queries for
RPMs you know are installed; or you've given your
system a major overhaul and want to be sure the RPM database is

2.8.2 Solution

Try rebuilding the
RPM database, as root:

# rpm rebuilddb

or completely
re-create it:

# rpm initdb

2.8.3 Discussion

It is uncommon for the RPM database to need rebuilding, but it
doesn't hurt anything to try. Any time you make
major changes to your system is a good time to rebuild the RPM
database. If you compare the size of
/var/lib/rpm/packages before and after running
rpm rebuilddb, you may notice some
shrinkage, because it has removed unused portions of the database.

2.8.4 See Also

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