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Recipe 3.4. Installing Packages on Debian-Based Systems

3.4.1 Problem

these software archives, CDs, and so on are meaningless if you
can't install the software. So: you need to know how
to install packages on Debian.

3.4.2 Solution

Use apt-get install:

# apt-get install tuxkart

To reinstall a package, overwriting the files, use:

# apt-get install reinstall tuxkart

To install several packages at once, use a space-delimited list:

# apt-get install tuxkart gltron frozen-bubble

tuxracer nethack galaga

To download only, without installing or unpacking, use:

# apt-get -d install tuxkart

Append dry-run to test the command before
executing it:

# apt-get install tuxkart gltron frozen-bubble tuxracer nethack galaga dry-run

3.4.3 Discussion

To find package names, use Debian's package search
page at Debian's package names
are often very different from their RPM cousins. For example,
CyrusSASL is packaged as sasl-2.x.rpm, but on
Debian it's split into several packages named

Remember to run apt-get
after changing
/etc/apt/sources.list, and run it periodically
to stay current with the package repositories.

apt-get fetches and installs (and when
necessary, deletes) all packages necessary to resolve all

3.4.4 See Also

  • apt-get(8)

  • Local documentation

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