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Recipe 3.6. Installing from Sources on a Debian System

3.6.1 Problem

You want to compile a program on your
system, rather than installing the Debian binaries. Perhaps you want
to edit the source code, or you want to run a package from Testing or
Unstable on Stable, and recompiling it will ensure that the correct
dependencies will be built.

3.6.2 Solution

Use apt-get source, with an assist from

First, download the dependent headers and libraries into the
directory in which you want to build the package:

# cd /usr/src

# apt-get build-dep tuxkart

To download and build the package:

# apt-get -b source tuxkart

and install the package:

# dpkg -i tuxkart.deb

3.6.3 Discussion

A common reason for building .debs from sources
is to use packages from Testing or Unstable on Stable. Recompiling
them adjusts the dependencies for Stable.

An alternative to building .debs from sources is
to use
These are nice compiled Debian binaries, all ready to use. See

If you want to
install a program that is not in the Debian repositories, you can
build a .deb using
CheckInstall, a utility that creates
RPM, .deb, and Slackware packages (see Recipe
Recipe 4.5).

3.6.4 See Also

  • apt-get(8) ,


  • Local documentation

  • Recipe 4.5

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