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Linux Cookbook [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Carla Schroder

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There are more Linux distributions than can be counted; there are
literally thousands of distributions, many of which are peculiar to a
company, a campus, or even a circle of friends who like to roll their
own. However, the world of distributions breaks (not very cleanly)
into two large camps: RPM-based systems, represented in this book by
Red Hat and Fedora, and apt-based systems, represented by Debian.
Debian-based distributions are spreading like weeds, such as Knoppix,
Xandros, Libranet, Unbuntu, and Linspire.

Even if you are using a distribution that does not fall into one of
these two categories, such as Slackware or Gentoo, the fundamentals
are pretty much the same. The kernel is the same; the programs and
utilities available are the same; the window managers are the same;
the only substantial difference is the way you install software.

That's not to say there aren't
other differences between Linux distributions. A chronic bugaboo with
Linux is differing file locations on different distributions. Get
used to it; it's not going to go away. This book
provides several excellent methods for finding out where your
particular distribution puts configuration files, executables, and
program documentation.

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