Building Microsoft ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices, Second Edition [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Building Microsoft ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices, Second Edition [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Andy Wigley; Peter Roxburgh

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Sample Code

Most of the sample code in this book is written in C#. Many readers will prefer to use Visual Basic, so we have implemented samples in Visual Basic as well and made all of them, both the C# and the Visual Basic samples, available for download from this book's Web site. We hope that Visual Basic .NET developers will download the samples and refer to those when reading the text. Fortunately, in .NET, the differences between languages are not as pronounced as they used to be. C# and Visual Basic .NET applications are structurally similar—only the language syntax changes—so descriptions in the text that describe how to use a programming technique in C# should be understandable to someone referring to the Visual Basic version of a sample.

You can download the samples from Click the companion content link in the More Information box on the right side of this page to bring up the companion content Web page. This page has the link to download the sample code. See the instructions on that site for how to install the samples on your own PC. Check this site for corrections and updates to the book as well.

Installing the MSDE .NET Framework Samples Database

Some of the samples in Chapter 11 use the pubs database, which installs with the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK QuickStart samples. You don't need to install the SQL Server product on your development system because the setup for the .NET Framework QuickStart samples will install the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), a stand-alone database server, if necessary.

To install the MSDE server and the sample databases, go to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1 folder, and double-click StartHere.htm. The Microsoft .NET Framework SDK welcome page is displayed. Click on the QuickStarts, Tutorials, And Samples link. If you haven't already installed the .NET Framework QuickStart samples, the page that is displayed shows two steps you must perform to install the samples on your computer. First click Step 1: Install The .NET Framework Samples Database. When the database has been set up, click Step 2: Set Up The QuickStarts to install all the sample databases and set up the .NET Framework QuickStart tutorials.


After you've installed the MSDE, be sure to install the latest service pack. Service Pack 3 or later is necessary to ensure that your system does not get infected with the Slammer virus. See downloads/updates/sdkfix/default.asp for details.

Using the Samples with Visual Studio .NET 2002

The samples have been developed using Visual Studio .NET 2003. You can't open the supplied project and solution files with Visual Studio .NET 2002. If you're using Visual Studio .NET 2002 and the Mobile Internet Toolkit 1.0, all the supplied sample code will still work, however. For any sample you want to use, you'll have to create a new ASP.NET mobile Web application in Visual Studio .NET 2002 and then navigate to the project folder and replace the .aspx, .aspx.cs (or .aspx.vb), Web.config, and (if supplied) global.asax and global.asax.cs (or .asax.vb) files with those supplied in the sample. There should be no code changes required to get the sample to work.

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