Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger نسخه متنی

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Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger - نسخه متنی

Maria Langer

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The Toolbar

The toolbar (Figure 52 ) offers navigation tools and view buttons within Finder windows:


    Back button displays the previous window's contents.


    Forward button displays the window that was showing before you clicked the Back button.

    View buttons enable you to change the window's view.


    Action pop-up menu (Figure 53 ) offers commands for working with an open window or selected object(s) within the window.

    Figure 53. The Action pop-up menu offers commands for working with selected items in a window.

    Search box enables you to quickly search the window for a file by name.

Figure 52. The toolbar.

Chapter 4 explains how.

Does the Action pop-up menu in

Figure 17 .

Views are covered in

Chapter 4 , using the Search box is covered in

Chapter 5 , and file management and navigation are discussed in

Chapter 3 .

If the window is not wide enough to show all toolbar buttons, a double arrow appears on the right side of the toolbar (Figure 54 ). Click the arrow to display a menu of missing buttons (Figure 55 ), and select the button you want.

Figure 54. When the window is narrow, some toolbar items may be hidden.

Figure 55. Click the double arrow to display a menu of hidden items.

To hide or display the toolbar

Click the toolbar control button (Figure 56 ).

Figure 56. The toolbar control button can hide the toolbar…

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One of two things happens:


    As shown in

    Figure 56 , hiding the toolbar also hides the Sidebar (which is discussed on the next page) and window borders and moves the status bar so it appears right beneath the title bar. This makes the window smaller and more like the windows in Mac OS 9 and earlier.

To use a toolbar button

Click the button once.

To use the Action pop-up menu


If necessary, select the icon(s) for the items you want to work with.


Click the Action pop-up menu to display a menu of commands (Figure 53 ).


Choose the command you want to use.

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