Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger نسخه متنی

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Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger - نسخه متنی

Maria Langer

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Icon Names

Mac OS X is very flexible when it comes to names for files, folders, and disks.

    A file or folder name can be up to 255 characters long. A disk name can be up to 27 characters long.

    A name can contain any character except a colon (:).

This makes it easy to give your files, folders, and disks names that make sense to you.

Chapter 7 .

A lengthy file name may appear truncated (or shortened) when displayed in windows and lists.

Since Mac OS 9.x and earlier cannot recognize very long file names, it's not a good idea to use them to name files you may work with in Mac OS 9. Instead, stick to file names of 31 characters or less.

No two documents in the same folder can have the same name.

Because slash characters (/) are used in pathnames, it's not a good idea to use them in names. In fact, some programs (such as Microsoft Word) won't allow you to include a slash in a file name.

Working with and naming disks is covered later in this chapter.

To rename an icon


Click the icon to select it (Figure 21 ).

Figure 21. Start by selecting the icon.


Point to the name of the icon, and click. After a brief pause, a box appears around the name and the name becomes selected (Figure 22 ).

Figure 22. When you click, an edit box appears around the name.


Type the new name. The text you type automatically overwrites the selected text (Figure 23 ).

Figure 23. Type a new name for the icon.


Press or , or click anywhere else. The icon is renamed (Figure 24 ).

Figure 24. When you press , the name changes.

Chapter 4 .

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