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Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger - نسخه متنی

Maria Langer

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Storage Media

A Macintosh computer can read data from, or write data to, a wide range of storage media, including:

    Hard disks
    high capacity magnetic media.

    CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD, and DVD-R discs
    high capacity, removable optical media.

    Zip, or other disks or cartridges
    high capacity, removable magnetic media.

    Floppy disks or diskettes
    low capacity, removable magnetic media.

To use storage media, it must be:

    inserted, attached, or other-wise accessible to your computer.

    Formatted or initialized
    specially prepared for use with your computer.

All of these things are covered in this section.

Chapter 7 .

At a minimum, all new Macintosh computers include a hard disk and CD/DVD drives.

Storage devices can be internal (inside your computer) or external (attached to your computer by a cable).

Some external storage devices must be properly connected and turned on

before you start your computer or your computer may not recognize the device.

Disk storage media capacity is specified in terms of bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes (Chapter 4 .

Figure 48. A write-protected icon appears in the status bar of CD-ROM discs and other write-protected media.

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