Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger نسخه متنی

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Visual QuickStart Guide [Electronic resources] : Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger - نسخه متنی

Maria Langer

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Search Features

Mac OS X offers a number of ways you can search for files or folders:

    The Finder's built-in search feature enables you to initiate a search based on file name or content from a Finder window. Search results appear within the window, sorted by file type.

    The Finder's Find command takes Finder searching a step further by offering additional search options, including the ability to find files based on kind, dates, labels, size, and other criteria.

    Spotlight, which is new in Mac OS X 10.4, enables you to perform a search without activating the Finder. Search results can appear in a special Spotlight menu or as a customizable list in a window.

Once you have a list of found files, opening the file you want to view is as easy as double-clicking it.

Mac OS X 10.4 also introduces Smart Folders. This feature, which works with the Finder's Find command, enables you to create a special folder that is automatically updated based on search criteria you specify for it.

This chapter takes a closer look at all of these search features so you'll never have to worry about misplacing a file.

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