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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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(division in the ranks and the weakness of the governments)

If the rulers of the Muslim countries joined together like the fingers of one hand

If the Muslims had acted in accordance with this command: "Prepare
against them whatever force you can muster and horses tethered" (Quran, 8:60),
and, after forming a government, made the necessary extensive preparations to be in a
state of full readiness for war, a handful of Jews would never have dared to occupy our
lands, and to burn and destroy the al-Aqsa mosque without the peoples being capable of
making an immediate response. All this has resulted from the failure of the Muslims to
rise up and execute Gods law and set up a righteous and respectable government. If the
rulers of the Muslim countries truly represented the believers and enacted Gods
ordinances, they would set aside their petty differences, abandon their subversive and
divisive activities, and join together like the fingers of one hand. Then a handful of
wretched Jews (the agents of America, Britain and other foreign powers) would never have
been able to accomplish what they have, no matter how much support they enjoyed from
America and Britain. All this has happened because of the incompetence of those who rule
over the Muslims.

Islamic Government, pp. 46-47.

It is the disputes among the heads of Muslim states that have
allowed the problem of Palestine to arise

If the heads of Muslim states were to abandon their mutual disputes in
order to acquaint themselves with the lofty goals of Islam and to orient their policies in
accordance with Islam, they would no longer be the abject captives of imperialism. It is
those disputes among the heads of Muslim states that have allowed the problem of Palestine
to arise and that do not permit it to be solved. If the 700 million Muslims, with the vast
countries that they inhabit, had the political maturity to unite and organise themselves
in a single front, it would not be possible for the big imperialist powers to penetrate
their countries, let along a handful of Jews who are the servants of imperialism.

Imams message dated 8 February 1971 (19 Bahman 1349
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 157.

The lack of reliance on Islam has caused these catastrophes

If the Muslim states and peoples had relied on Islam instead of relying
on the Eastern or Western bloc and had paid attention to the luminous and liberating
teachings of the Noble Quran and then practised those teachings, they would not be
enslaved today by the Zionist aggressors, nor terrorised by American Phantoms, nor at the
mercy of the satanic cunning of the Soviet Union. It is the gulf between the Muslim states
and the Noble Quran that has plunged our people into this dark and catastrophic
situation and placed the destiny of the Muslim peoples and countries in the hands of the
treacherous policies of imperialism of the right and the left.

Imams message to students, dated 13 July 1972 (22 Tir
1351 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 186.

The mercenary nature of some of the leaders

And then, at the head of all these disasters there is Palestine.
Difference of opinions and the mercenary nature of some of the leaders of Islamic
countries have not given the seven hundred million Muslims of the world the chance nor the
possibility, despite their wealth, minerals and other natural resources to sever the hands
of imperialism and Zionism and to limit foreign influence. Selfishness, servitude and the
surrender by some Arab governments to direct foreign influence, have prevented the tens of
millions of Arabs from freeing Palestine from Israeli occupation and usurpation.

Imams message calling for support for Palestine, 10
November 1972 (19 Aban 1351 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 193.

Divergence, loss of countenance or the mission of some of the
leaders have brought about the sovereignty of imperialism

As I have warned so many times, if the nation of Islam does not awaken
and become aware of its duties, if the ulama of Islam do not acquire a sense of
responsibility and do not rise up, if the hands of the foreigners agents are allowed to
keep true Islam - which produces the unity and movement of all Muslim denominations
against the foreigners and guarantees the supremacy and independence of the Muslim nations
and Islamic countries - hidden in this way behind the black curtain of imperialism, and if
the flames of disagreement and divergence are kindled amongst the Muslims, then blacker
and more catastrophic days than these lie ahead for the Islamic community, and the very
foundations of Islam and the laws of the Quran face a destructive danger. The overt and
covert assaults of the enemies of Islam and the international attacks against the Holy Quran
and the freedom-bestowing laws of Islam are being vigorously pursued from every direction.
Many governments of the Islamic countries, as a result either of their loss of countenance
or the mission given to them, are the executers of the enemies fatal and treacherous
plans. Whether those who speak of Islam and establish the so-called "Islamic"
Conference or those who abolish religion in Islamic countries and knock Islam from its
official status, all of them, knowingly or unknowingly, are moving along one path, the
path of implementing the malicious, imperialistic aims of the enemies of Islam who want to
see this catastrophic situation of the Islamic community perpetuated; who want Israel to
prevail over the lives, possessions and lands of the Islamic nation; who want imperialist
supremacy and rule preserved in the Islamic world for ever and the destructive
expansionist programme of Zionism reach the stage of implementation in the Islamic
countries; who want to see the nation of Islam and the governments of the Islamic
countries remain always abject and humble, the captives of international aggression; who
want to see them stretch out a begging hand and turn a pleading eye to the criminal
imperialists and never enjoy independence, freedom, peace and security.

Imams reply to students dated 15 March 1973 (24 Isfand
1351 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, pp. 195-196.

Lack of maturity on the part of the governments is a source of regret

Many more Muslim countries are also beset by unending difficulties.
There is Lebanon which has been reduced to a heap of dust. What damage to life and
property have the Muslims there, especially the Shiites, not suffered? The foreigners and
their treacherous agents fan the flames of ravaging wars and deprive the people of their
possessions. Then there is the situation in Palestine and the problems there which
increase daily. That which is a source of great regret is the lack of maturity on the part
of the governments and the leaders of the people who rise up in disagreement with one
another because of the foreigners.

Imams message on the occasion of the auspicious Id al-Fitr, dated
November, 1977 (Aban 1355 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 224.

Most of the Muslim governments busy themselves with unproductive talks

The deplorable situation in Lebanon and the tragedies inflicted upon
our innocent brothers in faith in the southern region of that country, have caused us
great suffering and pain. Presently, tens of thousands from the well-equipped and criminal
army of Israel - this germ of corruption - are in control of the lands of southern
Lebanon, the base of our brothers in faith, equipped with arms, artillery, tanks and
aeroplanes. They are driving the innocent inhabitants of this area out of their homes,
destroying their houses and burning their crops, while the Muslim governments remain
largely indifferent in the face of these crimes even occasionally assisting in them or
busying themselves with unproductive talks, leaving the brave Palestinian freedom
fighters, who are courageously resisting Israel, to battle alone. Perhaps this shows that
there is a plot devised by the superpowers. At present our brothers and their defenceless
children are

burning in the flames and are facing many dangers.

Imams message on the deplorable situation in Lebanon,
dated 22 March 1978 (2 Farvardin 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 22, p. 123.

If they join forces, America cannot do anything

These differences have arisen either because of the acts of betrayal
committed by the leaders of these countries, of these Islamic countries, or because of
their ignorance and unawareness whereupon they have failed to reach any mutual
understanding or to combine like the roaring waves of the sea in order to smash whatever
confronts them.

Indeed, you can see for yourselves how in Palestine a certain number of
Zionists, a limited number of Jews, have intimidated the Arab countries, with a total
population exceeding 100 million, such that some of them have surrendered to them whilst
others, although not surrendering, can't actually do anything about the situation. How
many years is it now since Israel usurped this land which belongs to the Palestinians? Yet
throughout all this time this vast Arab population and all of these Arab countries haven't
been able to free Palestine. They say that America is supporting her (Israel) and they can
therefore do nothing. But this is not so, it is you (the Arabs) who are feckless! Yes,
they are feckless.

If this one-hundred-million-strong Arab population were to join forces,
then even America wouldn't be able to stand in their way and neither would the European
countries. No country would be able to stand in their way. But the fact is that they are
not united.

Yes indeed, what the foreign powers do is to ensure that these Arab
nations are prevented from joining forces. If at any time they suspect that these Arab
governments plan to unite, what they do is to act so as to foil these plans. Hence, for
example, they take the Egyptian President to America where they sign a treaty with him or
whatever. They thus lead him along a path which is not open to others, whilst they lead
another Arab leader along a different path which, again, is not open to anyone else. It is
because of our lack of understanding and our inability as Muslims to do something that we
are all under foreign domination and that America, Russia and other countries like them
are taking away whatever is of worth in the East.

Imams message dated 31 October 1978 (9 Aban 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 2, p. 246.

The governments could not preserve independence and unity

My opinion of the Arab governments is not a good one. The Arab
governments have not been able to preserve their independence nor create unity amongst
themselves in order to destroy Israel. Differences among them along with the treason of
some of the Arab heads of state have resulted in the Zionists being here and establishing
themselves here, and unfortunately in the Egyptian president recently doing what he did.
Of course, possibly some of the governments are, relatively speaking, not that bad, but on
the whole they could not bring about unity amongst themselves through which to free
themselves both from the imperialists and their henchmen, amongst them Israel. However, as
far as the Arab nations are concerned, they are our brothers and we treat them as such.

Imams interview with an Egyptian reporter dated 12
November 1978 (21 Aban 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 3, pp. 118-119.

If the Muslims were men of action, they wouldnt be so helpless
before Israel

I must say that the enemies of Islam, those countries which hold sway
over the Islamic countries and the Muslims, comprise men of action, not words, while the
Muslims, after the early period of Islam, have been men of words, not action. They were
deft at reciting poetry, adept at preaching sermons, when they discussed problems they did
so expertly, but they did not exceed the bounds of words, they did not reach the stage of
action. If they had done, then it would be hard to believe that more than a hundred
million Arabs could be so helpless before Israel, and with everything they possessed,
along with the Wests dependence in many areas on the Islamic countries, they could fall
under its sway, particularly when one considers their huge populations and their many
resources. This is down to nothing other than the fact that we have now lost that spirit
which existed in the early age of Islam and was the cause of supremacy.

Imams remarks to a gathering of ambassadors of Islamic
countries dated 10 July 1979 (19 Tir 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 8, p. 95.

The source of the Muslims problems

Many of the calamities which befall the Muslims stem from the Muslim
governments, these Muslim governments who should speak with one voice, who should share
the same views, who are all of one and the same religion and the adherents of the same
book. They all see how their differences have benefited others, they know what the
affliction is but they dont seek a cure. Rather, every day their differences increase
and the gulf between them widens. This is what the big powers want, for us to be
disunited, even become enemies, become occupied with one anothers affairs so that they
can take advantage. The Muslims should think of a basic solution to their problems and the
Muslim governments should do likewise. They shouldnt think only of remaining in power
in their countries and of living a prosperous life, they should cure this affliction of
disunion for there is no other solution; no assembly, no conference and no league will be
effective. I ask God the Blessed and Exalted to awaken Muslims in general and the Muslim
governments in particular and help them to overcome their problems, and for Islam to be
materialised in the Islamic countries the way it truly is, the way it was in the early age
of Islam.

Another problem the Muslims have is that of the (relationship between
the) government and the nation. To the best of my knowledge, and as you yourselves are
also aware, the governments are ones which are not in agreement with their people, they
treat the people as an enemy would treat an enemy, the nation turns its back on the
government and the government tries to impose itself upon the nation, for this reason the
nations do not support their governments, rather they treat them as an enemy would treat
an enemy and this is the cause of the weakness of these governments.

Imams remarks to a gathering of ambassadors of Islamic
countries dated 10 July 1979 (19 Tir 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 8, p. 95.

The enigma of disunion

There is something which puzzles me and it is that all the Muslim
governments and nations know what the problem is, they know that the hands of foreigners
are involved in disuniting them, they see that this disunity will weaken and destroy them,
they see how the frail government of Israel has stood against the Muslims, and they know
that if united and each one of them threw a bucket of water over Israel it would be washed
away, yet still they are helpless before it. I am puzzled as to why, when they know this,
they do not turn to the sure remedy which is unity and alliance? Why do they not
neutralise the plots which the imperialists use to undermine them? At what time will this
puzzle be solved and who is to be the one to solve it? Who should neutralise these plots
other than the Muslim governments and the Muslim nations? If you have the answer to this
puzzle and have solved it, then tell us too.

Imams remarks dated 16 August 1979 (25 Murdad 1358 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 8, pp. 235-236.

The two most important problems facing the Muslims

We realise and the Muslims realise, although it is important that the
Muslim governments realise too, that that which befalls us and has befallen us in the past
stems from two problems: one is the problem which the governments face and which sadly
until now they have not been able to solve and that is the differences which exist among
them and the fact that they know all the difficulties of the Muslims spring from these

For nearly twenty years now I have told them to do something about this
problem. I have spoken and written about this matter and I have called on the heads of
governments to unite, however, unfortunately hitherto to no avail. And the second problem
is that which the governments have with the people, for they have treated their people in
such a way that now they do not enjoy their support. Because of this lack of concord, when
a problem arises for the governments which must be solved with the help of the people, the
people either aggravate the situation further or at the very least remain indifferent. And
I have said, perhaps repeatedly, that it is a good idea for the governments to learn a
lesson from the experiences of our former and present governments. If a problem arose for
the former government under the taghuti regime, the nation either aggravated it
further or was indifferent towards it.

Imams remarks at a gathering of some members of the
Islamic Council and the Palestine Resistance Organisation, 15 September 1979 (24 Shahrivar
1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 9, p. 133.

All the difficulties are a result of the carelessness of the heads of

All these difficulties which have arisen for our brothers in Quds
throughout this long period have been the result of the carelessness of the Arab leaders.
For more than twenty years now in my sermons and speeches I have advised the heads of
state to put aside these petty regional differences, to think as one, to unite for the
sake of Islam and to advance the aims of Islam. It shames me to say that a small number of
people can come and, in the face of an Arab population of more than one hundred million
and an approximate seven hundred or eight hundred million Muslim population, commit such
deeds. The fact that America is behind them is no excuse, for America was behind the Shah
too. When a nation came together for a cause, neither the satanic might of the Shah could
resist it nor the support of the superpowers. If the Arab community brings together all
its forces and, more importantly, if the leaders of this community unite, then without a
doubt neither America nor the other powers can do anything to them.

Imams remarks at a meeting with Abu Jihad, 14 October
1979 (22 Mehr 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 10, p. 5.

Servitude of the governments

The problem for the Muslims is their governments. It is these
governments that have brought the Muslims to this state of affairs. Nations are not the
Muslims problem; nations, with the innate character they possess, can solve the
problems, but the problem is with the governments. When you look at all the Muslim
countries, you can find very few places where their problems have not been created by
their governments. It is these governments which, as a result of their relations with the
superpowers and their servitude to the superpowers of the left and right, have created
problems for us and for all the Muslims. If this problem is removed, the Muslims will
attain their aspirations. The solution lies in the hands of the nations.

Imams remarks at a gathering of participants in the
Congress for the Freedom of Quds, 9 August 1980 (18 Murdad 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 12, p. 278.

Why do the Arab governments take a slap in the face from Zionism?

Why are the Muslims unaware of this power? Why are the Muslim
governments unaware of this power of Islam? Why have the Arab governments, throughout
these long years, taken a slap in the face from Zionism? Why should they be in the control
of foreign powers? Sadly there are differences among them and this is the problem for the

Imams remarks dated 20 October 1980 (28 Mehr 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 13, p. 126.

We shouldnt complain too much about America!

We shouldnt complain too much about America, even though it is the
source of corruption, but we should complain and cry out about the Islamic countries and
the Muslim governments. Islam strongly communicates the need for coming together and
having unity of purpose, not only that, it actually brings it into practice too. There are
days commemorated in Islam whereby unity is strengthened by their very existence and by
the motives behind them, days such as Ashura and Arbain. The Noble Quran has
insisted upon this point that the people, the Muslims, should not be disunited, they
should be like the fingers of one hand and hold fast to the rope of God. Americas
doctrine, however, is that it must sow dissension among the Muslims, exploit them, strip
them of their dignity, plunder their wealth and resources and keep them a consumer
society, this in order to pursue its foul aims. We dont expect anything else from
America. But as far as the Muslims are concerned, that is the Muslim leaders, these we do
have a complaint about, and we must cry out because of them, for they present themselves
as supporters of Islam, yet they act against the text of the Noble Quran, against the sunna
(traditions) of the great Prophet of God and against the interests of the countries under
their control. The problem for the Muslims is these governments which are governing over
them and these differences which are created by them. If it werent for this plan of
Americas and its second plan drawn up by Fahd, along with the other plans which will be
formed later, Israel would not have dared to annex the Golan Heights. These plans have
created dissension and have opened the way for Israel.

Imams remarks dated 16 December 1981 (25 Azar 1360 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 262.

The treason of some leaders

The problem lies in the inattentiveness of the governments who give
away their resources, proffer their wealth, and in return bring the gift of obsequiousness
for themselves and their people. The problem for all the Muslims and Islam lies in this
inattentiveness or the treason of some of the heads of state. If the nations are sitting
back waiting for these governments to restrain Israel for them and restrain the other
powers who want to rob them of their wealth and drag them into abjection, then they are
waiting in vain. You can see how they have sowed dissension among the Arabs with this
plan, well now they want to create differences among our Muslim governments with this one
piece of propaganda: they (the Iranians) buy weapons from Israel, they are playing
terrorist games and have done such and such in Bahrain. This is all part of the plan for
Muslims that they have drawn up which today opens the way even further for dissension and
widens the gulf between the governments daily. And it has begun to produce results. This
annexation of the Golan Heights by the usurper Israel is just a taste of things to come.
Israel, with the backing it has from America, pays no heed to these American-installed
organisations, however much they may protest, it carries on doing what it wants to do.

Imams remarks dated 16 December 1981 (25 Azar 1360 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 263.

Why do those who claim to care about the noble cities of Mecca and
Medina support this?

That which afflicts Islam today is that the ears which should listen to
the problems of the Muslims have become deaf, the tongues which should speak in the
interest of the Muslims have become dumb, and the eyes which should see the calamities
that have befallen the Muslims have become blind. What should we say to these deaf, dumb
and blind people. Dont the governments of the region view the Lebanese problem as a
disaster? Dont they see it as being a disaster for Islam? Dont they see it as being
a disaster for the Muslims of the world? Isnt the attack by Israel on Lebanon and the
numerous killings perpetrated there a disaster? Do they not constitute a disaster for
Islam, a disaster for the Muslims? Does the statement that this attack took place with the
approval of America go in one ear and out the other? If they are not deaf, then why do
they not hear these cries and moans of our dear ones in Lebanon? If they are not blind,
then why do they not see these killings which are taking place every day in Lebanon and
Iran? Why do they not see the dear youths being killed at the warfronts and the women,
children and old men being killed away from the warfronts in the towns and cities? If they
see these things and view them as a catastrophe, then why is nobody speaking out? If they
care about the state of Islam, if they care about the Noble Quran, if they care about
the noble cities, then why today, when these religious guideposts are being trampled upon,
when Islam, the Quran and the noble cities (of Islam) are being threatened, do they not
speak out? Why do they still proffer help (to the enemies of Islam)? What has happened to
them that these calamities take place in their presence, such crimes are committed in
their presence and yet not only do they remain silent on the matter but they pledge their
support too. Once again they want to endorse the Camp David agreement; once again they
want to endorse the Fahd plan; once again they want to officially recognise Israel. To
whom should we turn with these tragedies? To these governments who have closed their eyes
and ears to the matter and have faint-heartedly surrendered themselves to America? Or to
these innocent nations who are writhing under the yoke of their repression?

Imam Khomeinis remarks dated 13 June 1982 (23 Khurdad
1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 197.

To whom can we turn with our complaints about these governments?

To whom can we turn with our complaints about these governments other
than to God the Blessed and Exalted? Where should we begin with our complaints about those
who call for a holy war against Iran? They call for a holy war against Iran which has
risen up and means to stand up to all the powers and to carry Islam into effect globally,
yet they remain silent when it comes to Israel which has risen in battle against Islam,
which states clearly that the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates belong to it and views
the noble cities as its own. To whom can we turn with these problems? With whom should we
discuss these tragedies? Whom should we petition about this lethal silence, this silence
which endorses the criminals, this silence which encourages the oppressors, to whom can we
turn for help to break this silence? Are you few in number? Is your wealth little? Is your
oil insignificant? Are your lands few in number? Do you not possess important centres
which are of strategic value? All the means are there, only one thing is missing: faith.
There is no faith.

Imam Khomeinis remarks at a gathering of representatives
from some of the worlds freedom movements, 13 June 1982 (23 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 198.

The governments bear the humiliation Israel brings upon them in order
to rule the people

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

We are from God and to Him is our return

As we commemorate Quds Day for the year 1982 (1361 AHS), we are going
through the saddest and most painful of days and we are leaving behind us the most
regrettable and disastrous of times. Our sadness and pain are not only on account of the
innocent, defenceless people who have been martyred in the oppressed country of Lebanon;
nor do our distress and feeling that a disaster has occurred stem merely from the
extensive attack that the criminal Israel carried out on the Arab inhabitants and Muslims
of Beirut using cluster and fire bombs, causing the martyrdom and injury of thousands of
innocent and defenceless men and women, young and old alike, and children; nor are we
grieved simply because of the malicious plans of America, the supercriminal, to destroy
the foundation of Islam in Iran and other countries; nor because of the material and
psychological help that Egypt and Jordan and their colleagues give to the two unrestrained
criminals, Begin and Saddam, who have brutal and criminal natures and whose material life
and existence depend on infringing upon the rights of the nations and the weak of the
earth and who pride themselves on tyrannising and suppressing the oppressed nations; nor
on account of the ruthless aggression of the Aflaqite Saddam and the Baath party of Iraq
against the Islamic country of Iran, the murder of thousands of children, old men and
women, and the razing of the verdurous, populous Arab- and Persian-inhabited cities of
Iran - for this infidel party cannot bear Islam thus its plan is to overthrow Islam and
its supporters. No, our affliction, distress, sadness and pain stem from the fact that the
Muslims are scourged by these governments who have sold themselves and lost themselves to
the superpower America and who blindly follow the commands of the enemies of Islam and

They (these governments) use excuses to try to justify their opposition
to the Islamic Republic and for supplying arms to Saddam - to a man who sees Islam as his
enemy - along with the other military, material and psychological help they give him. They
bring up this matter of us being Persians and them being Arabs, which totally contradicts
Islamic precepts and those of the Noble Quran, and over their propaganda loudspeakers
and in their media, which is in the service of the superpowers, they use the big lie that
Israel is supporting Iran as an excuse for helping Saddam.

What excuse do they have for their lethal silence today when Israel has
attacked an Arab Muslim country and is shedding the blood of Muslims there?

What excuse can they come up with before God the Avenger and the
Islamic nations for the help they give to Israel and its criminal master?

What excuse do they have for following up the demeaning Camp David
proposal and the Fahd plan?

What excuse do they have for compromising with these congenital and
professional bloodthirsty criminals?

Is todays America any different from the America of yesterday with
which they (the Arab governments) falsely accused us of compromising? Or is this Israel
any different from the Israel which they said was arming the Islamic republic and then
used this false claim as a pretext to rush to the aid of Saddam and demonstrate animosity
towards us as they hurried to save the Aflaq Baath party?

Oh God, the Muslims of the region have to contend with such rulers just
as their lord Ali ibn abi Talib had to contend with the hypocrites - who put on a show of
being good and pious - at whose hands during this period he was sent to meet You, thus
being relieved of his burdens.

Oh God, today Islam is beset by hypocrites more criminal than those
people at Nahrawan (the Kharijites), hypocrites who, in the name of Islam, crush Islam and
co-operate with the enemies of Islam to, in effect, plunder the oppressed, deprived
nations and fetter the freedom-seekers of those nations.

Oh God, these ignorant men of power carry upon their shoulders the
burden of the knowledge that they bear the humiliation Israel brings upon them so they can
rule over the Muslim nations for a few days.

Oh God, these ignorant governments, with all the means at their
disposal for victory over the superpowers, endorse the crimes of America and Israel and
work day and night to strengthen the foundations of unbelief.

Imams message dated 16 July 1982 (25 Tir 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, pp. 226-227.

Some governments turn to America for protection from Israel!

It is the duty of the nations, with the arrival of Quds Day and the
anniversary of the martyrdom of that great man in the history of mankind (Imam Ali
[pbuh]), in their gatherings and marches to earnestly demand that their governments rise
up against America and Israel using their military might and their oil weapon. And if they
(the governments) pay no heed to this demand and instead support the criminal Israel which
threatens the whole region, even the noble cities, and the depth of whose aspirations are
now apparent, they must force them into action through pressure, strikes and threats. In a
situation when Islam and its holy sites are under threat of aggression, no Muslim can
remain indifferent. That which the governments of the region are doing at this time, when
Israel is encroaching extensively on Muslim lands and is killing innocent, defenceless
Muslims, is nothing other than uttering empty, conciliatory words. And more disastrous
than this is that they turn to America, the criminal kingpin, for protection against
Israel, in effect like turning to a dragon out of fear of a snake, and even though they
have the means with which to fight them, they are not prepared even to utter a hostile
word against them or threaten them. In such a situation, everyone should prepare himself
for obliteration and throughout his life consent to any form of humiliation.

Imams message dated 16 July 1982 (25 Tir 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, pp. 226-227.

The self-love of some leaders

Self-love is what makes these leaders of Muslim countries indifferent
to the crimes perpetrated by these powers and their dependants. If they didnt possess
this self-love and this love of position and power, then they wouldnt sit by watching
as these tragedies took place, as these unjust acts were perpetrated against Iran and
Lebanon where the situation is even worse. All of them are afraid that their power, which
I must say is imaginary and worth nothing, will be taken from them. For this reason, they
humble themselves so before America and even worse and more disastrous than this, before
Israel. Presently, all the commotion which is being made in most of these Islamic
countries is in order to get Israel officially recognised and to consolidate the Camp
David agreement. If it werent for love of these few days of presidency, for these few
days of rule, who would have imagined that Israel could do such things with Muslim lands
and could humiliate the Muslims so presumptuously before everyone.

Imams remarks dated 31 August 1982 (9 Shahrivar 1361
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 272.

Oh God awaken these governments

Oh God the Blessed and Exalted, make these nations pay attention to
these matters and awaken these governments in Islamic countries from their slumber. They
think that Israel, Israel, whose very basis lies on its grabbing Arab lands, is their
protector that is why they help it, or they think America is their protector, America
which only wants your oil, wants to gain from you and wants you to be a market for it.

Imams remarks dated 18 September 1983 (27 Shahrivar 1362
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 109.

Regret is expressed over the sleep of ignorance of some of the governments

Is it not regrettable that in the face of this catastrophe, the heads
of Arab countries are presently either sitting back and not saying anything, thus opening
the way for (the implementation of) this malicious plan, or, in order to please America or
safeguard their transient positions, are supporting Israel? In order to perform my Islamic
duty, I have at every opportunity carried the cry from the heart of the regions
deprived and oppressed to the world, including the governments of the Islamic countries,
and henceforth whenever the opportunity presents itself, I will, God willing, continue to
do so. Perhaps my words will have an effect on the governments of these countries, some of
whom busy themselves in the pursuit of hedonism while others persist in quarrelling and
wrangling with their brothers or are so afraid of America that they have surrendered
themselves to it. Perhaps they will be roused from this sleep of ignorance to an Islamic
awakening, perhaps they will come to their senses, act like human beings and bring an end
to this disastrous situation of theirs, and like Iran the brave reject all the
superpowers. Our Lebanese brothers are presently in the clutches of Israel and the
bloodthirsty Lebanese government, and even worse, of the aggressor America. Every day a
group of them are either martyred or made homeless, yet most of the governments in the
region are busy making compromise with Israel or supporting the Lebanese government.

Imams message dated 22 September 1983 (31 Shahrivar 1362
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 121.

Foolishness turns some of the Muslim leaders against one another

Unfortunately, they use the foolishness of some of the leaders to turn
all of them against one another. They force this one to attack Iran, causing the Iraqi
nation to suffer so much loss and pain. They bring so much hardship upon them for the sake
of a stupid person whom they told: "Go, be the commander of Qadissiyeh." On one
side they turn the Palestinians against one another - as you witness in the battle which
is taking place between them - and on the other they create differences between the Muslim
governments. Why should it be this way? If these Muslim governments truly awaken from
their slumber, if they realise what power they hold in their hands, what resources they
possess, resources which are their (the superpowers) lifeblood, they would establish
relations with one another, friendly relations. We are all the time shouting out:
"Come, let us be friends," even though they keep saying: "No, Iran wants to
destroy every country in the world." Why should Iran want to do such a thing. Iran
wants to put things right, she wants all the Muslim governments to come together, to be as
brothers. Unfortunately, they dont understand this. I hope that the nations at least
will gradually awaken and that this matter will be rectified by the people themselves.

Imams remarks dated 20 December 1983 (29 Azar 1362 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 169.

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