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Camp David: a plot to legitimise Israeli aggression

Question: Do you oppose the Camp David agreement as the other Muslim
leaders do?

Reply: The Camp David agreement and others of that nature are but plots
to grant legitimacy to Israels aggression and have resulted in the situation being
turned in favour of Israel and to the detriment of the Arabs and Palestinians. Such a
state of affairs will not be accepted by the people of the region.

Imams interview with Associated Press News Agency dated
7 November 1978 (16 Aban 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 3, p. 56.

Camp David is condemned

Question: How do you appraise the Camp David accords and Sadats
backpeddalling on Beit ul-Moqaddas?

Reply: I condemn it absolutely.

Imams interview with the Libyan news agency, 17 November
1978 (26 Aban 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 3, p. 181.

Camp David is to the detriment of all the countries in the region

Question: What effect have the Camp David accords and Sadats treason
had on the revolution in Iran?

Reply: The Camp David agreement, and indeed any move which strengthens
Israels position, is basically not only to the detriment of the Palestinians and Arabs,
but also to the detriment of all the countries in the region and will as a consequence
bolster all the reactionary forces of the region.

Imams interview with the Libyan newspaper Al-Safir,
dated 23 November 1978 (2 Azar 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 3, p. 238.

Camp David is a political game

Question: What is your opinion of Camp David? What do you see as the
solution to the Palestinian problem?

Reply: Camp David is nothing other than a trick, a political game meant
to perpetuate Israels aggression against the Muslims. For more than 15 years, in my
directives and speeches, I have condemned Israel and defended the Palestinian people and
(their right to) their land. Israel is a usurper and must leave Palestine, the sooner the
better. The only solution is for the Palestinian brothers to destroy this corrupt entity
as quickly as possible and pluck the roots of imperialism out of the region so that peace
can return once again to the region.

Imams interview with the magazine Africa Tomorrow,
dated 5 December 1978 (14 Azar 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 4, p. 26.

Camp David is an act of treason against Islam and the Muslims

Iran sees itself as being in step with its Muslim brothers in Arab
countries and as sharing in their decisions. Iran considers Sadats peace agreement with
Israel to be an act of treason against Islam, the Muslims and the Arab brothers and
endorses the political stance of those countries which oppose the agreement.

Imams message dated 25 March 1979 (5 Farvardin 1358
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 5, p. 208.

The Camp David plan demonstrates Sadats dependence

I have, for more than 15 years now, been pointing out the danger of the
usurper Israel and have informed the Arab governments and people about this fact. Now,
with the imperialist plan for peace between Egypt and Israel, this danger has become
greater, closer and more serious. By accepting this peace, Sadat has revealed further his
dependence on the imperialist government of America. One cannot expect anything else from
a friend of the former Shah of Iran.

Imams message dated 25 March 1979 (5 Farvardin 1358
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 5, p. 208.

The Camp David plan will disunite Muslims

From about 20 years ago until the present, I have spoken of this
problem and have advised the Arab governments and other Muslims to work together on this
matter. If the Arab governments, whose populations and groups are many in number, had
united on this issue, then these disasters which have taken place for Palestine and Quds
would not have occurred. Unfortunately, however, the Arab governments did not heed my
words of advice and did not turn their attention to the differences which existed among
them, differences which the hands of foreigners created and which still exist today,
indeed which increase with each passing day. Among these are the differences which the
agreement between Egypt and Israel, brought about by the hands of foreigners, caused. This
agreement aggravated the differences among the Muslims and the Muslim governments and
because the latter are not politically mature, they could not solve this problem and thus
they gave in on such a grave issue, on such an act of treason. Subsequently, the
differences among the Muslims and the Muslim governments became greater. This is a cause
of great sorrow for us.

Imams remarks at a meeting with the Somalian ambassador
dated 7 May 1979 (17 Urdibihisht 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 6, p. 125.

The decree for severing ties with Egypt because of the Camp David

In view of the treacherous treaty between Egypt and Israel, and the
Egyptian governments unquestioning obedience to America and Zionism, the provisional
government of the Islamic republic of Iran announces the severance of diplomatic ties with
the Egyptian government.

Imams decree concerning the severance of ties with Egypt
dated 1 May 1979 (11 Urdibihisht 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 6, p. 108.

The hands of Sadat the traitor must be severed from the land of Egypt

The Egyptian nation must sever the hands of this traitor (Sadat) from
their country and erase the shame of submission to America and Zionism from (the face of)
the nation.

Imams reply to a message from Qaddafy, the Libyan
leader, dated 7 May 1979 (17 Urdibihisht 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 6, p. 123.

The plot of Egypt, Israel and America

The Islamic countries must adopt an inimical stand against the
occupying regime in Israel, which has caused most of the problems they now face, and must
uphold the aspirations of the dear Palestinian and Lebanese people with all their might.
The Islamic countries must defend those organisations world-wide which seek to implement
freedom. We thoroughly condemn the plot of Egypt, America and Israel to suppress the great
movement of the militant people of Palestine.

Leaders and representatives of countries gathered in beloved Algeria,
come let us unite and sever the hands of the criminals of the left and right - at whose
head stands America - uproot Israel and entrust the rights of the people of Palestine to
their own hands. I ask God the Exalted to awaken the Muslims and grant the Islamic
countries unity and greatness.

Imams message dated 30 October 1979 (8 Aban 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 10, p. 79.

Regret is expressed over union with the enemies of Islam

Yes, Mr. Sadat is obedient, he is obedient to America. Like the Shah of
ours, he has succumbed completely. How much longer do I have to go on expressing regret
that someone who calls himself the head of an Islamic country sits at a table with two
people who are both the enemies of Islam - the Israeli regime is the enemy of Islam and
Carter is their brother - and enters into an agreement against Islam while we sit back and
listen, while the Egyptian nation sits back and listens and while you writers sit back and
listen. How regretful this is. How much longer do I have to deplore this situation, this
union they have formed with the enemies of Islam, with people who have trained their guns
on the Muslims. They sit together at one table and come to an agreement against the
Muslims, and worse than that, the Muslims sit back and watch, the Muslim governments sit
back and watch and the nations sit back and watch.

Imams interview with Hassanein Heikal, 19 December 1979
(28 Azar 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 11, p. 54.

The sowing of dissension by the servants of America

At a time when criminal Israel is unleashing a comprehensive onslaught
against the Muslims in beloved Palestine and Lebanon, and is laying its criminal plans to
transfer its capital to Beit ul-Moqaddas; when it plans to intensify and extend its crimes
against the Muslims it has driven from their homelands and brutally kill them in even
greater numbers; at a time when the Muslims stand in greater need than ever of unity,
Sadat, the traitor and servant of America, the friend and brother of Begin and the dead,
deposed Shah, and Saddam, another humble servant of America, are trying to sow dissension
among the Muslims and will not hesitate to commit any crime their criminal masters enjoin
upon them in order to achieve their goal. America is engaged in continuous attacks on
Iran, sending spies in the hope of defeating our Islamic revolution and conspiring with
Sadat to diffuse (by way of Iraq) lies and false propaganda concerning the leaders of the
Islamic government. The Muslims must beware of the treason to Islam and the Muslims in
which these agents of America engage.

Imams message dated 12 September 1980 (21 Shahrivar 1359
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 13, p. 81.

Instead of finding a solution to the Palestinian problem, they set
Shiites and Sunnis against one another

We dont expect anything else of Saddam other than to say such absurd
things at the Taif conference. We dont expect anything else of some of the heads of
state who have fallen into their hands (the superpowers) and those heads who supported the
Shah in his time and helped him in his crimes and who today help Saddam in his. They act
as their inhuman nature dictates. Instead of thinking about (the situation of) Islam, the
Islamic countries, Palestine and our Islamic movement when they sit down together, they
are interested only in devising plans against an Islamic country which wants to put Islam
into practice in all its affairs and wants to implement the laws of Islam throughout the
land, and in coming up with various plots to make the different groups fall upon one
another and to turn Sunni and Shiite brothers against each other.

Imams remarks dated 31 January 1981 (15 Bahman 1359
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 14, p. 39.

What did the Taif conference achieve?

Dont these so-called Islamists see that Islam is being trampled
under the boots of the superpowers and their dependants in all the Islamic countries? Dont
they know what is going on in the south of Lebanon, in Palestine, Iran, Iraq and in the
other Islamic countries? Dont they know what they have done to the people there, what
young, innocent children they have made fatherless and homeless? Was the Taif
conference not aware of these things? The participants came together at this conference in
the name of Islam, but there was not even a whiff of Islam to be had there, only

exorbitant expense and aristocratic living; no attention was paid to
Islam and to taking care of the affairs of Muslims. Have they not heard the saying of the
Prophet that he who rises in the morning and shows no concern for the affairs of Muslims
is himself not a Muslim? "Whoever rises in the morning and does not strive to help in
the affairs of the Muslims is not a Muslim." Did they strive to help in the affairs
of the Muslims of the world? These heads of state who came together at the Taif
conference in an area, in a country where the Messenger of God, the Prophet of Islam, had
lived and where he propagated his message, what did they say about Islam? What concern did
they show for the Muslims and their affairs? What did they achieve? Based on the wording
of the honourable tradition, can we count them as being amongst the Muslims?

Imams remarks dated 18 February 1981 (29 Bahman 1359
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 14, p. 90.

It is incumbent upon us to condemn the plan of Sadat and Fahd

From the beginning of the struggles, issues relating to Lebanon and
Palestine have been among our main aims and have not been separate from those of Iran. In
general, a Muslim should not only take one Muslim group into consideration . . .

Since the region is on the verge of a general Islamic uprising, America
is resorting to certain plans in an attempt to prevent the defenceless people of the
region from taking control of their own destinies, and, unfortunately, there are some
governments which aid the US in this regard. The plans of Sadat and Fahd constitute one
such aid. Even if we assumed that America had proposed a one hundred percent Islamic and
humane plan, we would still not believe that it would take steps for peace and our
interests. Even if America and Israel were to recite the profession of faith "La
ilaha illa llah" (there is no god but God), we would not accept it, for they
want only to deceive us. They speak of peace but seek to create warfare in the region. Do
you expect us to remain indifferent towards America, Israel and the other superpowers who
want to devour the region? No, we will compromise with none of these superpowers or
powers. We are Muslims and intend to live as Muslims. We prefer a poor life if it means
that we are free and independent. We do not want this progress and civilisation which
calls for us to stretch out our hands to foreigners. We want a civilisation which stands
firmly on the foundations of dignity and humanity, and it is on this basis that we want
peace preserved. The superpowers wish to control the humanity of human beings and you and
I are duty bound to resist, to refuse compromise and reject such plans as those of Sadat
and Fahd, as indeed is any Muslim. It is incumbent on us to condemn such plans which are
not to the benefit of the deprived. I can assure you that the issues which concern us are
not separate from those which concern you, but as you know only too well, America and its
local agents do not leave us alone for a moment, consequently, if we are not able to give
you the help you deserve, it is because we are preoccupied with these criminals. We
consider Lebanon to be a part of us. The Shiites of Lebanon and Iran and all Muslims of
the world are one, and I hope that we can preserve our unity.

Imams remarks at a gathering of members of Amal, 28 October 1981 (6
Aban 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 209.

The Camp David plan may also possibly take Mecca and Medina out of
Muslim hands

Regarding regional issues, these plans which America, the Zionists and
some of their lackeys have devised are the most important topic of conversation at the
moment. They are plans which the Muslim governments, the Arab governments that is, want to
draw up and impose on everyone.

This plan has no positive points about it. Those who think otherwise
have either paid scant attention to the issue, or have other ideas. There are no positive
points in such plans.

Our country, our nation, gave so many martyrs and so many were maimed
and crippled - a large number of whom are here today (may God heal them) - for the sake of
Islam. We do not regard Islam as being confined to Iran. Islam is Islam everywhere. It is
the same Islam in Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, the Hijaz, Syria and other places. We cannot
separate our fate from that of other Muslims. All these damages that have been inflicted
upon us, all the martyrs we have given, all the people who have been maimed and crippled,
all those who became homeless, all this we sustained for the sake of Islam. It is because
Iran is an Islamic country that we go through so much for it. We cannot consider the Arabs
or the destiny of the Arabs, nor that of the other (Muslim) countries, as being separate
from ours. Everywhere it is Islam, and all Muslims - and we are included in their number -
are duty bound to protect Islam wherever it is. We are duty bound to guide these Islamic
countries which today are contemplating accepting this extremely pernicious plan and want
to approve it, to the best of our ability. We must remind the Muslim peoples and Islamic
countries of the facts. I hereby give warning of the danger posed to Islam by this plan.
Those who have proposed it are either ignorant or under the influence of America and
Zionism. This is also true of those who regard this plan as having positive points. If
there were not one negative point in it apart from that calling for Israel to be
officially recognised - one of the clauses of this proposed plan is that Israel be
officially recognised and be given guarantees - even if all the points mentioned in it
were positive apart from this one clause, it alone would be enough to negate any positive

The meaning of giving such guarantees to Israel is that the Muslims
would have to ensure the security of this Israel which for many long years has usurped
Muslim lands; has carried out mass killings in Palestine, Lebanon and other places; has
made Muslims homeless; has endangered the properties and lives of Muslims, and has
subjected them to its corrupt goals! It means that were someone to attack this usurper,
this usurping, criminal government, all Muslims and all governments in the region would be
obliged to oppose him in order to protect Israel. Israel, which has sucked the blood of
the Muslims, which has done all that it has to Palestine and Quds, which has given Lebanon
the appearance it has today, which has murdered Muslims and plundered their possessions,
from now on all of us would be obliged to be its protectors, to safeguard it, in order to
recompense it! From now on we would be obliged to officially recognise those who, from the
first day they entered Palestine and Quds, have done nothing but usurp! The Arab countries
would have to officially recognise this corrupt regime, this nefarious, infidel regime and
recompense it after all those crimes it has committed.

As some would have it, one of the positive points in this plan is the
clause which calls for Israel to withdraw to borders which existed before the war of
whenever, but this too is one of its negative points. For it means that providing it
withdraws from a few areas, it will keep all the lands it occupied up until that period.
It is like us reaching a settlement with Iraq that a part of Khuzistan remains ours while
another part becomes theirs.

This is one of the negative points of the plan. Indeed, all its other
points serve to benefit Israel and to bring about Israeli domination over the Arabs.

I hereby warn the Islamic nations, in particular the Arab nations, and
also the Islamic and Arab armies, that approving this plan behind closed doors without
allowing the people to have a say in the matter will result in nothing but your
enslavement by Israel, in making you the slaves of Israel till the end of your lives and
placing you blind and powerless at the mercy of Israel and America. There is no greater
shame for the Islamic and Arab nations than to submit to this vicious, corrupt plan which
is one hundred percent against Islam. It is a disgrace for the Arabs to accept the
dominion of Israel. I caution you all that if this plan is approved, tomorrow Israel will
take Mecca and Medina out of your hands. The nations should be vigilant, they should
awaken their governments and make them oppose this infidel, immoral plan. While this plan
is being put together, America is showing its teeth and claws in an attempt to make them
(the Arabs) accept it. It has sent its commandos and troops to the region and has carried
out manoeuvres, bringing its performers to put on a show (of power) to frighten the
inhabitants of the region. If the governments are afraid of such moves, the people should
be full of spirit and brook no fear. It would be better for us all to die than to live in
disgrace under the control of Zionism and America.

And this is a huge step taken on the orders of America to humble the
Arabs and Muslims. Shame upon those Arabs who, for the sake of a short duration in power
over a country and because of the profits they gain, submit themselves to such
humiliation. And shame on us all if we sit back in silence. Even if the governments, those
that are heedless of the facts or those that intentionally mean to commit treason against
Islam, the Arab nation and the Muslims, approve of this plan, still it will have no value.

Imams remarks dated 17 November 1981 (26 Aban 1360 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, pp. 224-225.

Conciliatory plans pave the way for Israels aggression

If it werent for this plan of Americas and its second plan drawn
up by Fahd, along with the plans that will be proposed at a later date, Israel would not
have dared annex the Golan Heights. These plans have created dissension and have opened
the way for Israel.

Imams remarks dated 16 December 1981 (25 Azar 1360 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 262.

The different plans aimed at turning attention from the main enemy

Today, Saddam the traitor understands only too well that he will not be
saved from this trap they have laid for him, and he and the atheist Iraqi Baath party
face no other fate than downfall and destruction.

On account of this, he has, today, despite all his boasting, his absurd
arrogation of the title commander of Qadissiyeh, his beating on a hollow drum for
revolution and his claim to bear irreconcilable enmity towards Israel, sought refuge in
the arms of governments devoted to America, the friend and colleague of Israel. He has
stretched out the hand of humility and medicity to the enemies of the Arabs and Islam,
first (to try) to save himself from this fatal situation that he has made for himself, and
secondly to turn attention from the main enemy of Islam and the usurper of Muslim lands,
and by returning Hosni Mubarak to the Arab fold, enforce the shameful Camp David accord or
implement the Fahd plan which will bring shame to the Arab nations and, more importantly,
to Islam.

I warn the Arab governments of the region that by submitting to such
plans they will, in addition to accepting their own bondage at the hands of America - and
even more shameful than that at the hands of Israel - evoke the eternal enmity of the
nation, government and powerful armed forces of Iran. If you dont return to the lap of
Islam, tomorrow will be too late. Dont let the tricksters of America and the boasters
Hosni, Hassan, Hussein and Qabus, who truly are in need of a custodian and who foolishly
use the youth of their countries and the arms and munitions of their armies against Iran
instead of using them in the way of freeing themselves from the clutches of Israel, trick
you into provoking contention with an Islamic country which sent the now annihilated Shah
- with all that diabolical power and support he had from the great and the small Satans -
and Saddam, who is more of a criminal than the annihilated Shah was, to hell.

Imams message dated 27 May 1988 (6 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 158.

Recognising Israel would be a tragedy for the Muslims

The Iranian nation, like the other Muslims of the world, will be
responsible before God for the problems and dangers which are being created for Islam. And
one of the greatest dangers today comes from the Camp David accord and the Fahd plan which
will strengthen Israel and let it intensify its crimes. All of us, particularly the Saudi
Arabian government, are responsible before Islam, the Noble Quran and the future
generations. And I fear that the day will come when the Muslim governments and nations
realise that, at the hands of the criminal America, Israel has, God forbid, achieved its
unjust and criminal aims and the Muslims will not be able to do anything about it.

I consider support for the plan for the independence and recognition of
Israel to be tragic for the Muslims and explosive for the Muslim governments, while
opposition to it I view as a great Islamic duty. I seek refuge in God Almighty from these
plans which are being drawn up for Islam by pseudo-Muslims.

Imams message dated 5 June 1982 (15 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 181.

Some of the Muslim governments seek shelter with the wolf!

Today, the dear nation of Iran, relying on divine power, advances
despite the ignorant ones who thought that because of their inhuman crimes and the
martyring of the nations esteemed personalities the people would leave the scene, and
who could not and cannot understand the secret of their presence (on the scene). We hope
that by defeating Americas recent plot for preserving Saddam and the Aflaqite party,
our brave forces will, with the final defeat of the Iraqi government, pave the way for an
advance towards Beit ul-Moqaddas, just as it is hoped that we will not witness
indifference from the countries of the region whose every possession is now in danger of
destruction after the recent attack by Israel on the Islamic country of Lebanon and the
murder and plundering perpetrated there.

The Muslim nations should realise that with this lethal silence of some
of the regional governments and this unquestioning submission of theirs to America and
Israel, today beloved Lebanon is being put into the gullet of these world-devourers and
their vassals, and the same will happen to the other dear countries in the near future. If
today the regional governments stood against these criminals using the oil weapon and
guns, the problem of Israel, and subsequently of America and any other rapacious power,
would be solved. We express our severe disapproval of some of the Muslim governments who
have stretched out their hands to America, which is the original criminal and the main
plotter, in an attempt to seek their deliverance from something which is nothing other
than a man-eating wolf, and we condemn them absolutely. Indeed, if it were not for this
problem of the war with Iraq, this plot to distract us from the existing problems that
face us, and the plan to defeat us on two fronts, the brave nation and revolutionary
government of Iran would adopt another course of action.

For the umpteenth time we turn to the Muslim governments, particularly
the regional governments, and ask them, indeed advise them most categorically to rise up
to preserve the dignity, lives, honour and wealth of the Islamic nations; to unite with
us, the Syrian government and the Palestinians and present a single front to defend the
glory and honour of Islam and the Arabs; and to sever for evermore the hands of these
criminals from their rich countries. Do not miss the opportunity, for tomorrow will be too

Imams message dated 27 June 1982 (6 Tir 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 217.

If Israel is officially recognised, it will become the ruler of them

Today, Israel is gradually gaining sovereignty over these Islamic
countries, and if this indifference, this aid and this procrastination in order to get
Israel officially recognised is efficacious, then Israel will become the ruler of them
all, and just as now it has been able to humiliate and abase them before itself on the
orders of America, so too, according to the plan of America, this affair will continue,
will spread, and will become rooted everywhere.

Imams remarks of 31 August 1982 (9 Shahrivar 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 273.

Guaranteeing Israels existence at the Fez summit

Do you know what went on at the Fez summit? And what Israel did after
it? Many things have been said about Fez and I will not repeat them here. One thing I will
say, however, and that concerns the seventh clause which some claim does not officially
give recognition to Israel. Is this the case? Or does it indeed recognise Israel, even
going further than simply recognising it? When the Islamic countries come together and ask
the Security Council to guarantee peace and secure borders among all countries of the
region, is Israel considered as one of these countries or not? If it is, then was it
considered the exception at this Fez summit or not? No it wasnt, it was included as one
of the regional countries. Well, when you say that Israel, like the Hijaz, like Lebanon
and like all the other places, should have its security guaranteed, such that if one of
them tries to attack another, the Security Council will stop them, this means that if one
of the regional countries tries to deal a blow to Israel or take some kind of action
against it, the Security Council must, at the behest of these men who came together at
Fez, stop it. This constitutes not only recognising Israel, but guaranteeing its existence
. . .

Then what did Israel do afterwards? In the Israeli parliament it was
subsequently said that this plan is not worth looking at, is not worth reading. And then
just in these past two days, Israel perpetrated this crime, a crime which according to
some of these gentlemen was described by America as butchery. Just imagine what must have
happened there for America, the head of all butchers, to describe it as butchery. What
happened to those innocent people of Lebanon, of Beirut, and other places like them. What
did they do to deserve this? The gentlemen guaranteed the security of Israel, but it paid
no heed to them.

I want to say just one thing and that is if Israel, throughout the
whole of its life, has ever uttered a word of truth it is that this agreement is not worth
even looking at. Why? Because those who signed it are worth nothing, if they were, would
Israel have said such a thing? If such an insult is hurled at someone, if your ordinary
man in the street is told by someone that essentially what he is saying is not worth
listening to or his written word is not worth reading, he will be the enemy of that person
until the end of his days. These gentlemen have sided with people who have insulted them
in this manner, have humiliated them in this way and following that have set Beirut,
Lebanon and the south of Lebanon alight the way they have . . .

At the same time as Israel has humiliated you so, the police in the
Hijaz, out of support for America, out of support for Israel, have arrested our youth, our
old men, our women and our children, and returned them to Iran. What had they done wrong?
Are they not Muslims? What did they say? They said کDeath to America! Death to Russia!
and Death to Israel! They said death to these three, so does that mean they are not
Muslims?! Did they not go there to worship God?! What did they do wrong? All they did was
shout for Islam. They came to say death to Israel. Whats so important about Israel
anyway? Is it our friend? Is it friendship when it tells you that you are not worth
listening to? Is this how a friend acts? Or is this more like the action of an overlord?
America has never said such things to you. America with all its might has never said such
a thing, it has never said that the proposals of a group of people who all lay claim to
something or other are not even worth listening to. America has never said such a thing to
you, yet you accept this from Israel. Well now you must expect humiliation in this world
and the next.

Imams remarks dated 19 September 1982 (28 Shahrivar 1361
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, pp. 22-24.

The governments that claim to be Islamic work for the gratification of
America and Israel

With the arrival of the Feast of Sacrifices (Id al-Qurban), when,
under normal circumstances, I would congratulate all the Muslims of the world, in
particular the pilgrims to the sacred House of God, those going towards the site of the
great sacrifice of the father of the prophets, Hazrat Abraham, the friend of God
(may the peace and blessings of God be upon him and his descendants), this year,
unfortunately, because of the disasters which have been brought upon the Muslims, instead
of congratulating them I must offer them my condolences. Condolences not only for the
violation by the Great Satan, America the criminal, of the Muslims sanctuary, nor just
for the attack by the terrorist and criminal leaders of Israel on the beloved Islamic
country of Lebanon, nor even for the crimes of the Aflaqite Saddam, this spineless servant
of America and Israel, perpetrated against the Arab and non-Arab Muslims in the south and
west of Iran, nor for the rejoicing of the heads of the countries of Egypt, Jordan, Sudan,
Morocco and others over the victory won by the enemies of Islam and mankind over the
innocent people of Lebanon and Beirut and the killing of thousands of young and old
people, of children, of innocent men and women - even though these are all calamities and
call for condolences. No, I must offer them my condolences for an even greater disaster
and more significant catastrophe which makes all others pale into insignificance beside
it, and that is that a handful of contemptible Zionist terrorists could carry out an
assault on Muslims in the most odious of manners in the face of the rest of the Muslim
world, which has such huge material and spiritual resources at its disposal and which,
with a little bit of browbeating, could even drive America, let alone Israel, out of the
Arab regions.

It is not only the plight of a group of innocent people who have been
driven out of their land and are now homeless and shelterless which grieves us, for the
great disaster is that these crimes were carried out by Israel in full view of the
governments which claim to be Islamic. And the great catastrophe is that these governments
which claim to be Islamic work for the gratification of America and Israel and implement
the Camp David plan, or others of a similar nature, to the letter, and in the wake of this
terrible crime, they formally recognise Israel or its dominion. The tragedy for the
Muslims is that when these terrible events occur, some of the so-called Muslim governments
prevent the tyrannised from even moaning about the tyrant.

Imams message on the auspicious occasion of the Feast of
Sacrifices (Id al-Qurban), dated 20 September 1982 (29 Shahrivar 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 17, p. 27.

The subjugating Camp David plan is a stigmatising brand of shame and

If the Muslims of the world come to understand the motives of the
prophets, upon whom be peace, the main one of which is in the last book designed to
produce true human beings, the Noble Quran, this book of guidance which shone from the
origin of light "God is the light of the heavens and earth" (24:35)
lighting up the lamp in the niche of the effulgent heart of the Seal of the Prophets,
peace and blessings of God be upon him and his descendants, so that the hearts of mankind
may be delivered from the veils of darkness and light and the world illuminated with light
upon light, and if they join the ocean of light, they will never be enslaved by Satan and
his offspring. They will never accept the brand of shame and abjectness on their foreheads
for the sake of a few days of chimerical rule or presidency, and will not leap up and down
in joy over the subjugating Camp David plan and others like it in order to ingratiate
themselves with the Great Satan.

Beware oh droplets estranged from the ocean of the Quran and Islam!
Come to your senses and join this divine ocean, seek light from the absolute light so that
it can turn the avaricious eyes of the world devourers away from you and sever their hands
of usurpation and aggression so that you can acquire an honourable life and attain human
values. Free yourselves from this shameful life in which a handful of Israeli hucksters
can rule over you and trample on innocent Muslims in your presence. Oh God, awaken us
sleepers and bring the leaders of the Islamic countries to their senses so that they rule
the Muslims according to Islamic criteria and crush the ill-omened idols and the taghuts.

Imams message dated 20 September 1982 (29 Shahrivar 1361
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, p. 30.

Egypts reward for kissing the hand of America

It is not surprising that America and its devotees knock on any door in
order to get Egypt returned to the Arab fold. What is both surprising and regrettable is
the attitude of the Arab leaders who, after those lengthy preparations, all that
propaganda, the meetings both behind the scenes and those which are public knowledge, the
amazing hullabaloo and all those formalities, sat down together then rose from their seats
concluding that all the problems of Islam and the Muslims would be rectified with the
return of Egypt, who has an agreement with Israel, to the Arab fold. One day they
ostracise Egypt because of its agreement with the Zionists, then the next they welcome it
back for consolidating Israels position and recognising it. Yesterday they ostracised
Egypt for turning its back on Arab demands, then today they welcome it back for kissing
Americas hand. Yesterday they ostracised Egypt because it betrayed the aspirations of
Palestine, and today they welcome it back so they can collectively support that act of
betrayal. And more regrettable and shameful than this is that Egypt, with complete
indifference, did not accept any of their conditions for its return. One of the top
officials from Cairo even said: کThe Arab heads of state should admit their mistake!
The Lebanese question, the Afghanistan issue and other problems besetting the Arab nations
are not matters on which the so-called heads of the Islamic countries should waste their
precious time!

How can the innocent and respected Arab and non-Arab nations, indeed
how can the Muslims tolerate such shame and allow them to be their rulers? Hasnt the
time arrived for the Islamic nations to rise up and make their leaders either yield to the
superiority of Islam or be treated in the same manner as was the Shah of Iran?

Imams message dated 11 February 1983 (22 Bahman 1362
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, pp. 228-229.

The plot for preventing the continuation of the intifada

They have all joined hands together to prevent the Palestinian nation
from continuing with this course of action upon which it has embarked. They are shedding
crocodile tears for Palestine and are saying کIts a pity what is happening to
Palestine. It is a good idea for them (the Palestinians) to accommodate (the Israelis)
until things are put right. The Palestinian nation should realise that if it takes a
step backwards on the present issue, the situation will revert to what it was. At present
the Palestinians are on the verge of crushing the Jews (the Zionists) and I hope they
achieve this. The words of those who believe they are doing good or those who mean to
deceive, those who say there should be a short cease-fire, a five-month cease-fire, and
other such talk of which you are all aware, are all aimed at stopping Palestine from
continuing what it has started. They want to quieten it and suppress it once again.

Imams remarks dated 10 February 1988 (21 Bahman 1366
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 20, p. 179.

The tergiversating pseudo-revolutionaries have turned to America and

The Muslim nations should devote thought to the deliverance of
Palestine and should repeatedly announce to the world their repulsion for and aversion to
the conciliatory and reconciliatory policies of the ignoble leaders who have sold
themselves and who, in the name of Palestine, have destroyed the aspirations of the people
and Muslims in usurped lands. They should prevent these traitors from sullying the
dignity, respect and honour of the brave Palestinian nation at the negotiating table and
in their meetings, for these tergiversating pseudo-revolutionaries of little dignity have,
in the name of freeing Quds, turned to America and Israel.

Imams message dated 28 July 1988 (6 Murdad 1366 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 20, p. 114.

The servant of the sanctuary gives Israel assurances

The Muslims do not know where to turn with this pain they are
suffering. The house of Saud, the servants of the sanctuary, give Israel assurances that
they will not use their weapons against it, and in order to prove what they say, they
sever relations with Iran. Really, how warm and close do relations between the heads of
the Islamic countries and the Zionists have to be before the pretence of doing battle with
Israel is taken off the agenda in conferences and meetings of the heads of Islamic states.
If they had even an ounce of self-respect and ardent zeal for Islam and the Arab cause,
they would never be prepared to sell themselves and their countries out by carrying out
such a vile political transaction.

Imams message on the anniversary of the bloody killings
in Mecca, 20 July 1989 (29 Tir 1367 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 20, p. 231.

/ 25