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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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(the rumour that the Islamic Republic of Iran has relations with Israel)

Ties between Iran and Israel: an absurd and childish accusation

We do not expect anything else from the likes of Sadat and Saddam who
are the agents of powerful countries, of America, and who are building, or rather allowing
to be built, bases for the infidels, the oppressors and America or allowing them to be
built in Islamic lands. We do not expect anything else from them since they do not believe
in Islam. They are servants, servants of America, who will do whatever it bids. They
launched this attack on an Islamic country, without any reason, on the orders of the big
powers, America in particular. We do not expect anything else of them. Of course they are
obliged to oppose us through different means, and we are sitting here, listening, and will
neutralise their opposition.

They accuse us of getting arms from Israel; they accuse a country that
has been opposed to this accursed band of Zionists from the beginning; they accuse us who
even before this revolution at the time of the now defunct, vile Pahlavi regime
continually voiced our opposition to that corrupt regime. We do not even consider Israel
as being part of mankind, let alone have relations with it. For more than twenty years now
one of the issues which has been at the top of my agenda in my speeches and written
declarations, wherever I may have been, has been Israel and its tyranny, while many of the
heads of Islamic countries have not been prepared to take even one step in opposition to
Israel. Take Saddam for example, who has brought all this trouble about. It is said that
in order to try to save face after the shame he brought on himself by attacking Islamic
Iran and encountering defeat, and in order to cover up his crime, he made Israel bomb the
(nuclear) centre so that it would appear that Israel opposed Saddam, opposed the Baathist
government of Iraq. After this they had their excuse, an absurd excuse, and they began to
publicise that Israel opposes Saddam but has ties with Iran. This is an absurd, childish
statement by dint of which they hope to make the Islamic states consider us a supporter of
Israel, whereas the truth of the matter is that from the time we first embarked on this
movement one of our most pressing concerns was the elimination of Israel. They cannot
prove such a false claim. Therefore, these brothers who have come here from abroad should
investigate this matter and discover whether we are fighting with Israeli-made weapons or
with the weapon of faith.

Imams remarks dated 24 August 1981 (2 Shahrivar 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, pp. 108-109.

The accusation that Iran and Israel have ties is a means to an end: to
cause division

The plan for creating dissension among the Islamic sects is one of the
crimes planned by the power-wielders and their ungodly agents, among them the
court-affiliated preachers who are more contemptible than the oppressive kings, who
benefit from dissension among the Muslims. Every day they fan the flames of dissension and
arouse emotions. In the hope of destroying the very foundations of unity among Muslims,
they use every opportunity they get to promote their plan for creating differences. Just
recently, calumnious accusations were made over the propaganda loudspeakers that Iran has
relations with Israel and buys weapons from it. This was done in the hope of driving a
wedge between the Arabs and Iranians, of creating animosity among the Muslims, and of
opening the way for the superpowers and increasing their influence to the full. For which
informed individual is there who does not know that Iran has been in the past and still is
the staunch enemy of Israel, and that one of the reasons for our dispute with the deposed
Shah was his friendly relations with Israel? Who does not know that for more than twenty
years now in my speeches and declarations I have placed Israel in the same category as
America for its oppression, and after America, have condemned it for its aggression and
plundering? Who does not know that throughout the Islamic revolution and in the fervent
million-strong demonstrations, the Muslim people of Iran proclaimed Israel their enemy,
one in the same category as America, and that they turned the oil off to them both and
reviled both.

It is not surprising that this ominous tune is emanating from the
throats of America, the mother of the illegitimate child Israel, and Saddam, the younger
brother of Begin, and that their propaganda loudspeakers, Americas in particular, are
trying to disseminate it extensively. For the blows these two have received from the real
Islam, others have not received, and the anxiety the prospect of unity between the Arab
and Iranian Muslim brothers causes them, others do not experience. America is worried
about its interests in the region and Saddam is worried about his downfall and eternal

The Muslims, and in particular our Arab brothers, should realise that
the issue is not simply Israel and Iran, the main issue for the world plunderers of the
East and West is Islam. For it is Islam that can bring together the Muslims of the world
under the honourable banner of tauhid (divine unity), that can sever the hands of
the criminals from the Islamic countries and curtail their domination of the deprived and
weak of the world, and that can present the world with a valuable, progressive and divine
school of thought. The Arabs of the world should realise that the blow dealt them today by
Saddam and Sadat is so severe that only through their unity will they be able to recover
from it.

Today Sadat, with the widespread arrest of our Muslim brothers in
Egypt, has completed his service to Israel. His union with America and Israel has caused
loss of face for the Arab nation. His union with an Israel which in addition to the crimes
it perpetrates in the region has recently turned its hand to another great crime:
excavating at the al-Aqsa mosque, the first qibla of the Muslims. And by weakening
the foundations of this mosque, God forbid that the first qibla of the Muslims
should be destroyed and Israel should achieve its vile desire.

Imams message dated 6 September 1981 (15 Shahrivar 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, pp. 124-25.

Saddams scheme to lay the blame on Iran

Every day it is different, every day another novel scheme is carried
into effect. One day he (Saddam) comes to an agreement with Israel which then bombs a
place, an institution, in Iraq. He then puts the blame on Iran and accuses Iran of being
Israels accomplice. He accuses us who before the revolution opposed Israel and who from
the beginning of the revolution to the present have always opposed Israel, have declared
our opposition and have boycotted it and its allies in every respect. This Iran, he says,
is not opposed to Israel, rather it is Israels accomplice.

Imams remarks dated 9 October 1981 (17 Mehr 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 183.

Buying arms from Israel: a song sung by America

They make whatever accusations they like against an Islamic country,
against Iran, whose people from the time this movement first emerged, and even before
that, opposed Israel. Indeed one of the differences the Iranian people had with the now
defunct Muhammad Riza was over him helping Israel. Now Iran is accused of buying arms from
Israel by the self-serving propaganda trumpeted over the loudspeakers of America and its

Imams remarks dated 16 December 1981 (25 Azar 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 264.

Propaganda by Muslim leaders against Muslims

What has happened to the Muslims, what has happened to the Muslim
leaders that has made them sacrifice all their dignity and self-esteem for the sake of
America? What has happened to them that has made them offer up to America the great wealth
of Islam, which belongs to the bare-footed and weak nations, while in response to this
offering, America supports Israel and declares that it will not sell it out for them? What
has happened to the Muslims? Why should the Muslims be this way? Why should the Muslims
propaganda machines work against a group of Muslims who only want to free themselves from
the grip of foreigners and international thieves? Why do they take sides against Iran?
What has Iran done to deserve this? What has happened to make some of the court-affiliated
clergymen accuse Iran of heresy? The Quran clearly stipulates that if someone claims to
be a Muslim, he must be recognised as such and not be rejected. What do these people know
about Islam? We shout out that we are Muslims, that we want to implement the laws of the
venerable Quran and the commands of the Most Noble Prophet in this country, and for
over twenty years now we have been announcing our opposition to Israel and America, yet
still these writers in their magazines and newspapers and these broadcasters on the radio
accuse us of having friendly relations with Israel. Are we the friends of Israel or are
those who sit by and watch while Israel does what it does to the Muslims? What has Israel
done to Lebanon and what is it doing to Syria? It has annexed the Golan Heights and it
aspires to do much more than this, yet still you say you want to recognise it. Do we have
friendly relations with Israel when for more than twenty years we have been calling on you
to come together and throw this cancerous tumour out from amongst the Muslims midst, to
take Beit ul-Moqaddas from it and deliver the Islamic countries from this cancerous
tumour? Or do you? You who are using all kinds of tricks and deceit to officially
recognise Israel and who are supporting a country which is against Islam and whose tyranny
is clear to the whole world?

You have the audacity to stand against God, you seek to give His enemy
and the staunch enemy of the Muslims the upper hand, you want to officially recognise it
and give it peace. But even if you do officially recognise Israel, it will not recognise
you. You are just sitting back waiting until Israel, God forbid, rules over you all.

Imams remarks dated 10 February 1982 (21 Bahman 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 38.

The rumour about Irans co-operation with Israel is merely to dance
attendance upon America

An aeroplane passes over one place and comes down some place else and
they circulate a rumour that Israel was helping out and the documents exist (proving
this). Which documents?! This of a country which has opposed Israel for twenty odd years,
which has stopped Israel from touching its oil, has cut relations with it completely,
which proclaims it a usurper and calls on the Muslims to unite together to drive it out of
Muslim lands?! Israel and the immoral America both are laughing at the Muslims folly.
Once again these Muslims have let Israel alone and some of them are seeking to strike up
friendly relations with it in accordance with Americas command. They have concentrated
all their efforts on propagandising against Iran. They dont stop for a moment to ask
themselves what is really going on. All of this kow-towing to America, all of this
kow-towing and fear, you give your resources to America, you have relations with it,
apologise to it and dance attendance on it.

Imams remarks dated 15 March 1982 (24 Esfand 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 77.

Anti-revolutionary runaways are behind the rumours about arms purchases
from Israel

Pursuant to their evil and futile ambitions, these miserable people who
have run away from Iran or were already abroad (at the time of the revolution) are sitting
there, conversing and fabricating and spreading lies. One of their big lies, which is
aired perhaps every night on the radio - just last night it was mentioned two or three
times - is that Iran is buying instruments of war from Israel. They are accusing people
who for twenty years have been at war with Israel, who have lambasted Israel. They are
accusing an Iran which, according to its religious laws, cannot have any kind of
relationship with Israel and will not have. A few times last night it was repeated that
these people are buying arms from Israel. These people are no different from Saddam.

Imams remarks dated 9 March 1982 (18 Esfand 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 69.

Opposition to Israel and America has been the essence of our revolution

We have opposed Israel from the very first day, and these people who
have paid attention to worldly affairs - to what goes on in the world - know this. For
more than twenty years now in my speeches I have always spoken about Israel and said it
should not become an independent state, that this oppressor should be removed from the
face of the earth. I warned of the danger it poses but hitherto these very countries that
say کwe are Muslims, we are Islamic, have regarded us as Israels accomplice!
Hitherto it has been said of us that we are Americas accomplice! This is said of us who
from the beginning have recognised America as a tyrant and an oppressor, who, when we saw
that due to the treason of the former government our country was in Americas grip,
voiced opposition to this, the people rose up shouting کdeath to America, they took
matters into their own hands, seized that nest of spies, dismissed the people there and
sent them packing. It is like saying we are working with America to carry on a dispute
with America! Is this anything other than a sign of the moral decadence of the heads of
these countries? Many of these countries are slipping morally, that is why they pushed
Saddam into attacking this Islamic country.

Imams remarks dated 3 April 1982 (14 Farvardin 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 106.

If Israel touches the ocean, the ocean will become unclean

I hereby notify you of a danger which faces you too, and it is that I
would not put it past Saddam, this Saddam whose rule is fast expiring, to at some time
kill a number of you and lay the blame on Iran in order to force you into opposition.
There is much fear that this will happen. Do not underestimate this criminal and presume
that he will not do anything. This criminal can perpetrate many crimes. In my opinion,
this crime is imminent. Just as he bombs a place then says Iran has done it, just as he
accuses us of obtaining weapons from Israel while it is he himself who is the ally, friend
and brother of Israel, so too will he perpetrate this crime. Now also the superpowers and
their broadcasters have taken up this ridiculous scheme (accusing Iran of buying arms from
Israel). One says it was done with Americas knowledge, America claims it said not to go
so far while the Congress asks why it was done at all. For sure, they will all take up
this issue, in order to make the people think that Israel has sent arms to Iran. All of
them have upheld this claim, including Israel itself, who knows that in the eyes of the
Muslims if it touches the ocean with its finger, the ocean will become unclean,
consequently by claiming to have helped Iran it can give Iran a bad name. It knows that
claiming to have an agreement with Iran will give Iran a bad name. Israel itself has
perceived this.

Imams remarks dated 1 June 1982 (11 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 170.

Why do they accuse the Islamic Republic?

Do you think Israel will be content with this? Israels intentions
are to eliminate all these Muslims and Americas intentions are to make sure Islam is
not implemented. They all oppose the Islamic Republic because it bears the name کIslamic
and because it wants to act upon Islam. They oppose it through their propaganda saying
that we are pro-American or pro-Israeli! They say this of us who for twenty years now - in
fact it must be more than that now - have been shouting out that the peoples problems
are caused by America and Israel. Yet we are pro-Israeli, while those who are sitting
there watching as Israel destroys their countries are not, no, they are all opposed to
Israel! If you are truly opposed to Israel then what have you done to show it? What
actions have you taken?

Imams remarks dated 22 August 1982 (31 Murdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 258.

The true colours of those who claim Iran supports Israel have been

In the past year the plotters, the newspapers and players of the media
connected to America and Zionism have, with the utmost impudence, accused Iran of bringing
in weapons from Israel and of supporting this criminal regime. Now, however, at the Fez
conference it has been revealed and is now clear who supports Israel: Saddam the criminal
and most of the governments in the region. They support a criminal regime which after all
the crimes it has committed and the services (it has received) from the small governments
in the region has brazenly made a laughing stock of them, humiliating them enough to make
any human being other than themselves ashamed, ashamed not because they are the heads of
these governments but because of their connection to Islam and the fact that the affairs
of the Muslims are, unfortunately, in their hands.

The result of these services to this criminal was the massacre of
innocents in Beirut, a crime the depth of which we do not know. The magnitude of this
crime was such that according to news reports it provoked global outrage. Even the worlds
master criminals such as Reagan and Hosni Mubarak were forced to appear to condemn it. Its
magnitude was such that even those news agencies and newspapers which usually side with
Israel condemned it describing it as the biggest criminal act since World War Two. It was
such that even the worlds criminal archetypes such as Israel, the Phalangists and their
collaborators blamed each other for it.

The greatest misfortune for the Muslims is that the heads of the
regional governments do not breathe a word (in protest), and more tragic and disgraceful
than this is the unlimited and unconditional support given by some of the rulers in the
region and the fact that once again in the Hijaz the crimes of Israel and its grandfather
America cannot be mentioned.

With praise and thanks to the nourisher of mankind we again receive
divine help from Islam and the Islamic republic. God made this trick of theirs -
presenting the Iranian government as a supporter of Israel - backfire on them and revealed
their true colours before the nations. He also revealed the true face of Saddam the
Aflaqite who found an excuse not to confront Israel and then wanted to use this to free
himself from the warrior defenders of Iran and who, at the Fez conference, tried to
provoke emotions in a bid to gain support and official recognition for Israel and ensure
its security. "And the unbelievers plotted and planned, and God too planned; and
the best of planners is God." (Quran 3:54)

Imams message dated 12 September 1982 (21 Shahrivar 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, p. 33.

Imperialist propaganda loudspeakers spread the rumour of arms purchases
from Israel

And more lamentable still is the Israeli affair that the imperialist
propaganda loudspeakers have hitherto been spreading, accusing Iran of buying arms from
Israel, of being an Israeli ally and even sometimes of being an ally of America. They
accuse Iran of bringing these things in from Israel, Iran whose notable speakers have for
about the past twenty years now in all their discourses given top priority to Israel and
opposition to Israel, while Iraq, which supports Israel and is in turn supported by
Israel, they claim is not an ally, no, indeed Iraq opposes Israel!

The tragedy of it all is that the Muslims sit back with eyes, ears and
hearts open yet blind to the realities. What must be done? Oh Friday Prayer leaders of
Islamic lands, what must be done? Why have we reached this sorry state where America comes
from the other side of the world, determines our countries destinies and the destinies
of the Islamic ulama - albeit through other people - states quite clearly that it
has interests in the region and interferes openly in the regions affairs while the
Muslims simply sit back and look on? Oh Friday Prayer leaders of all Islamic countries!
Make the people aware, make them ask why, this کwhy is applicable both to the West
and the East.

Imams remarks dated 2 January 1983 (12 Dey 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, pp. 141-142.

Israel will not turn over a new leaf

We will be steadfast to the end and will not establish relations with
America other than if it turns over a new leaf and desists in its oppression, leaves
Lebanon alone and goes back to the other side of the world whence it came, and does not
stretch out its hands against the Persian Gulf. So long as America acts this way, South
Africa employs such practices and Israel exists, we cannot accept them. Israel will not
turn over a new leaf.

Unfortunately you see how the devils persist in claiming that Iran has
relations with Israel and America, even though since twenty years ago, at the time of the
Shah, we have been shouting out and calling on the Muslims to comprehend the danger posed
by Israel. We must remember that we are a country that wants to be independent, we do not
want others to interfere in our affairs and so long as our relations with God the Blessed
and Exalted are strong, no one can harm us.

Imams remarks dated 28 October 1984 (6 Aban 1363 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 19, p. 74.

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