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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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Saddam, the enfeebler of Islamic fronts against Zionism

Saddam should be put on trial just as Carter should. Carter acted in
his own interests and this cursed man (Saddam) acts in the interests of America. It is not
simply for the sake of a few kilometres of arid land that he (Saddam) has sent in his
troops, forcing all these Muslims on both sides to do battle and be killed, all these
billions of Iraqi dinars and Iranian tumans to be spent to the detriment of both countries
and these weapons which we should be using against the enemy, against Zionism and
imperialism, to be turned against one another. This is the treason that Saddam has
perpetrated (in the interests of America).

Imams remarks at a gathering of ambassadors of Islamic countries, dated 21 October 1980 (29 Mehr 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 13, p. 127.

The imposed war: the result of collusion between Zionism and the Baath

What we find most regretful about this imposed war is that the forces
which should be used to put an end to Israel and save the great Beit ul-Moqaddas have,
through the collusion of the great Satan and international Zionism with the Iraqi Baath
party, been used and continue to be used to attack the stubborn enemy of Israel and
America. I now repeat that as long as the Islamic nations and the oppressed of the world
do not rise up against the oppressors of the world and their offspring, particularly the
usurper Israel, their criminal hands will not be severed from Islamic countries, this
cancerous tumour will not be thrown out of Beit ul-Moqaddas and Lebanon, and the likes of
Saddam and Sadat will continue with their crimes and to drag Egypt and Iraq towards
destruction. The way to repel these tyrants is to turn to Islam, to follow (the teachings
of) the Quran resolutely and rise up in unity and harmony beneath the banner of tauhid
(divine unity).

Imams remarks dated 18 September 1981 (27 Shahrivar 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 158.

Creating an opportunity for Israel

What is most regrettable is that the superpowers, America in
particular, by deceiving Saddam into attacking our country, have kept the powerful
government of Iran busy with defending its land in order to give the usurper and criminal
Israel an opportunity to push forward its evil plan to create a greater Israel from the
Nile to the Euphrates.

Yitzhat Shamir, the new American pawn, immediately upon becoming a
candidate for prime minister to replace Begin, another pawn, and before doing anything
else, revealed Israels plan. He said the Palestine Liberation Organisation must be
wiped out and made it clear that he would remain an advocate of a greater Israel.

Imams message dated 22 September 1983 (31 Shahrivar 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 121.

We are ready to do battle on both fronts

Here today we are suffering because of that party and there we are
suffering because of the corrupt regime of Israel, and we are ready to do battle on both
fronts. Here we are fighting to defend what is ours, we consider there (Palestine) too to
be ours and we are ready to fight to defend it. But do we have to give you something
before you will open the way for us to make our move? Should we have nothing more to do
with this criminal (Saddam) and sit down and make our peace with him, throw our arms
around him and give him a pat on the back for perpetrating all these crimes because now
you want to work with us? He says we have to give him something so that he will work with
us! No, this is all very illogical and will never come to pass.

As far as the matter of opening the way is concerned, you should be
pleading with us to come and help. We are volunteering to help, but you must ask us to
come and help you to stop them (the Israelis), that is of course if you are speaking the
truth when you say you oppose Israel. Otherwise, the circumstances would suggest that you
are not opposed to Israel and you do not want us to go there. You are putting down
conditions in such a way so as to stop us from going there.

Imams remarks at a gathering of commanders and a group of army officials, Jumhuri Islami newspaper dated 13 June 1982 (23 Khurdad 1361 AHS).

Seeking a bribe from Iran to help it fight against Israel

Our country has placed its great wealth, including its youth, who are
there on the scene to deal with any situation which may arise for the Muslims, at the
disposal of devotion and has embarked on a holy war (jihad) for Islam, for the
religion of God the Blessed and Exalted. But when our government suggests that you open
the way for us to go and fight with your enemies, Saddam lays this down as one of the
conditions (that we first have to make peace with him) because he has no hope in you. This
is simply ludicrous. They say we have to forget whatever they have done before they will
open the way for us. What kind of opening the way is that? Is it not a tragedy for Islam
when a group of self-sacrificing people want to go and fight the enemy of the Arabs, the
enemy of Islam, the enemy of the noble sanctuaries, the enemy of the whole region - while
they (the Arab governments) sit back and are indifferent, or more to the point side with
this enemy - but before they will open the way for them to go and fight for them they
first seek a bribe from us?! Its like someone going to save a man drowning in the sea
and when he reaches him the drowning man says: What will you give me for allowing you
to save me?!

These people in the Iraqi government are using the issue of Israel as
an excuse to escape the grip of divine revenge and justice. They are using it as an excuse
saying: If you want us to give you permission to go and save us who are drowning, you
must first overlook the crimes we have committed against you . . .

The path Saddam wants to lay before us is one that (he hopes) will lead
to him being saved, not one that will lead to Israel. Those involved have studied the
matter, if we accept, then peace will be established and the Saddams of this world will be
saved, and if we refuse, then it will be clear that we do not really want to embark on a
holy war, that we do not want to fight against Israel. We are telling them that we accept.
You move aside and let the experts come to assess what you have done to this country, what
crimes you have perpetrated; indeed let them come and decide who has perpetrated these
crimes. But for us to condone the crimes because we want to do something for you, this is
one of the absurdities that will remain in the annals of history. History will record that
Iran wanted to save the Arabs from Israel, Israel which bears particular animosity towards
the Arabs, it wanted to save the holy sanctuaries and the Islamic countries, for they are
all threatened by Israel, and go and do battle against this malignant cancer, but the
(Arab) governments first wanted a bribe from it. These are all matters which will be
recorded in history and they are shameful deeds which will be recorded on the foreheads of
these people.

Imams remarks dated 13 June 1982 (23 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 194.

With the final defeat of Iraq, the way will be open to advance on Quds

Today, the dear nation of Iran, relying on divine power, advances
despite the ignorant ones who thought that because of their inhuman crimes and the
martyring of the nations esteemed personalities the people would leave the scene, and
who could not and cannot understand the secret of their presence (on the scene). We hope
that by defeating Americas recent plot for preserving Saddam and the Aflaqite party,
our brave forces will, with the final defeat of the Iraqi government, pave the way for an
advance towards Beit ul-Moqaddas, just as it is hoped that we will not witness
indifference from the countries of the region whose every possession is now in danger of
destruction after the recent attack by Israel on the Islamic country of Lebanon and the
murder and plundering perpetrated there.

The Muslim nations should realise that with this lethal silence of some
of the regional governments and this unquestioning submission of theirs to America and
Israel, today beloved Lebanon is being put into the gullet of these world-devourers and
their vassals, and the same will happen to the other dear countries in the near future. If
today the regional governments stood against these criminals using the oil weapon and
guns, the problem of Israel, and subsequently of America and any other rapacious power,
would be solved. We express our severe disapproval of some of the Muslim governments who
have stretched out their hands to America, which is the original criminal and the main
plotter, in an attempt to seek their deliverance from something which is nothing other
than a man-eating wolf, and we condemn them absolutely. Indeed, if it were not for this
problem of the war with Iraq, this plot to distract us from the existing problems that
face us, and the plan to defeat us on two fronts, the brave nation and revolutionary
government of Iran would adopt another course of action.

For the umpteenth time we turn to the Muslim governments, particularly
the regional governments, and ask them, indeed advise them most categorically to rise up
to preserve the dignity, lives, honour and wealth of the Islamic nations; to unite with
us, the Syrian government and the Palestinians and present a single front to defend the
glory and honour of Islam and the Arabs; and to sever for evermore the hands of these
criminals from their rich countries. Do not miss the opportunity, for tomorrow will be too

Imams speech dated 27 June 1982 (6 Tir 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur,
Vol. 16, p. 217.

Egypt and Israel unite against Iran

The Egyptian government openly says that this Islamic Republic must not
be and joins forces with the Israeli government to suppress Islam. They both agree to help
Iraq against Iran. Why should the Islamic countries find themselves in a situation such
that when Israel attacks Lebanon they are indifferent and some of them even forge
friendships with Israel? We must continue to follow our own path and struggle on.

Imams remarks dated 6 June 1982 (16 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 185.

The order for holy war (jihad) with a country which opposes Israel!

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return (Quran

I use the sacred phrase "Surely we belong to God and to Him
shall we return," not with reference to Israels crimes and the martyrdom and
injury of many innocent Muslims in the dear land of southern Lebanon, even though it would
be appropriate to use it here too; nor do I use it with regard to the occupation and
destruction by the criminal Zionists and heathen regime of Israel of the cities and
villages of that Islamic land, even though here too it would be appropriate; nor with
reference to the displacement of thousands of the brothers and sisters of that oppressed,
Islamic region, even though here too it would be appropriate; nor with regard to the
oppressed Palestinians suffering under Israeli tyranny, even though here too it would be
appropriate; nor regarding the martyrdom by the criminal supporters of Saddam of more than
forty men, women and suckling infants of Ilam as they shouted out slogans against America
and Israel, the blood-sucker, who were the targets of a bomb which also injured more than
two hundred innocent Muslim tribes people and destroyed a mosque, a religious centre, a
hospital and the homes of the oppressed, even though here too it would be appropriate;
rather I use it with reference to the indifference of the Muslim governments, and wish it
were only indifference they displayed!

I use the phrase in reference to the support extended to Israel and
Saddam, these two illegitimate children of America, by many of the (Muslim) governments. I
and Muslims everywhere must utter "Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we
return" in reference to the spiritual and material help the governments of Islamic
countries give America - the head of the criminals - Israel and the Aflaqite Baath
Party of Iraq which is the executer of Americas and international Zionisms evil

Every self-respecting Muslim must utter this phrase in reference to the
suggestion - put forward on the false accusation that Iran is receiving arms from Israel -
that the command for jihad be issued against a country (Iran) which is opposing
Israel, and also with regard to the efforts to get officially recognised Israel that
attacked the Islamic country of Lebanon martyring thousands of innocent Muslims in the
south of that land. Israel, the aggressor and criminal, must be endorsed, America, the
head of the aggressors, must get material help from the resources of the oppressed and
needy Islamic countries and, through the efforts of the mass media in the Islamic regions,
obtain spiritual and political help, while Palestine and Syria must stand alone! . . .

I beseech God the Most High to awaken these governments, that are
neglectful of the interests of Islamic countries and heedless of the commands of the Noble
Quran, from the sleep of indifference, and crush the enemies of Islam and the Muslims.

Peace be with you and Gods mercy and blessings.

Imams message on the occasion of the attack on southern Lebanon by the regime occupying Quds, 7 June 1982 (17 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, pp. 186-187.

Instead of cleansing the region of the stain of Israels existence . . .

Although the Iranian nation and government have seen much improper
opposition from many governments of the region, they do not wish to disregard Islamic
brotherhood and turn to force. The regional governments devote all their efforts to
opposing the government and people of Iran instead of joining hands together with them to
free the region from the clutches of the big powers, who look on them as being dependent
on them; instead of standing against these people who take their copious wealth, in
particular their oil, free of charge; and instead of cleansing the region of the stain of
Israels existence.

Part of Imams message on the occasion of the hajj pilgrimage and the auspicious Feast of Sacrifice (Id al-Qurban), dated 29 August 1984 (7 Shahrivar 1363 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 19, p. 47.

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