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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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It is incumbent upon every Muslim to arm himself against Israel

Dear sisters and brothers, in whatever country you may live, defend
your Islamic and national honour! Defend fearlessly and unhesitatingly the peoples and
countries of Islam against their enemies: America, international Zionism and all the
superpowers of the East and West. Loudly proclaim the crimes of the enemies of Islam.

My Muslim brothers and sisters! You are aware that the superpowers of
the East and West are plundering all our material and other resources, and have placed us
in a situation of political, economic, cultural and military dependence. Come to your
senses; rediscover your Islamic identity. Endure oppression no longer and vigilantly
expose the sinister plans of the international bandits, headed by America.

Today, the first qibla of the Muslims has fallen into the grasp
of Israel, that cancerous growth in the Middle East. Today, it is suppressing and
slaughtering our dear Palestinian and Lebanese brothers with all its might. Today, with
all the diabolical means at its disposal, Israel is casting dissension among the Muslims.
It is incumbent upon every Muslim to arm himself against Israel. Today, our African Muslim
countries are writhing beneath the yoke of America and other foreign powers and their

Imams remarks dated 29 September 1979 (7 Mehr 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 9, p. 226.

We must unite and deracinate Israel

The Islamic countries must adopt an inimical stand against the
occupying regime in Israel, which has caused most of the problems they now face, and must
uphold the aspirations of the dear Palestinian and Lebanese people with all their might.
We thoroughly condemn the plot of Egypt, America and Israel to suppress the great movement
of the people of Palestine. Leaders and representatives of countries gathered in beloved
Algeria, come let us unite and sever the hands of the criminals of the left and right - at
whose head stands America - uproot Israel and entrust the rights of the people of
Palestine to their own hands. I ask God the Exalted to awaken the Muslims and grant the
Islamic countries unity and greatness.

mams remarks dated 30 October 1979 (8 Aban 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 10, p. 79.

Why do one billion people sit back and watch?

How can Israel, with such a small number of people, come and
prevail over these countries which possess everything and have all kinds of powers, the
way it has? Why should it be this way? Is it not because the nations are divided and stand
apart from their governments, and the governments are disunited, that a population of one
billion Muslims, with all the means they have at their disposal, are sitting by and
watching as Israel perpetrates these crimes in Lebanon and Palestine? Is this what they
should be, merely onlookers? The voice of our brothers there is raised so loudly yet we
merely listen and sit back as spectators. When are we going to discover our own power?

Imams remarks dated 1 November 1979 (10 Aban 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 10, p. 93.

Oh endless sea of humanity, rise up and defend the centre of revelation

Oh Muslims of the world! Oh you Muslims who have risen up! Oh endless
sea of humanity! Rise up and defend your national and Islamic existence. Israel has taken
Beit ul-Moqaddas from the Muslims and has met only tolerance from the (Muslim)
governments. Apparently America and its corrupt appendage Israel now intend to seize the
holy mosque and the mosque of the Prophet. Still the Muslims sit back, indifferent
onlookers. Rise up and defend Islam and the centre of revelation. Do not be afraid of this
ballyhoo, for today Islam needs you and you are responsible before God Almighty. Trust in
God Almighty and march forth united.

As followers of the great religion of Islam, we support all the weak
and oppressed and back you as we do any organisation in the world which has risen to save
its own country. We completely support the struggle of the Palestinian brothers and the
people of southern Lebanon against the usurper Israel. By the will of God Almighty we will
be victorious over the enemy of mankind and Islam. It is hoped that Gods help and the

of the Muslims are close.

Imams message dated 25 November 1979 (4 Azar 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 10, p. 228.

I hope we can remove the problems in Palestines path

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. Yassir Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation
executive committee.

I received your kind message while in hospital. I thank you for the
concern you have shown over my illness. It is hoped that by the grace of God this
indisposition will be remedied and we will be able to carry out the heavy responsibility
we bear with greater strength and remove the difficulties that the enemies of Islam,
namely the occupier Israel and the agents of Zionism, have created in our way, one after
the other from the path of the Muslims of the world particularly the Palestinian brothers.
Perhaps we can bring about even greater victories for them.

I ask God Almighty to grant success to all struggling in this path.

Imam Khomeinis reply to Yassir Arafats telegram dated
31 January 1980 (11 Bahman 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 11, p. 252.

Let us all rise up and destroy Israel

We will defend the defenceless people of Lebanon and Palestine against
Israel. Israel, this germ of corruption, has always been a base for America. For nearly 20
years I have pointed out the danger posed by Israel. We must all rise up and destroy
Israel and replace it with the brave nation of Palestine.

Imams remarks dated 11 February 1980 (22 Bahman 1358
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 11, p. 266.

Support for the courageous people of Palestine

We are at war with international communism no less than we are
struggling against the global plunderers of the West, headed by America, Zionism and
Israel . . . Once again, I declare my support for all movements and groups that are
fighting to gain liberation from the clutches of the superpowers of the left and the
right. I declare my support for the courageous people of Palestine and beloved Lebanon.

Imams message dated 21 March 1980 (1 Farvardin 1359). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 12, p. 19.

If the Muslims had been united, the Quds problem would not have arisen

In any case, if the Muslims were united, then they would be faced with
no issues such as Quds, Afghanistan or other issues which have arisen and will arise for
Muslims in other places (in the future).

Imams remarks dated 6 August 1980 (15 Murdad 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 12, p. 272.

The people must arise, let us not seek shelter in the lap of these wolves

If the Muslims become conscious of the fact that we are from God and we
must be for God, they will experience no harm and Israel will no longer force its way
forward. We must determine to drive Israel out of these Arab lands, not simply be
satisfied with telling it not to establish anything in Beit ul-Moqaddas. No, and we must
not be deceived by America and these councils which have been created, nor by the dramas
they direct with the aim of devouring us. We must not be deceived by them. Each person
must rise up himself. The Muslims must themselves rise up against these. They must not
expect their governments to do this for them, for they wont do anything. The people
themselves must act. You should not seek shelter in the arms of one expecting it to
protect you from the other. No, for they are all wolves and they will devour all of you.
You must protect yourselves. Turn your attention to God and Islam, rise up for God and for
Islam, march forward for God and for Islam, then, God willing, you will be victorious.

Imams remarks dated 6 August 1980 (15 Murdad 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 12, p. 277.

To solve the Palestinian issue, the people must return to the early age of

Until the time that we return to Islam, the Islam of the Prophet of
God, our problems will remain. Until that happens, we can solve neither the Palestinian
problem nor the problems besetting Afghanistan and other places. The nations must turn to
the earliest age of Islam, if their governments do so with them there is no problem,
otherwise the nations should detach themselves from their governments and do to them what
the nation of Iran did to its government, so that the problems can be solved. Otherwise,
we can commemorate Quds Day as much as we like, we can shout, the gentlemen can gather and
talk, but shouting and talking will not stop them. Certainly sometimes it may, but we dont
even talk.

Imams remarks dated 9 August 1980 (18 Murdad 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 12, p. 282.

All together beneath the banner of Islam

The Muslim population is approximately one billion, so why then, when
we have a population of one billion, should the Zionists be able to take our Quds and
place the other governments under their control? If these governments were to unite, they
would form one huge government. Each one would still rule its own area, but all would be
together under the banner of Islam.

Imams remarks dated 5 March 1981 (15 Esfand 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 14, p. 116.

Has not the time arrived to tear open the heart of Israel using weapons

Oh Muslims of the world! Oh oppressed people under the sway of
oppressors! Beware! Rise up and offer the hand of unity to one another. Defend Islam and
your destiny and fear not the hue and cry of the superpowers, for this century, by the
will of God the all powerful, is the century of victory of the oppressed over the
imperious and haughty and of truth over falsehood. The world must know that Iran has found
the way towards God and it will continue in an irreconcilable struggle against America,
the global plunderer and the bitter enemy of the deprived of the world, until its
interests have been severed.

Not only will events in Iran not set us back even for a moment, but
they will make our people more determined to destroy American interests. We have begun our
decisive and unceasing struggle against America and we hope that our children, free from
the yoke of the oppressors, will hoist the flag of divine unity (tauhid) in the
world. We are sure that if we continue to closely pursue our duty, which is to fight
against the criminal America, our children will taste the sweetness of victory.

Is it not a disgrace for the Muslims of the world, with all of this
human, material and spiritual capital they have at their disposal and with such a
progressive religion and divine backing, to surrender to the control of the arrogant
powers and the sea and land robbers of this century?

Has not the time arrived to put aside carnal desires, to offer one
another the hand of friendship and brotherhood and drive the enemies of humanity from the
scene, bringing an end to their heinous, tyranny-laden existence?

Has not the time arrived for the brave and militant nation of Palestine
to strongly condemn the political games of those who claim to be fighting against Israel
and, using weapons, tear open the heart of Israel, this staunch enemy of Islam and the

What excuse will the Muslims have to give God Almighty who has called
on them to hold fast to the rope of God and shun division and dispute?

Do they not consider it their duty to support the nation and government
of Iran who through holy jihad have pulled down the banner of blasphemy and raised
the great and noble flag of Islam?

Do the court-affiliated preachers consider crushing the Islamic
revolution of Iran to be more imperative than opposing America and Israel?

We call upon our brothers in Islam in the lands of the East and West to
act in unison with the Islamic Republic of Iran for a single purpose, namely, with help
from God the Exalted, to rid the Islamic countries and the deprived lands of the evil of
these criminals and this policy of plundering, thus giving a positive response to God
Almightys call in this vital matter.

We ask the pilgrims to the sacred House of God to pray for the victory
of Islam while at the noble stations and to convey the message of the Iranian nation and
the call of کOh Muslims of this oppressed nation to their countries.

I most humbly beseech Almighty God to grant us all the blessing of
unity and familiarity with Islamic duties.

Imams message dated 6 September 1981 (15 Shahrivar 1360
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 125.

The Egyptian army must not bring this shame upon itself

Today, the Egyptian nation has the power in its hands. It is not
certain that the army is with the government, except for those elements that are in the
pay of America. The Egyptian army must be careful not to bring shame upon itself by
supporting this government which has announced that it is dependent on America and Israel
and has openly asserted that it will suppress anyone who breathes a word about Islam. Do
not give Israel the opportunity to once again tomorrow enter your country and lord over
you, or for America and Israel to take your destiny into their hands.

Imams remarks dated 9 October 1981 (17 Mehr 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 15, p. 184.

The way out

The Muslims should not sit back waiting for their governments to act
for them and save Islam from the hands of Zionism. They should not sit back waiting for
the international organisations to do something for them. The people themselves must rise
up against Israel. The nations must rise up and force their governments to stand against
Israel, and not be content simply with condemnation. Those who have a friendship agreement
with Israel also condemn it, although their condemnation is in reality a farce. If the
Muslims are sitting back waiting for America or its agents to do something for them, then
this process will be held up for an eternity. One method which was chosen many years ago
to encourage and strengthen the unity of the Muslims, the aware Muslims, was to bring them
together in gatherings to commemorate festivals, among them the birthday of the Most Noble
Messenger or other birthdays and other religious occasions.

Imams remarks dated 16 December 1981 (25 Azar 1360 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 263.

If you unite together Israel would not have the nerve to do anything

It is regretful that other countries do not follow the example set by
Iran. Why dont they follow Irans example and unite and work together with their
people and with one another to stop Israel from prevailing over them? You saw how Israel
took the Golan Heights paying no heed to any of you, and how it declared that no power
could make it change its mind. Why instead of inviting everyone to make a united front
against Israel, against an Israel which is the enemy of Islam, the enemy of humanity,
which is your enemy, the enemy of the Arabs and which bears animosity towards you all,
must you create such a state of disunion amongst yourselves? Why do you create divided
communities amongst yourselves? Why do governmental groups create divisions? Why do you
form different fronts? This front forming goes against Islam, goes against the Noble Quran.
The Noble Quran calls the Muslims to unity and you call them to disunion and
confrontation with one another. You must let reason be your leader and Islam be your
guide. All of you submit yourselves to Islam and act according to the rules of reason.
Reason and Islam say that you should unite, for if you do, no country can commit an
aggression against you and Israel will not dare stay in these countries, in these lands,
it has usurped. Now that differences exist among you, Israel shouts out that no power can
stop it, for it has America behind it. But our people have God backing them. What happened
to make you start forming fronts? You know that forming fronts has no advantage for you,
indeed it is to your detriment.

Islam wants you to unite, it wants you to come together as one, it
wants you to hold fast to the rope of God. Why do you not hold fast to the rope of God
together? Why do you each turn to one direction, either the East or the West? Come, stop
doing such things, unite together and be as brothers to one another. Just as God the
Blessed and Exalted has stated that the believers are brothers, be as brothers to one
another. Reject the opponents of Islam and be certain that if you unite, you will be
victorious and no power of the East or West will be able to rule over you.

I ask God the Blessed and Exalted to grant unity to the Muslims and
awareness of the laws of Islam and the interests of the Muslims to the Muslim leaders.

Imams remarks dated 28 December 1981 (7 Dey 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 15, p. 272.

Drive out this germ of corruption with ideological unity

Another problem concerns the Muslims, it concerns the Muslim countries
and must be solved by them. You all know, as does everyone, that the difficulties of the
Muslims have been brought upon them by these great powers and that which can solve these
problems is the Muslims ideological unity. The Muslim governments and people should
hold hands together and attack Zionism, this staunch enemy of Islam, which has attacked
Islam and intends to take the Muslims countries off them one after the other. But
instead of uniting together and driving this germ of corruption and cancerous growth out
of Muslim lands, cleansing them (of Zionists), they are all either sitting back simply
talking, or sometimes even discussing things which are to their interests. All that
worries some of these countries is the fact that Iran wants to establish Islamic rule.
Every day they make such a song and dance about Iran, claiming different things along the
lines that, for example, it is colluding with Israel, while from the very beginning it has
shouted out: we must free Palestine, we must free Quds.

Imams remarks dated 24 January 1982 (4 Bahman 1360 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 20.

The presumptuousness of Israel is a result of the division amongst the

If there were not this division amongst the Muslims, would it have been
possible for Israel with such a small population to be so presumptuous and trample over
the dignity of all the Muslims the way it has? If these differences did not exist among
the Islamic countries, among the Muslim governments, could America rule over them and
plunder their resources?

Imams remarks dated 10 January 1982 (20 Dey 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 15, p. 280.

The command of the Quran, battle with Israel

Oh Muslim nations! Oh oppressed nations of all Islamic countries! Dear
nations who have been placed under the rule of individuals who hand over your wealth to
America while you yourselves live in hardship and abjectness! Awaken and rise up! Oh
oppressed of the world, rise up and stand against the superpowers! For if you stand
against them, they cannot do anything. You saw how the Muslim nation of Iran united and
rose up empty-handed, unarmed against those great satanic powers of Muhammad Riza and the
superpowers who lined up behind him, pushing them all aside. They drove this corrupt
government and this illegal and corrupt monarchy from the scene with the power of their
faith and the cry of Allahu akbar (God is the Greater), sending them to hell. And
as you see today, even though they had no financial, physical or military resources, only
the power of their faith, in their place they established an Islamic government, a
government which supports the weak and oppressed of the world.

If you assist God the Blessed and Exalted, he will assist you. "Oh
ye who believe! If ye will aid (the cause of) God, He will aid you, and plant your feet
firmly." (Quran 47:7). To assist God, you must assist his religion, his
servants and the oppressed. If you stand against the oppressors and demand justice for the
oppressed, if you stand against the superpowers like America which comes from the other
side of the world and seeks to rule over us, to bring us all under its sway and destroy
our resources, then God will help you. Unfortunately, the governments consent to their
actions more than they (the superpowers) expect or even want them to.

Islam is today suppressed, the Quran has been abandoned. The laws of
the Quran have been abandoned. The call to prayer rings out from the minarets and you
perform your prayers (namaz), but you pay no heed to most of the political laws of
Islam, and the Quran remains in its state of abeyance. Of course reading the Quran
and its presence in all affairs of mans life is necessary, but it is not enough. The
Quran must be acted upon in all affairs of our life. When the Quran states: "And
hold fast all together to the rope which God stretches out for you, and be not divided
among yourselves" (Quran 3:103), and "Fall into no disputes, lest ye
lose heart and your power depart" (Quran 8:46) these are progressive political
decrees which if acted upon will bring you world supremacy. We have all abandoned this Quran
and have paid no heed to this problem. The Quran should be involved in all affairs (of
mans life). It should be read, it should occupy the thoughts of all of us, everywhere,
all of the time. The Quran should be involved in all aspects of mans affairs, not
simply involved in some and not others. Amongst its political directives is the command to
fight against those who are waging war against the Muslims, and today Israel is standing
against the Muslims and wages war against them, America is standing against the Muslims
and wages war against them, and Saddam, Americas mercenary, is standing against the
Muslims and wages war against them. God has commanded you to fight against those who have
risen up against the Muslims or against a group of Muslims.

Imams remarks dated 10 February 1982 (21 Bahman 1360

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