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AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 39.

The hand of brotherhood for the expulsion of Israel

As I and the officials of the Islamic Republic have announced time and
again, the nation and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran submit to the holy laws
of the Quran and Islam and, in accordance with the command of the noble Quran,
consider themselves to be the brothers in faith of all the Islamic nations in the various
countries whatever their cultural and geographical position. They seek peace and a
peaceful existence with all the governments and nations, and as long as a government does
not violate their countrys borders and adheres to the commands of Islam, they regard it
as a brotherly government. They want the countries and nations to unite together, to rise
up with one voice against the aggressors, whoever they may be, to deliver themselves from
the clutches of the world devourers, and in accordance with the command of Islam, defend
their rights against infringement, their borders against violation, and teach the
aggressors a lesson. It is in this way that, by the grace of God Almighty, no power will
be able to stop them in this holy defence. I exhort the governments to cease in this
vindictiveness and muscle flexing and extend the hand of brotherhood to the Iranian nation
and government so that together we can drive the usurper Israel out of the Islamic
countries and occupied lands. Abandon this racism and these ideas about superiority of
language which Islam has condemned and rejected, so that happiness in this world and the
next can be yours and no power can confront you.

Imams message dated 11 February 1982 (22 Bahman 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 48.

The Iranian nations long-standing wish

Today, Iran stands firmly by what it said from the very first day: we
do not seek war with any country, Islamic or non-Islamic, and we desire peace and harmony
for all. Hitherto, we have been engaged in defence which is for everyone a divine precept
and a human right; we have never had the intention to attack other countries, nor do we
have. We want the Islamic countries to stand together in an Islamic pact to defend the
rights of the Muslims and the Islamic countries against aggressors and bellicose elements
like the aggressor Israel. And if this long-standing wish of the nation and government of
Iran is realised, no power, however great, can attack the Islamic countries or one of
them, or bring their power and might to bear on them.

Imams message dated 1 April 1982 (12 Farvardin 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 100.

Defending the uprising of the oppressed in the occupied lands

It is right to speak as one with the oppressed people who have risen up
in the occupied lands of Palestine and actively support their demonstrations and uprising
against the injustices of Israel, so that in the same way as Iran with its demonstrations
and Islamic revolution brought down the tyrannical imperial regime, they too can triumph
over this man-eating fiend and atheist usurper. It is hoped that the oppressed in the
occupied centres continue with their demonstrations and anti-Zionist activities until they
achieve victory.

Imams message dated 1 April 1982 (12 Farvardin 1361
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 103.

Now that the Muslims of Palestine are roaring out, with what excuse can
one remain indifferent?

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Quds problem is not a personal one, nor is it a problem peculiar to
just one country or to Muslims of the world in the present age. Rather it is a matter
which has concerned the monotheists of the world and the believers from the day the
foundations of the al-Aqsa mosque were laid to the present, and will continue to concern
them in the future.

How painful it is for the Muslims of the world in the present era that,
even with all the material and spiritual means they have at their disposal, such
presumptuous actions can still be carried out before their very eyes against God Almighty
and His exalted messengers, and by a bunch of criminal riffraff at that. And how shameful
it is for the Muslim governments who, with the lifeblood of the world superpowers in their
hands, sit back and watch as America, the super criminal of history, establishes a
corrupt, worthless element in their midst and, with only a paltry few, unlawfully seizes
their holy place of worship and their first qibla from them, and with the utmost
insolence puts on a show of strength before them all. How heinous silence is in the face
of this great tragedy of history, and how wonderful it would have been had the loud
speakers of the al-Aqsa mosque sounded from the very day that Israel, this malicious
element, set to perpetrating this great crime.

Now that the revolutionary and brave Muslims of Palestine are, with
great determination, roaring out from the place of ascension of the last messenger (peace
be upon him and his descendants) with a divine call to the Muslims to rise up and unite in
a movement against global unbelief, what excuse does one have before God Almighty and the
aware human conscience for remaining indifferent to this Islamic ordinance? Now that the
walls of the Quds mosque are stained with the blood of the beloved Palestinian youth,
their legitimate demand for justice having been answered with machine-gun fire from a
handful of villains, is it not shameful if the zealous Muslims do not respond to their
appeal and do not proclaim their sympathy for them? Let it be that their shouts of
sympathy stir the governments to use the great power of Islam, to sever the hand of
America - the word devourer, this criminal in history who, from the other side of the
ocean in support of tyrants, clasps the unclean hand of the Israelis - and to save
themselves and the oppressed nations of the world.

It is hoped that God the Beneficent will confer His favour on mankind
and fulfil His promise as revealed in the Quran soon, and the weak and oppressed of the
earth will triumph over the proud and arrogant ones.

Blessings upon Quds and the al-Aqsa mosque.

Blessings upon the people who have risen up against Israel the criminal
and the Muslims and oppressed of the world.

Ruhullah al-Musavi al-Khomeini

Imams message on the occasion of the uprising of the
Palestinian people in the occupied territories, dated 14 April 1982 (25 Farvardin
1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, pp. 128-129.

Israel, the common enemy

Iran does not intend to give up on the Muslim governments, it still
hopes that Islam will be successful and that these governments will themselves conform to
Islam. We have common ground. Repulse our common enemy, which today is Israel and America
and the like, who wants to destroy our dignity (and resources) and once again bring
tyranny upon us. When you have done this, then each country can have their own government
in their own land.

Imams remarks dated 3 June 1982 (13 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 175.

Use force to throw Israel out, then there can be a cease-fire

We say that unlike you, we are not bellicose and we speak the truth,
the fact that we are defending ourselves (against you) is proof of this. You call
yourselves peace-seekers, your peace seeking is like that hitherto demonstrated by Israel.
Even now Israel says کCome, let us make peace, but what does it mean? It has entered
Lebanon and taken its towns and now it calls for a cease-fire. The day they force Israel
out of their towns will be the day there is a cease-fire. It is on that day they can say
کvery well, now let us talk of a cease-fire, let us sit down and see who the culprit is.

There should not be peace at any price, it should be made clear who is
to be held accountable. Can Israel just come, perpetrate whatever crime it desires then
turn around and say کvery well, weve finished what we set out to do, you go about
your daily affairs while the places we have taken will remain in our hands? Is this
what a cease-fire is all about?

Imams remarks dated 13 June 1982 (23 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 193.

Nations must stand

So long as the Islamic countries, the Islamic nations, do not take what
happened in Iran as their model and spill out into the streets demanding that their
governments confront Israel, then do not expect these blind and deaf people to come to
their senses. The nations must stand up and demand that their regions armies and
governments help these Palestinians and Syrians who have been subjected to oppression,
until this cancerous tumour is destroyed. If they dont, if they simply act as
observers, watching to see what happens, if they are indifferent and bring the excuse that
it is the governments who should act, then they will not be able to offer God a credible
excuse. Iran is evidence for all countries. Perhaps in the hereafter, God the Blessed and
Exalted will cite Iran as evidence for those who tolerated oppression, surrendered to
oppressors and did not rise up. If they believe in God and the day of resurrection, they
must prepare an answer for God the Blessed and Exalted. On that day, America and Israel
will not be able to come to their aid. And if they do not believe, still they must provide
an answer for the oppressed nations of the world and for the future generations who may,
God forbid, fall into the trap because of the policy their predecessors had adopted. If
religious values count for nothing to them, then let them consider the values of their own
system, their national and human values and not succumb to abjectness for the sake of a
few days of rule, abjectness under the heel of Israel at that!

The Muslims must rise up. God has said: "I admonish you to do
one thing: to arise for God, it may be in pairs or it may be individually." (Quran
34:46). Thus, you cannot use the excuse that you are alone, for we must rise up whether
alone or in a group. We must rise up together. We are all duty bound to rise up for God,
to rise up to protect the Islamic countries against these two cancerous tumours, one of
which is the corrupt Baath party of Iraq and the other Israel, and both of which issue
from America.

Imams remarks dated 13 June 1982 (23 Khurdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 200.

Advice to the Palestinian leaders

I advise the Palestinian leaders to stop their shuttling to and fro,
and with reliance on God the Exalted, the people of Palestine and their own weapons fight
Israel to the death. For these comings and goings will cause the combatant nations to lose
faith in you. Rest assured that neither the East will be of use to you nor the West. With
faith in God and reliance on weapons, wage war against Israel and be as the nation and
armed forces of Iran who, without relying on other powers or the superpowers and with
faith in God the Exalted and His eternal power, will not lay down their

arms until their legitimate demands have been met.

Imams message dated 16 July 1982 (25 Tir 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 228.

The turn will come of those who remain silent in the face of Israels

Israel is now standing against all the Islamic countries and telling
them not to do a damn thing. Is this not deplorable? Those who run affairs are not human
that they allow Israel to stand against them and tell them to stop poking their noses into
its business. It took Beirut, perpetrating all those crimes, it threw the liberation
organisation into confusion forcing everyone to scatter. Know that the turn will come of
those of you who have remained silent in the face of these crimes and do not take a stand
against them, Israel will come after you too.

Imams remarks dated 22 August 1982 (31 Murdad 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 16, p. 257.

Those who want to officially recognise Israel should be afraid of our

Observe how deplorable the situation is when Israel can bring such
suffering upon the women, children and old people of Lebanon right before the very eyes of
these governments who call themselves Islamic. It has killed so many people, made many
more homeless and is now busy with its activities there. How deplorable it is that such
things have taken place in the presence of these governments. Now unfortunately, they are
on the point of accepting these plans that America is proposing, these conspiracies that
it is plotting, for all its plans are anti-human and anti-Islamic. They intend to accept
the proposals America made previously, such as those at Camp David and others of that ilk
which followed, and all agree that the Muslims should now recognise Israel, which has
perpetrated so many crimes, as a responsible, independent government. How painful this is
for any decent human being.

I state categorically here and now that if these governments in the
Persian Gulf region and other areas approve such an action, as they did the American plan
and subsequent plans that have been laid, and recognise Israel, our people, our army, our
revolutionary guards, Islam and God the Blessed and Exalted will not forgive them. They
should fear the day when this nation, this army and these revolutionary guards feel that
they have the duty, the religious duty, to teach these people who have approved the Camp
David accords or similar agreements for the independence and recognition of Israel a
lesson. What happened in Lebanon and Iran, the attacks on Iran and Lebanon were carried
out in accordance with an American plan. Because it realised it had lost Iran, America
laid the plan and contrived to create problems for Iran. (It created as many problems as
it could, however all to no avail). So then it created the problem of the war and sought
to prolong it by not allowing the truth to be acted upon so it could take advantage of the
situation. The same was true in Lebanon too. It had a plan to execute there. It brought
Israel in to perpetrate those crimes, so that plans which are to Americas advantage,
and which make all countries even more of a prisoner of America than they already are,
could be executed there. How much longer are these Islamic nations and these so-called
Islamic governments going to put up with this submissiveness and accept such humiliation?
How much longer are they going to ignore the fact that an honourable life is better than a
pleasant one which lacks honour? They should come to their senses and give this matter due
attention. If they give their approval to the Camp David accords and others like them for
recognising Israel, then maybe it will become our religious duty to deal with them in
another manner.

Imams remarks dated 5 September 1982 (14 Shahrivar 1361
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, pp. 5-6.

Israel must be erased from the pages of history

You saw how a frail government of (a nation of only) two million
people, the government of Israel, confronted a billion Muslims and attacked Lebanon,
perpetrating so many crimes that the action was unprecedented in history. Yet we see that
the Muslim governments are presently trying to formally recognise it. We say Israel must
be erased from the pages of history, Beit ul-Moqaddas belongs to the Muslims and is their
first qibla.

Imams remarks dated 8 September 1982 (17 Shahrivar 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur,
Vol. 17, p. 14.

Recognising Israel, a tragedy which makes every self-respecting Muslim

The honourable clergy and the committed writers and speakers must
defend Islam and the Islamic revolution of Iran in the presence of Muslims at every
appropriate opportunity and show their true visage to the people of the world in order to
counter the poisonous propaganda, rumours and lies busily being disseminated by the mass
media aligned with America and Israel against Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran. To
prepare the nations, they must highlight the Islamic achievements gained through the
unrelenting struggle of the committed nation of Iran in the face of all the problems and
hindrances created by the enemies of Islam inside and outside the country. They must raise
the curtain on the calumnies trumpeted against this nation over the enemies propaganda
loudspeakers and reveal the plans and machinations devised by America and those dependent
on it. They must inform the people of the world about the attacks carried out by the army
of the Aflaqite Saddam on the orders of America and with the support of countries
dependent on it. They must notify the Muslims of actions taken by some American-controlled
rulers against them and Islam, the worst of which is officially recognising Israel
followed by the savage attack on the Islamic country of Lebanon and the martyring and
injuring of tens of thousands of innocent, defenceless people. Then perhaps the nations,
with faith in God the Most High, can prevent this great tragedy in history, this tragedy
which will bring shame upon the Muslims in the eyes of the world and the future
generations, from taking place. Perhaps then they can save beloved Islam and the Muslims
from this great disgrace and free themselves from this humiliation and this undesirable
abjection, the thought of which makes every self-respecting Muslim shudder.

Imams message dated 20 September 1982 (29 Shahrivar 1361
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, p. 31.

The Muslims look on

And today we see that in different Muslim lands, Muslims are being
subjected to tyranny and oppression. Lebanon is set aflame by America, troops are
mobilised there by the US, France and their henchmen for the sake of a handful of innocent
Shiites, of innocent Muslims, yet the rest of the Muslims sit back and look on. The most
the (Muslim) governments did was to refrain from celebrating the feast day. Is this
enough? This is an action, but the tyranny continues. Our youth in Lebanon and Palestine
are still being killed in their dozens, crimes are still being perpetrated in Afghanistan,
Iraq and against Iran. Is it enough to say کwe wont celebrate the feast day this year?
Will this make things right? Will this lift the burden of responsibility from the
shoulders of these governments? They attack with bayonets, with guns and tanks while the
tyrannised are left to stand on their own. Nevertheless they are hitting back. The
governments, however, sit back, watching, and the most they can do is announce that the
feast day will not be celebrated.

Imams remarks dated 26 September 1983 (4 Mehr 1362 AHS).
Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 128.

The people will not sit back

If these governments join hands together with their people, and their
people are ready to do this, and if they surrender to the (will of) their people, then
they (the superpowers) would not be able to perpetrate such heinous acts in this region
and Israel would not be able to go there (to Lebanon) and do such harm. Unfortunately,
however, it is these governments themselves which are paving the way for the great powers.
Consider how much wealth there is in this region, wealth which the superpowers are taking
from these governments, how much oil alone there is that each day about twenty million
barrels of it are taken and swallowed up by different countries. Still these governments
sit by. They have poured into their home, for Lebanon is the home of Arabs, they have
poured into the home of Arabs and are perpetrating such crimes against them, yet the Arab
nation sits back and says nothing. When Iran gets involved they retort: کBut theyre
Persians. Well, they (the Lebanese) are Arabs, but you dont care, you dont care
if people are کPersian or کArab, all you care about is having the high life for
a few days. But ask yourselves how long will this last? For how long can a human being
sacrifice his reputation, his honour, everything for the sake of the high life? These big
powers too, who have made you their agents and who are presently perpetrating these acts
in Lebanon against the poor Lebanese people, should also realise that the people will not
sit quietly by watching as these acts are perpetrated; eventually what happened in Iran
will be repeated elsewhere.

They should start thinking about it from now. The Americans should not
suppose that they can tyrannise the people and they will sit by and accept it. The
explosion at their base showed them this. The same thing can happen again, however hard
they try to prevent it. The people have had enough, the Lebanese people have reached the
end of their tether, the Palestinians have had enough and thus they are willing to commit

Imams remarks dated 7 December 1983 (16 Azar 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol.
18, p. 176.

Our crime is defending Palestine

Today everyone knows that from the point of view of the world
plunderers and aggressors our real crime is defending Islam and making the Islamic
Republic government official instead of the oppressive, imperial regime of the taghut.
Our crime and our sin is giving life to the traditions of the Prophet (may the peace of
God be upon him and his descendants); acting upon the commands of the Most Noble Quran;
promulgating the unity of Muslims in general, Shiite and Sunni alike, in the
confrontation with the plots of global atheism; supporting the bereft people of Palestine,
Afghanistan and Lebanon; closing the Israeli embassy in Iran and declaring war on this
cancerous tumour and world Zionism; waging war on racism and defending the deprived people
of Africa; and annulling the obsequious contracts made by the vile Pahlavi regime with
America the world plunderer.

Imams message dated 28 July 1987 (6 Murdad 1366 AHS). Sahifa-yi
Nur, Vol. 20, p. 116.

Defending the true sons of Islamic Palestine

Defending the honour of Muslims, defending the lands of Muslims and
defending their resources is an imperative and we must ready ourselves for achieving these
divine goals and for defending Muslims. In the present circumstances particularly, where
the true sons of Islamic Palestine and Lebanon, that is the Hizbullah and the
revolutionary Muslims of the usurped land and Lebanon, let out the cry of کoh Muslims
as they sacrifice their lives, we should stand against Israel and the aggressors with all

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