The plot to destroy the ideals of the Muslims - Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] نسخه متنی

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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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The plot to destroy the ideals of the Muslims

Today Israel and its close friend Egypt are thinking up ways of creating a united front to
destroy the Muslims and their
lofty ideals. Recently Iraq, along with some of the heads of the other regional countries,
approved of this plan. For nearly twenty years now, I have been informing people of the
danger of international Zionism. Today, I feel the danger for all the freedom-bestowing
revolutions of the world, including the recent Islamic revolution in Iran, is no less than
it was in the past, for at the present time these world-devouring bloodsuckers using
various techniques to defeat the oppressed and weak of the earth have risen up and are
active. Our nation and the free nations of the world should bravely and vigilantly resist
these dangerous plots.

Imams message, 11 February 1981 (22 Bahman 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 14, p. 63.

Evil propaganda against Islam

The agents of imperialism are busy in every corner of the Islamic
world drawing our youth away from us with their evil propaganda. They are not converting
them into Jews and Christians, rather they are corrupting them, making them irreligious
and indifferent, which is sufficient for their purposes. In our own city of Tehran now
there are centres of evil propaganda run by the churches, the Zionists and the Bahais
in order to lead our people astray and make them abandon the ordinances and teachings of

Islamic Government,p. 176.

The destruction of the first qibla of the Muslims is the vile wish of Israel

Today, with the widespread arrests of the Muslim brothers in Egypt,
Sadat has completed his service to Israel. His alliance with America and Israel has shamed
the Arab people. (He has formed) an alliance with an Israel which at this time, in
addition to the crimes it carries out in the region, has committed another great crime,
that is excavation work at the site of the al-Aqsa mosque, the first qibla of the
Muslims; and with the weakening of the foundations of this mosque, the first qibla
of the Muslims will, God forbid, be destroyed and Israel will achieve its vile wish.

Oh Muslims of the world! Oh oppressed people under the sway of
oppressors! Beware! Rise up and offer the hand of unity to one another, defend Islam and
your destiny and fear not the hue and cry of the superpowers, for this century, by the
will of God the all powerful, will be the century of victory of the oppressed over the
imperious and haughty and of truth over falsehood.

Imam Khomeinis message to the pilgrims to the House of God in Mecca, 6 September 1981 (15 Shahrivar 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 125.

Israels effacement of Islam

The Muslims should realise that in the wake of the Islamic
revolution, and the attention it brought to the miraculous power of Islam, all Americas
plots and machinations from the creation of dissension among the Sunni and Shiite
brothers and the attack on Iran - which is the hub of the Islamic movement - to the
comprehensive and extensive plan for the attack on Lebanon and those great crimes, are all
hatched with the sole intent of effacing Islam and weakening this divine power. They
should realise that Americas plan, which is being implemented by the malicious Israel,
will not end in Beirut and Lebanon, rather Islam everywhere, in the Islamic countries and
in particular in the Persian Gulf region and the Hijaz, the centre of divine revelation,
is targeted. Its primary aim is to make the rulers of the region submit themselves
completely to the command of America and, more distressing than that, of Israel, and
accept the shame of any form of degradation and servitude. In such a climate and faced
with such a great tragedy, the Islamic nations should not remain indifferent and should
not spare any effort in protecting Islam and the Islamic countries. How painful and
distressing it is that in the proximity of the Muslims and the so-called Islamic
governments, the usurper Israel can so outrageously and presumptuously attack the innocent
people of Lebanon, the dear brothers and sisters of Beirut, and rather than rising up in
their defence, which is a divine ordinance and a human duty, the governments of the
Islamic countries display meekness and instead rise up to act for the vile aims of America
and Israel by training their sights on Islamic Iran and Islam in Iran rather than the
oppressor Israel.

If today they can create excuses for their silence (in the face of
these crimes) and their help for the vile aims of this criminal (regime) and its overlord,
can they also distort their history? Can they deceive the free nations of the world? Can
they convince God the Avenger with these implausible excuses of theirs? And the way that
they have played with the great religion of Islam as if it were some kind of toy, is this
mortal sin of theirs forgivable? How will they answer for the blood of the innocent men,
women and children of Beirut?

Imam Khomeinis message on the auspicious occasion of Id al-Qurban, 20 September 1982 (29 Shahrivar 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, p. 29.

America and Israel bear malice towards the very basis of Islam

The Muslims present at the noble stations, from whichever
nation and religious denomination they may be, must be well aware that the main enemy of
Islam, the Noble Quran and the exalted Messenger, may the peace of God be upon him and
his descendants, is the superpowers, in particular America and its corrupt offspring
Israel. They have set their avaricious sights on the Islamic countries and will not balk
at committing any crime or hatching any plot in order to plunder the huge amounts of
resources these countries have both underneath and above the ground. And the secret of
their success in this satanic design lies in the creation of disunity amongst the Muslims
which they bring about in whatever way they can. It is possible that during the hajj
ceremonies, they will persuade some people, such as the clergymen who are in their employ,
to sow dissension among the Shiites and Sunnis and to fan this satanic phenomenon such
that some naive people will believe it and they themselves will become the instigators of
disunion and decay. Brothers and sisters, both sects must be vigilant and realise that
these sightless, stipend-receivers, in the name of Islam, the sacred Quran and the
customary practice (sunna) of the Prophet, want to pluck Islam, the Quran and
the sunna out of the midst of the Muslims, or at the very least to lead the Muslims
astray. The brothers and sisters should realise that America and Israel bear malice
towards the very basis of Islam, because Islam, its book and the sunna are a thorn
in their side and an obstacle to their plundering and because it was by following this
book and this sunna that Iran rose up to confront them, embarked on a revolution
and was victorious.

Imams message on the occasion of the hajj pilgrimage and the auspicious Id al-Qurban, 29 August 1983 (7 Shahrivar 1363 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 19, p.46.

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